Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

Man, I'm done with this holiday break. Yesterday I realised that it would be New Year's Eve today!

So the first week of my break has been terrible. From being sick myself, to taking care of the other family members (they also got that grr virus), to visiting Grams in the hospital. She's totally gone. She has a lot of things that are wrong. And she also has delier, which means that she's sort of delirious. She's talking to dead family members and saying that the Queen has come to see her.

I've done half of my schoolwork. Blegh what idiotic assignments. I had to check if an airline was charging too much or too little (it was too little). I had to know how far the destinations were in nautical miles. Then I had to calculate the kilograms of the fuel needed. Then I had to calculate how many kilo is in cubic things (liter, gallon, barrel). I had to know how much an airplane costs, the maintenance, landing fee, ground handling fee. And much much more. All a bitch to find out.

But I could not not participate in Wednesday Weirdness, so here we go.

1.) Have you ever stolen anything from a relatives house?
Nope. I'm a little angel.

2.) If you had to changed lives with a friend from your real life for a day, which would you choose and why?
I wouldn't. I love my friends but I won't want to be them.

3.) Name at least one place where you would never have sex.
In front of other people.

4.) If you could change one personality trait in you significant other, what would you change and why?
I have no SO.

5.) How important is the mood and setting to you when it comes to sex? (Do you need certain things to set the mood to really enjoy it, etc)
Not that important, it's about the person you're with and how you are feeling.

6.) Which is worse, bad sex or no sex? Why?
Bad sex. With both (bad sex and no sex) you can always play with yourself. But when you have bad sex, you also have to endure the bad sex.

7.) On a scale of 0 to 10, how much of a compulsive spender would you say you are?

8.) Have you ever left a restaurant without paying the bill? Why?
Not without paying. We've left with paying too little.
I think I'd already told you this story but here we go again.
I was shopping with my American family in Amsterdam. Then we go to the Kalvertoren for dinner. We first wanted something to drink, while we waited for my dad and younger brother to show up (our company is located in Amsterdam). It took them a long time before they even came to us to take our order. Then when I asked if it was possible that we would have dinner here, she had to ask the cook if that was possible. It was 6pm.
Then when we wanted more drinks, it took 30 minutes before the girl showed up. If it was busy okay, but we were the only ones there, except for some of her friends who she was talking with.
When my dad and brother showed up, they were puzzled how we were going to sit with 7 people at a 4 persons table. about pulling up another table? So then we order. That's difficult. When I ask for ketchup and mayonaise, she pulls out her electric notepad thingy up to her face and asks how many do you want, like a volture hungry for money.
Then it takes another very long time to get us new drinks and dinner.
My dad parted in the city, which is very expensive. So he only had a few minutes left and my aunt wanted to ride with them instead of walking and train. So we ask for the bill. Since the service was so bad, I'm always sure to check if everything went right. My aunt didn't let me but I saw the total around € 50. My aunt paid fast and we left in a hurry to be on time for the parking ticket to end. In the streets I checked the bill it was around € 50. And we had only paid for a few drinks and the mayonaise and ketchup. I think we had a total of 20 drinks and 7 dinners plus of course the ketchup and mayonaise.
They served us so bad because they thought we were just some tourists and won't return. We didn't go back to correct them because we would never return.

Friday, December 26, 2008

stupid hospital

The reason grams was so sick was because when she got her blood transfusion, she got a virus that wss going around in that department.
Now she's back to the hospital because was almost dehydrated. Since every fluid that entered her little body came right back out.

The worst thing, my grandpa, mom and I got the virus too.

For me it started last evening after dinner. my mom started when I stopped. Although my whole body hurts like hell (if having kids hurts more, I'm adopting) nothing is leaving my body involuntary.

And how where your christmases?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secret Santa, Wednesday Weirdness and more

Yeej I did it. I didn't check all the blogs before I started schoolwork. I did my schoolwork and then started the blogs (well...actually first writing one before reading the others).

