Monday, February 25, 2008

haircut and Brazil

Sorry sorry sorry, it's been a week since my last post.

Last Tuesday I got a haircut. It was just beneath my shoulderblades and now it's on my shoulders. Since I'm wearing my hair down, you would think people would notice, wouldn't you? Well...I would, but no one else did.

I wanted to give you the story on my summer holiday, but as you know group decisions are a long term process :S.

I do want to tell you about my fieldtrip with school. We're going to Brazil, as some of you already know. Our airplane will leave the Netherlands on March 31st and we'll be back home on April 15th. We're staying in Natal/Tibau du sol/Pipa and we're going to make a 5-day roundtrip, they've told us where to but I can't remember. We're supposed to get a leaflet with all the necessary information. Of course do we have to make an assignment but that has not yet been specified, but it will probably be a not so difficult assignment since we want to spend a lot of time on the beaches getting a tan. I'm so excited!!!

PCS, since you live in Brazil, are there any things I could do/not forget/taken account of/anything else?

Brazil, lalalalala, lalalalalala, Brazil.

Monday, February 18, 2008

back to school

So today was my first day back to school. Ow my god, how boring :S. I only had two classes and in both we got huge projects. For both projects we have to work in groups which is sort of annoying since all groups have different time schedules so there will be a lot of counting to 10.

But I'm glad I'm back at school. I started to get bored at home. And a normal routine will be nice as well, although classes could have started later. Most of the time my alarm will go at 6 am :(.

I had an amazing weekend. Since I had to be in church on Sunday morning (my granddads dying day) I thought I would be home early on Saturday evening. I had a birthday of a friend but normally everyone stays very late while it's not even that much fun. But of course this time the people who aren't that much fun left early, wait let me rephrase that, the closest friends remained after 11 so we had cramps in our stomachs from laughing, I got home at 2. Still quite early for a Saturday but too late to get up all fresh and awake at 8.30.

After church we always go to grams for a cup of coffee (tea in my case since I don't like coffee). And I'm knitting for a few months now but sometimes I go to grams for a lesson. First I only knew how to do the standard patterns. And yesterday grams asked me to show her how to knit a certain pattern (I don't know the English name for it) since she couldn't remember, so the tables were turned.

In the afternoon it was my aunt's birthday party and in the beginning it was sort of boring. But then about the time we wanted to leave (since I had to dance) it started to get fun. I even have a new babysitting address (well sort of, she asked me before and I visited to get to know the children but then she never called), and I start tomorrow. I've already seen the kids since they were also at the party. And another friend of my aunt and uncle asked me as their babysitter. I'm 22 but I sooooooo love kids and I don't have another job so why not still babysit. I still have my homework or can watch what I would have watched at home.

Not really much more to tell. We're probably going to meet for our holiday this week, so afterwards I can tell the disaster story.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Carnaval (pics) and holiday

Update: one picture added.

My carnaval was great. The music wasn't as bad as it normally is, so my last day of carnaval started on Monday around 4 pm and ended round 12. Hey, a girl can only deal with that much idiots. Why do these guys think that they will have a bigger chance to score during carnaval? Not all people are as drunk as they are. Ow my, I was glad that I had some guy friends with me.

Now I'm enjoying the rest of my holiday and of course that contains a bit of schoolwork since I switched after the first period (out of 4). But I haven't done that much since the sun is out and about. In our almost windfree corner in the garden it is already 70F (22C) so I'm getting a little tan on my face. Have done a lot of reading and knitting. And of course our little doggie gets a lot of attention.
Don't have much else to tell. When I know a bit more about my summer holiday, I'll let you guys know, maybe then the drama is done and I can tell the complete version (oh boy, going on vacation was never this difficult).
Here are a few pics from carnaval.

Two friends dressed as angel & devil (obviously).

Two friends dressed as Mario & Luigi (nintendo remember) (updated)

This is me! Now you know how I look.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Fridayevening was still partying in our normal clothes with normal music (thank god). But even though carnaval officially starts today we went out all dressed up yesterday (everyone else was as well). And it is fun. But my eyes are soooooo tired now. I took a few hours extra sleep and now my body's totally awake but my eyes, ouch. Think I'm going to put some ice on them.

Probably out partying tonight and tomorrow there's bar hiking. I'll probably stop after that. It's fun but you can only handle so much terrible music and drunk people (hey you're a pirate you're not from the navy, mumble mumble gone :S).

Pictures were made, post some when I have them.