Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness and school

I'm glad I can keep playing Wednesday Weirdness.
I've been doing nothing for school the last few weeks. Because the teacher didn't give us any homework and the project hadn't really started yet. Well....the teacher didn't give us any information for the project and didn't answer any questions. So when we got a plan from last year (they could do 4 months on the project while we only have 2) we figured out that we should have started before the summer holiday to be done in time.

So I've been working my ass of yesterday and today to get a bit on schedule (we've made a very time consuming schedule that will give us the last week free to check everything).

So here goes Wednesday Weirdness.

1. Would you rather join the Ghostbusters to hunt ghosts or join the Sesame Street bunch? Why?
I would join the Ghostbusters just to keep me entertained. Sesame Street is cool to help and entertain children but I would get bored so easily.

2. What is the most you are willing to do to get out of a police officer giving you a ticket?
Depends on the fine. A camera got me speeding, only 4 km too hard. So no police officer to charm and a very small fine. But I would start with being my sweet me, then charm and maybe flirt, depending on how cute the officer is.

3. What popular movies do you find to be overrated?
The matrix. Keanu Reeves is nice to look at but that's it with that movie. And the Lord of the Rings movies are overrated. One is doable. Two doesn't have a beginning or end. And three has too many ends, it kept going on and on and on.

Ow and other movies I just can't watch are apocalypse now (I saw the redux version, ow my an extra 45 min, so 3,5 hours of my life wasted) and Donnie Darko, Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't even cute then.

4. What is in (and/or on) your bedside table?
Euhm....I don't really have a bedside table. I have a sort of bunkbed (a desk beneath my bed), so I have some stuff next to my pillow. That would be a pen and paper, the remote for my lamp (yes I have a remote for my lamp so I don't have to get out of bed, I know I'm spoiled), my phone and a book.

5. Have you ever had or fantasized about having sex with a boss before? Have you ever acted on that fantasy?
Double no.

6. If you had a personal assistant, what would you have them do?
I don't know. I like to do everything myself. So I would maybe ask my PA their opinion when needing some extra info.

7. Have you ever faked static, loss of cell phone reception or anything else on the telephone line to get out of a conversation?
Of course. Who hasn't. Normally I would just put the phone down and then when they call back I would say that there wasn't any reception. Or I just wouldn't answer if I didn't want to talk to the person.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Wednesday Weirdness

So I wanted to play Wednesday Weirdness, but regarding the questions I'm not playing (not that I don't want to answer them, but not on this blog).

I went to a party last night, which sucked completely. I don't think the DJ had more than one record. The whole time it was like boom.....boom.....boom.....boom...boom..boom.boomboomboomboom..........boom.....boom.....repeat a zillion times. And no difference like a ping somewhere or a boem, nope only booms, argh!

I thought I would be a mess today because of no sleep, but I had a perfect 8-hour night.

BTW I could really your opinion on something. I'm working on a project for school about a challenge holiday trip. And my group is thinking of a de-stress holiday.
So no phones, no computers, no stress, even no transport. The city (small island) we choose has banned cars.
The accommodation would be a sort of spa. Sauna, massages, pool, but also an indoor-activity hall and a gym.

You would have to hand in your cell phone at the reception. Because of course you need to be available in case of an emergency and you can't give everyone the telephone number of the accommodation.

Would you want to visit us?

Monday, September 15, 2008


My life is officially boring!

I finally have a day off since weeks and I don't know what to do. My friends are at school or work, I've already finished the books I got from the library, my parents are on holiday, the dog is also "on holiday". The house is so quiet and clean (of course mom cleaned everything before she went on holiday), and I don't have any homework. So what the bleep am I going to do today?

Yesterday we had our dance performance. It was almost flawless. Well....if you cross out one girl, it would have been completely flawless (I don't know what she is dancing). And next week we can try again but for more people (yikes!). I can only hope that we can have the same standard as yesterday. All the time I was thinking 1 2 smile 4 5 ow my god I'm going to forget something 7 8, but luckily I didn't. The family came at the right moment (only one aunt and uncle, since the parents were already on the plane). They walked in and our group had to perform.

I think I'm going to make the house dirty so I can clean it.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


wow! I'm!