I'm very behind on my schoolwork so I have to do stuff during Christmas. But I have a valid not so fun excuse for slacking. On Mondaymorning I've been to our local swimming pool with my cousins, it was fun but exhausting since those kids need to be kept an eye on at all times. I was supposed to do some shopping in the afternoon but when I came home from the swimming pool, my mom was waiting for me so that we could go to the hospital. My grandpa called a few minutes before that my grandma was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Ouch. She was feeling horrible, she was not sick but very tired and she couldn't stand on her legs. The doctor couldn't measure her bloodpressure (she wanted to but there was no pressure according to her measuring thingy).
At the hospital they did some tests and found out that her hp value (iron) was 3. A normal person has a hp value between 6-8 and under 5 you get a blood transfusion. After the holidays we are demanding that my grams doctor explains why the bleep her blood was that low. We didn't know that the doctor had taken her off her iron pills and the last time they checked her iron it was 5,7 that was in Nov. So why has the doctor stopped the pills? And not checked her blood in over a month? Grrr.
Grandma got home yesterday, after having 3 bags of blood.
But today has been blegh. She was feeling okay, but after lunch everything went wrong. She's been throwing up ever since and halfway through she also got diarrea (no idea if I spelled it right). I think this is going to be her last Christmas, if she even makes it that far. Poor grams.

My Secret Santa commented on my previous post that I should check my mail. Sorry Secret Santa but there's nothing there. I've even checked my junkmail but nothing there.

I'm wishing you a Very Merry Christmas. As do the people who make and play Wednesday Weirdness.

We donated our turkey to good will (or uncle took his and ours to give to the poor). Then we have the cancer foundation as well as the heart foundation.
I always want to do more but I don't have the time, and there are no resources. I have to check a few people if they know more because it's not like I can volunteer for handing out food for the poor.
I've donated most of my magazines (mostly cosmo's) to an art class. And the rest of my mags went to girls who didn't have the money to buy them themselves but really wanted to read them (even though they are over a year old). But I had a lot of those, if I had to estimate the value, it was probably around 400 euros. And I wanted to get rid of them and why not give them away for free if you are going to put them in the trash otherwise.

Nope. I still wish I was a kid sometimes. Then it wouldn't be so embarrassing to watch kids movies (disney animated, high school musical). Ow and I would love to play with my barbies again ;).

We didn't have Santa passing by, but Saint Nicolas. However we always did do christmas presents. For St. Nicks horse I've left carrots or hey or an apple. I've made drawings for St. Nicolas or Zwarte Piet (Black Pete/St. Nicks helper). I've never caught my parents. And was really upset when they told me he didn't exists. But I realised soon that it was strange to believe that he was real, the guy is over 300 years old.

Nope. When we were little we saw each other quite a lot at grams or granda and grandpa, but now we only see each other at birthdays and not even every birthday. If they were people I saw on a weekly basis I think one or two would be in my circle of friends. But we sooooo differ in personality, it just doesn't work. Even at birthday parties we are done talking after a few minutes.
The young cousins I babysit I see a lot but I don't know if I would be friends with them if I was their age and be in their class, probably I will, but hey almost all kiddies are friends.

I have awkward moments all the time but right now, I can't think of one.

A new laptop would be cool since this one is slowly dying (we've already celebrated its 4th birthday a while ago).

When family stay with us during the christmas break, they stay for 2 weeks and I am sharing my bedroom with my brother (my cousins sleep in my brother's room). And there isn't even room for a boyfriend, if there is one, to sleep. So no sex.

8.) DO YOU HAVE ANY TRADITIONS FOR THE HOLIDAYS? (ie opening one gift Christmas Eve and saving the rest for Christmas Day, opening them all Christmas Eve, listening to a particular holiday CD while opening gifts, preparing a special breakfast, ETC)
We celebrate Christmas Eve with presents and snacks. Then my brother and dad go to church for mas, while my mom and I get in bed with a movie.
This year my brother's girlfriend will watch the movie with us, which means that we will be watching the movie in the living room. We've got Drillbit Taylor for the whole family to watch, and then when the boys leave the girls'll watch Penelope.

Something sex-tinted from my parents. That's just too wrong.

Books. The authors I read and like, I have most of their books. I've got all the Harry Potter books, the Faerie Wars. Trying to get all Twilight books and the Host. My parents got me 3&4 when they visited the States in Sept, since they are heavy and I'd already read 1&2 when my cousin had em with him last year.
I'm trying to get all Meg Cabot books, including the childrens books. I've read the princess diaries since I was little, and the story keeps going, so I keep reading. And I've got all the Sophie Kinsella books, even though Becky from Shopaholic annoys me (I can't understand that she just doesn't learn that she needs to stop spending money).
And I sort of collect stuffed animals. When I was little I really collected them but now I get one every few years (or when I visit a disney store or see a very very cute one).

