Friday, April 25, 2008

Just my luck :(

So while I was in Brazil (still working on that story), friends from a student union/corps/something (you know like Kappa Kappa Delta stuff you see in teenmovies, but a bit different) were convincing me to join their club. So yesterday I went out partying with them. Well....first we had dinner at an Italian place and then we went to their bar. There was this guy that my friend (since she's always complaining and negative let's just call her Negative) liked. And according was she was saying about him (he was texting her in Brazil as well) it sounded that he liked her too. Guess again. They were talking and I was just there having fun with others, since it was an open evening also non-members could visit their pub. When she was talking to some else or to the toilet. He asked me what bars we were planning on visiting tonight. And since I only knew that afterwards we were going to a club I told him so. He took me on pubtour, alone. I was like yeah fun. But I didn't look into it. Negative and Curly (the girl where I stayed the night) were having fun and talking to others so why not. We only visited a few pubs/bars and talked a lot. He was fun but I was like yeah well Negative likes him so I'm not doing anything. When we came back they were talking again so I didn't know something was happening.

When we went to the club I just couldn't shake the guy. I stepped away from him, he moved with me. When he tried to kiss me, I ducked or turned my cheek. But then Negative said Do whatever you want I don't care of course I knew that she cared but I was like okay now I have permission to dance with him, I still didn't want to kiss him (and I never did).

I was walking on heels the whole day (we walked to everything) so my feet were killing me. And I needed to sit down. I told everyone in general but he went along with me. And I was okay with that because I was having a good time and he's just plain cute. But almost no one noticed us leaving so all of a sudden it was Where's Nic and .....? And people were like Well probably making out somewhere/she went home with him. Curly didn't believe any of it but since Negative is always expecting the worst she thought the others were right. So when the club was closing we were standing in line for our coats and Negative and the guy were already standing outside (didn't have any coats on them), he asked her You don't mind me and Nic? So Negative got even more pissed off. She was our drive to Curly but I wasn't allowed to come along. I didn't do anything out of respect for her but he could have liked another girl just as well.

We talked about it (without the guy) and in the end she was mostly pissed at him. I think she's also pissed at me but she wasn't showing it anymore. She showed the text messages he'd send her over the last couple days/week. They were like Hi beautiful and the thing I want right now is you. So I was like BLEEP what a BLEEP and she texted him what he wanted from her. And he texted back that they would never work out because he doesn't like her. least she has clarity now.

I texted him afterwards what he wanted from me because I heard Negative's story and read the txt mssgs. The text messages he'd send her, were just for fun. But I'm like, if I know someone likes me I don't text them that way. I only text that way with someone I like too or when we are both joking around.

I'll be seeing him probably tomorrow. So the first thing I'm going to do is yell at him. Get all the answers. And then have fun with my friends and maybe him because he is kinda really cute (unfortunately pics don't do him right), and Negative is already pissed, so why not give her a reason. I know I shouldn't be thinking like that but I really couldn't care less if it was the other way around. If 2 girls like a guy and the guy likes one of the girls it's just the other one's loss. In this case it are 2 friends.

What do you girls think?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Why does Marketing always sound interesting when friends are talking about it? Or when people who actually work on a Marketing department describe their work? Well....if I read my marketing book and follow the classes, I can't find it interesting, doesn't matter how hard I try. And I need to get a 6 minimum to pass the class. We got a 5 for the marketing project and the only part that was completely correct was the part I did alone (so jeej for me).

Yesterday I handed in the London project. Thank you all for helping me out. Now pray that "we" get a sufficient grade.

Next week will be the story about Brazil, at the moment (well....during the day) I'm learning for my exams while deepening my tan (yup the sun is finally able to show itself).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Got tagged!

Hey peeps!

I just got tagged! by pcs. I got back from Brazil yesterday. PCS, you live in a beautiful country. And I must compliment you on your English since hardly any Brazilians can speak English (which is annoying since they also didn't try to understand the few words of Spanish that I possess :S). A recap of the fieldtrip will happen probably next week (or the weekend) depending on when I have time since exams and deadlines are next week (the deadline mentioned in Help Wanted, I still need some people to fill out the survey so please scroll down and help me).

First, the rules:

1. Each blogger answers the questions about themselves.
2. Then tag five people. Make sure to let them know!

What I was doing 10 years ago - (1998):
I just graduated from primary school and started secondary school (school system is different in the Netherlands from a lot of countries). I was 12 just to give you an idea.

Five things on my to-do list today:
Well...the day is almost over but I'll give you my to-do list for tomorrow:
1) Call school to find out when my exams are. I know they are next week but that's all the info available (yup very annoying).
2) Have lunch and discuss summerjob
3) Finish application for placement
4) Compare the different surveys you guys filled out. (im still a few short but I can always make those up)
5) Study for the exams next week
Ow and one for now: go to sleep

Five Snacks I enjoy:
1) Chocolate cookies
2) Ice cream
3) Chips
4) Apples (although they're not really snacks, I do eat them when I want something to snack)
5) Dutch liqorice (I know no one who doesn't live in the Netherlands likes them, but I live there so I do like them :P)

Five Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1) Get myself a car. I have one available for me now but still. There are more people in this house than there are cars on this driveway.
2) Get a house in Orlando for holidays
3) Get year tickets to Disney World (for the whole family)
4) Donate a lot of money to good causes.
5) Finish my tourism studies and then start up a business for sick and poor people who can't afford to do something that doesn't remind them of their situation

Five of my bad habits:
1) I bite my nails
2) I tend to be a bit too nosy
3) I talk too much
4) I can be a know-it-all
5) Read for pleasure while I need to study.

Five places I have lived:
We moved once. From one side to the other side of this town. So can't name 5 places.

Five jobs I’ve had:
1) Waitress
2) Registergirl at a department store
3) Secretary (management and director)
4) worked in a chocolatefactory (but it was after-aid, yuck)
5) Translater for english texts to dutch

What I’d like to be doing in 25 years:
Care for my children and husband. Travel a lot. Doing a job that I love (probably part time).

The five people I will tag!
Euhm....I think about everyone I can tag is already tagged. So people who read this and have not yet been tagged, this is me tagging you.