I was mailing back and forth with 136. And in an e-mail yesterday he asked me if he could ask me a question, don't be afraid. And I was like I'm used to a lot so shoot. Well....he asked me to a wedding this Friday. wtf! I can handle a lot (the first q a now friend asked me How do you look when you orgasm), but this. I told him off, in a nice way. You can't just ask a girl you don't know to a wedding.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Train flirting

I don't trust the people who live in my city. At least not with my bike. My town has one of the highest rates if it comes to bicycle stealing. And the place most bikes are stolen are at the station. So no way I'm going to put my comfortable bike at the station.
Fortunately my grams lives only a few minute walk away.

This is what some guy thinks too. (We'll call him 136 because his grams lives at 136, where he stores his bike.) I had seen him last year once or twice. But more like he was already leaving the premises while I was entering or the other way around. One morning this week I was fumbling with my keys because I was trying to stand on one leg and with that same leg trying to keep my bike from falling (I had done something to my foot). He said he had it. Then we walked to the station together and into the train. He needed to get out at the next stop while I needed still another 30 min. While leaving he said I have this train every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I told him I didn't.

But I did. My schedule was changed (again) so I was in the train at the same time I was when I met him. He wasn't there. He walked into me when I got back from school. I was leaving the premises while he walked in. He was like So I'm seeing you again this week. And I asked where he was this morning. He told me he was right there but he hadn't seen me either. He then cycled me home (well almost, I don't want a guy I don't know to know where I live), while he does live near me he went well out of his way.

He tagged me later on a social networking site. Some flirty notes have been gone back and forth.
It's just fun, and that's what it stays. He broke up with his girlfriend in the summer break (yup I already knew that in our first conversation, bit weird) and he's over 2 years younger than I am. I'm already bugged when the guy is only a year younger (I can handle the 4 weeks, 3x and I are apart, lol).

But 136 wasn't the only flirt in the train that week.
Last year I had some weird eyecontact with some guy in the train. My friend was on the phone talking to her boyfriend that she couldn't understand him because he was talking to soft and then the next she says is 'you don't have to shout', and I was already reading a funny book. I almost died laughing. The guy was hanging forward to see who was so into her laughing and even when I stopped laughing, he kept checking every few minutes. And we kept giving each other those flirty smiles.

But that was then. I saw him this week again. And it looked like he was looking for me. As soon as I entered the train I spotted him and his face turned into a bright smile. But since I was with a friend I couldn't stop and get a place near him. I'm going to next time I see him. He's so cute. Don't know if his personality is as well, but at least I have something to do for 40 minutes (he gets out one stop before me, but he's already in the train when I get in).

So....that was train flirting. Hope it continues. Maybe I'll forget about 3x. I told you guys that we texted a bit but it wasn't flirty and it stopped. I've send a text but he still hasn't responded, and I don't like to be ignored. He doesn't either but the ball is in his court, he has to make a move.

I'm heading out. There's a party tent and bands playing in a village nearby, and I'm not driving.

Friday, September 05, 2008

first week of school

So last week was a bad week for me blogging wise.

I haven't done much in my last week of the summer break. I was at my grams house most of the week (at least once a day) to make sure that she gets all the care she can get without moving, because moving would just kill her.

I didn't really hear from 3x, I got a text about his first week of school and that he's doing good (it's a competitive education and thus far his group won everything).

School sucks, but hey what's new. The Friday after my return from Bulgaria I called school to make sure that I had the right date for the first day of school. It took 8 people before they could tell me that I would know more on Wednesday. And my question was Does school start this Monday or next? So if you know that we will know more Wednesday that the answer would be next! *sigh*

Then Wednesday rolled along and I checked the schools internet. Nope nothing there. In the afternoon I called again and that no one was available because they were all busy with the planning. Do you know how many people they were? One, only the planner. But maybe it would be there on Thursday, at least that's what the lady behind the counter said.
Of course I check on Thursday. In the afternoon it says that there will be more info on Thursday, euhm...yeah and today is.?? So I check again on Friday morning and now it says that it will be published on Friday at 9 am. It was already 10 and it wasn't there. You just gotta love school. It was there at 5 pm. And they get angry when we're 5 minutes late.

I had Monday off. And started school on Tuesday. The moment the teacher opened his mouth I knew I shouldn't have gone to school. His english is just terrible. And he accused us of our bad pronounciation, while none of us have trouble understanding the other.
To give you a few examples of his english. We have class on Wetnessday. And last year he had male boys in his class. He allowed his daughter to buy an expensive broek (that's trousers or jeans in Dutch).

I'm going to friends and head into town. Post about flirting in the train another day.