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas shopping & Secret Santa

Yesterday was the retake of my Spanish exam. Wow! Can the exams always be this easy?
The first excersise was the match the sentence with the word, both were given! I mean previously we had 5 words and had to cross the one who didn't match out and tell why we crossed that one out. All in Spanish of course. But this was so much easier. If you had the sentences and you had to fill in the word, okay that would be doable but I had 10 sentenes and 12 words. What is the money you get on a regular basis for work. Euhm....salary? And what does the doctor give you when you need medicine, euhm..a receipt? Too easy.

The writing question was the same. I didn't have to make that one but since it was the best version counts, I made it anyway since I've looked up some words that I didn't know during the last exam. I was back in the train an hour later.

Than I did my christmas shopping in one hour. Yeej. On Thursday the stores are open till 9 instead of 6. So people who need to do shopping go after dinner because the stores are open anyway. This means that while everyone else is eating, I was doing my shopping. I've visited all the stores, and only had to wait in line for 2 persons for the register. And luckily I got everything I needed so I don't have to go back.

Today I posted my secret santa card. After I posted it I remembered that I still had to write the country on it. So I'm sorry, but I think my card will be a tad too late.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Wednesday Weirdness

Yesterday I had my last spanish exam. Or so I thought. At the back where the answers to the closed questions. This means that we have to do the exam again.

Time for Wednesday Weirdness
Wanna play?

1. What is the one sexual act you would never do?
I don't know how you call it in English, but I'm not a fan of the beating and whips and those things.

2. Is there anyone you know, that if they turned out to be a serial killer you would not be surprised?
I don't know. I think some of my dads former employees. They are low educated and already deal in illegal stuff.

3. What is the most annoying thing about the holiday season for you?
Being obligated to be polite and jolly. I do love Christmas but I can only handle so much family. Friends are okay.

4. If you saw a video of your celebrity crush picking their nose, would that change your opinion of your hotness?
I don't know. Everyone has its faults.

5. What is the one non-sexual thing you would be embarrassed to be caught doing?
Shoplifting. But I won't get caught since I don't do it.

6. A favorite blogger friend wrote a column about the one word that really turns her on. Do you have a word or phrase that does the same for you? What is it?
No, I don't have one.

7. As someone who ran a virtual cookie exchange, I have to ask what your favorite cookie is?
I just love chocolate chip cookies.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

I had one of my spanish written exams today. And I was horrified beforehand, I'm relaxed now. Normally I learn stuff and they ask you all the things you forgot or just didn't study because they didn't seem important. So I was dreading that spanish would be like this. But even though the questions about the text were hard. (I got what the text was about, I just didn't get the questions.) The text I had to write at the end was easy. I think I still made a lot of mistakes but a spanish person would have understood me.

So on to Wednesday Weirdness
1.) Do you get along with your significant other's parents? If you've never met their parents or if you're single, how did you usually get along with former SO's parents?
I'm their dream daughter-in-law, lol. Parents of a friend still hate me because I broke their other son's heart. All the other girlfriends of their sons or boyfriends of their daughters are okay. But they still hate me. Guess I broke their heart as well.
Parents of other SO's liked me as well. But some of them don't even know I dated their son. And since I'm still friends with most of my former SO's, their parents never found out that we've dated because of the still friends part.

BTW talking about SO's 3x wants his 5th chance. I told him no because he had his fourth chance and he wasted it. And doing his best and stuff wouldn't work this time. The last thing I heard from him (after texting non stop for 4 hours, the last text I got was at 3pm) was that he was thinking about a proposal that would work for both of us. But it will never work since we both want to be in control. And he will not live upto the expectations he sets for himself for me.

2.) Have you ever stolen a tip from a table while eating at a restaurant? If you saw someone doing this, would you speak up or pretend you never saw anything?
I've never done this but if I would ever see someone do it, it would depend on the waitress/waiter. If the waitress/waiter was an ass, I would keep my mouth shut but if they would be really friendly and give good service, and the price of the restaurant would be good (like not ask €5 for a small coke), I would say something.

3.) Do you have any sexual fantasies that you’d never admit to anyone?
Maybe, maybe not who knows?

4.) What smells do you find comforting?
The smell of a pet store. We used to have a pet store and me and my brother would climb on the stacks of dog food. And I was one of the few persons allowed to hold the rabbits and guinea pigs.
The smell of home. Just because it's home and that's (at the moment) where my mom and dad are.

5.) Do you ever resent your significant other for not earning more money? Do you ever find yourself jealous because your SO earns more money than you?
It would all depend on everything. Hopefully I won't. And I think that I will find someone in my own league, so he will have about the same sort of position. That would mean that he would earn more since he's a guy and all. And I maybe would be envious but that wouldn't be for his salary but more for the unjustice of women earning less than men in the same position.

6.) If you had to wear a Halloween costume for 3 hours a day, ever day, for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?
I would be an angel. For those 3 hours a day I would go to hospitals for the sick people to visit, or to the senior homes and visit the ones who don't have family left to visit them. I would do something good.

7.) Have you ever had sex with someone and kept a piece of their undergarments or anything else for any reason? Have you ever had someone want or try to keep something of yours?
I never even felt like keeping stuff from them. And I hope no one ever took mine (I haven't noticed anything missing so far), it sort of grosses me out.

Monday, December 08, 2008


*sigh of relieve* I finally got my internship! Im going to Edinburgh!


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Complaint & Wednesday Weirdness

I just filed my complaint for the placement office. Shocking right?!
Yesterday I went by to make sure that the lady had sent my letter on Monday. And then I told the girls who were there that I wasn't happy with how the other one handled it, especially when one of them (who was there yesterday) said that she would do it, and then didn't.
And I told them that if I arranged a placement by myself, the same they offer, I get money and if I play everything via them, I don't get anything. And then we started talking. They think that I don't have the right attitude for my placement. Well...all my favourites are gone and I need a placement so I go for the city and not the company because all the companies don't interest me. She said You tried your favourites, you failed, so apparently you need something else. Like it was MY fault that their database is outdated. So I replied that the contacts they gave me bounced. And then she said that she would talk with the other lady (the one who annoys me).

Today I walk in. It's a Wednesday, I know they are closed. But if I walk in on Friday, they're not there. So they told me that eventhough they are closed before 12 and on Wednesday, that if I have a question I could walk in. Ow my god....that was the final straw. I walked in. And the two who would discuss me (the lady of yesterday and the annoying lady) are there. And they bark WE ARE CLOSED TODAY! I politely say that I just had a question. They bark again WE ARE CLOSED TODAY, NO QUESTIONS. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS COME BACK TOMORROW OR E-MAIL. I'm not overreacting. Me and my friend looked at each other, and got the hell out. It's that I need to go back, but otherwise I would never ever set a foot in that place.

I immediately went to my tutor to ask who I needed to address for my complaint about the placement office. He didn't know but he knew someone that coordinates our placements. So I contacted him and he said that he would like it in writing. I filled almost 2 pages with my complaints. And I'm going to talk to him on Friday, since I'm off tomorrow. Hope that finally something positives comes out of that.

But on to Wednesday Weirdness.

1.) If you knew one of your close friends was cheating on their significant other, would you get involved? (EX: Tell their SO, try to talk to your friend about it, etc) Why or why not?
I would try to talk to my friend. Saying that if she is unhappy in her current relationship that she needs to end things. But I don't see my friends cheat.
Except for 3x but he's a lost cause.

2.) If your SO was cheating on you and one of your close friends knew, would you want them to tell you? Why or why not?
Yes. You need to be able to trust your friends that they tell you the truth. And of course first you shoot the messenger. But wouldn't you want to know? If your friend doesn't tell you the truth, she's betraying you as well as your SO.

3.) Have you ever stuffed your bra or underwear to make the size of your breasts or penis seem larger?
I sometimes were a push up bra, but that's just because the shirt fits better.

4.) Would you sleep with a friend's significant other behind their back if it were guaranteed you'd never be caught?
Nope! 1) I wouldn't betray my friends like that. 2) I'm really not into their SO's.

5.) Do you think you are more intelligent than your significant other?
I'm not quite sure if I'm more intelligent than my last bf. But I know I was more intelligent than the other exes. And regarding the last bf, he was a social retard, so I get the intelligence points on that subject :P.

6.) Do you ever fantasize about cheating on your significant other? Are you ever tempted to really go through with it?
I've fantasized about doing it with a brother of one of my exes while I was still dating him. But that was just a sign that I had to break up. Because even the brother was yucky.
I don't think I'll ever be tempted to cheat on my SO. Although there are exemptions, like you're get out of jail free card, I can't name a celebrity I want to do, but my SO would be cleared if you could do his fave celeb.

7.) Have you ever had cyber sex, text sex or phone sex with someone other than your significant other during a relationship?
No, no, no. And I haven't done those things with the person I was in a relationship with.

8.) Would you cheat on your significant other twice monthly for half a year to have all your debt permanently erased?
No. But that's easy because I don't do debt. If I would have millions of debt and cleared of everything including mortgage, maybe I would do it but first discuss it with SO.

There was a bonus question but that one wasn't interesting enough to answer.

Monday, December 01, 2008

70 Confessions

I'm being a copycat right now (check out Lost in Georgia). But I just felt like confessing :P.

1. Who was the last person to call you baby?
Since I still live at home, it was my mom calling me for dinner. The last time it was said in a 'romantic' sense it was by 3x a charm a few months ago.

2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart?
Yes, why not? It would be annoying if people just left them near their car. The parkinglot would become a survival track.
On a side note: you can drive anyway you want in parkinglots in the Netherlands and they are not that big.

3. Are You Single, or taken?
Definitely single!

4. Has someone ever sang a song to you?
Unfortunately yes, but it was very painful since he couldn't hold a note.

5. Do you play Sudoku?
Not anymore. I finish them too quickly. And when you give me a difficult one (one with the cubis or 12-in-1) and I haven't finished it within a hour, I'm done with the thing and leave it for in the train.

6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness would you survive?
Not even when my life depended on it. I'm not creative and will be afraid to eat anything I don't know (thinking that it will contain poison and kill me).

Lets just jump from question 6 to 18 since the inbetween is missing.

18. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you would do?
Get the hell out of the house, of course taking some important stuff with me, and dial 112 (our 911).

19. Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
In what way? Just in bed, or "in" bed?
The last time I was just in bed with a different person, it was my 4 year old cousin who I babysit. She couldn't sleep and I was tired. So we cuddled up.
Since I'm not in favour of one nights stands and have intimacy issues the "in" bed person was my ex about a year ago.

20. Who do you text the most?
My projectmembers for school.

21. Who last said they loved you?
My cousins yesterday. The 4 year old and her sister (7 years).

22. What color are your eyes?
Hazelnut brown (with a green lining).

23. How tall are you?
The average size of women all over the world. 1.67m or 5'6"

Another missing question. Didn't someone just like the sound of 70? And then when coming up with questions it missed a few so it just renumbered everything?

25. Do you like your parents?
I love them to death, but sometimes they just grrrr.

26. Do you secretly like someone?
No, I don't like someone secretly. Yes I like 3x a charm but that's not really secret. Although he makes me think of the Aly & AJ song If I could have you back

If I could have you back again
I'd think about it once or twice, I guess
If I could have you back
I'd reconsider, maybe I'd say yes
On the other hand it would be
Better to have a life
Without the constant indecision over

27. Why did your last relationship end?
A year ago.

28. Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone?
I don't tell people I love them over the phone.

29. Favorite ex? am I going to name him here? I have one ex that I'm in close contact with. He cheated on me with my best friend. A few years after they broke up, we got together again. Of course it didn't work because even though there's a spark between us it's not enough to keep the fire warm. So the romantic relationship turned back into a friendship one. And now he lives together with one of my other best friends (yes when they started dating, he was called the group whore). He was one of the people who was lucky enough to be in my innercircle of friends and got to go with me with the Millionaires weekend.

30. Where was the furthest place you traveled? Which is farther from Georgia?
Brazil sounds further than the States but I've been to LA and San Francisco, but it isn't. So that's the furthest I've been. I want to go far away to the East as well (Brazil and USA is west) and my dad said he's going to take me to China one day.

32. Do you like mustard?
If it's in a dish.

33. Do you prefer to sleep or eat?
Sleep but you can wake me for (chocolate) ice cream

34. Do you look like your mom or dad?
Definitely my mom. Relatives who are getting old call me by my moms name, thinking that I'm her.

35. How long does it take you in the shower?
Depends on how much time I have. I can have a quick shower within 5 minutes. But if I have to wash my hear it's alreay 20 and if I have the time it's 30.

36. Can you do splits?
Nope. And I never could.

37. What movie do you want to see right now?
In the theatres? No idea. I want to see Twilight but I thought that I wanted to see another movie as well.
And if I could just pick on out of the collection: fred astaire movies (top hat, shall we dance). They still haven't come out on DVD yet in the Netherlands :(.

Well...why not, another missing question.

39. What did you do for New Year’s Eve?
I went to a friends house until 12 and then we hit town. Was fun!

40. Do you think The Grudge was crappy?
I'm not a fan of the chinese remakes but I've actually seen this one. It was okay, but I had a protective arm around me for the "scary" parts.

And a few more disappeared.

43. Was your mom a cheerleader?
No, we don't have cheerleaders in the Netherlands (well...we do have some pro's but not at school and stuff).

Spooky, another missing question. Where could it be?

45. What’s the last letter of your middle name?
I have 2 middle names, but they both end with A.

Maybe together with question 46?

47.How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
I always try to get 8. But that never works. Tonight it's probably going to be 5 or less.

48.Do you like Care Bears?
I think they are cute.

49. What do you buy at the movies?
Nothing because the movie is already waaaay overpriced and so are the sodas. And since I don't like soda and drink water. I'm not going to pay for that. Why could I pay €3,00 for a zip of water when it comes out of the tap for free.

Do you know what's absurd when I go partying? Water is more expensive than soda. And soda is more expensive than beer. And even beer is still expensive. But don't they want to stimulate designated drivers?

50. Do you know how to play poker?
Yes. It's fun when we play for fun with some friends.

51. Do you wear your seatbelt?
Always and when I'm driving, I'm not leaving before everyone is buckled up.

52. What do you wear to sleep?
My pj's

53. Anything big ever happen in your town?
What do you call big? The take over of the company where half my city works? Or the double murder a few years back?

54. Is your hair straight or curly?
Straighter than straight. To get my hair in a ponytail, I lay down on bed and let gravity help me.

55. Is your tongue pierced?

56. Do you like Liver and Onions?
If the liver is in a form of pâté, okay. But I don't like onions, shrudder.

Hey question 57, do you know where the other missing questions are?

58. Do you like funny or serious people better?
Funny, but they have to be serious when needed.

59. Ever been to L.A.?
See question 30.

60. Who is on your mind right now?
My best friend, I told her that I would be at her place 10 minutes ago. Oops.
I'm going to go. Complete the rest tomorrow.'s actually a few days later than tomorrow. But he, I didn't have time, I had to celebrate my first birthday party.

61. Any plans for tonight?
Mondaynight is tv night. It's the only night that the channels air my (fave) shows. First my mom and i watch grey's anatomy, then we move to bones, while we are recording Eli Stone (it's just the second episode but we want to know if it's any good so that's why we tape it for another day), and then we end with Men in Trees. Only a few more episodes before that one ends. Then it's off to bed.

62. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Funhouse by Pink (I just got her new album) and Should have said no by Taylor Swift (no we don't know her in the Netherlands but I came across her name when I was looking for something else, so I just downloaded the album and it's not that bad).

63. Do you hate chocolate?
Not exactly.

64. What do you and your parents fight about the most?
About my school. We see eye to eye on it but school always messes up. Remember that I had handed in an application for Scotland (see internship rant) and that the placement office would introduce me the same day? Well...I got to school and went by the placement office today to see if they had any news. The lady was Did you hand anything in after Brussels. And I'm like Euhm...yeah for Scotland. And she was Owyeah I'm going to send it today. ARGH! But then I told my dad and he was angry with me that I didn't make a real fuss about it. And I know I could have screamed and shouted in there, but those ladies are just so stupid, nothing won't help.

65. Are you a gullible person?
If I don't know the person, I'm suspicious as hell. But when it comes to friends, 'm very gullible. Once an ex-boyfriend (still a very close friend) was talking with one of the friends about his dog. And I'm like "what dog". Exbf says "Mine dog". "You have no dog." "He's afraid of people, he's in the garage everytime someone visits." "I don't believe you. You don't have a dog." Then he calls out to the mother of the friend he was talking to "[name], do I have a dog?" And she replies with "Yes, bobby." I was stunned. I'd been there so many times. And still went there regularly but I'd never seen the dog. And everyone tuned in that the ex bf had a dog. So guess what? I believed it. And so did a few others. When it was his birthday (4 months later), we still believed he had a dog. And went to the garage to check. Of course the dog wasn't there. The exbf told him the dog was with his brother in the attic, and the brother was sleeping so we couldn't go up. Another month later I started dating the guy again. And when I stayed over, just before I fell asleep he told me "bobby doesn't exist, he was mine dog was I was little, goodnight." ARGH!!!

66. Do you need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy?

67. If you could have any job what would it be?
A dolphin or orca trainer at Seaworld.

68. Are you easy to get along with?
Yes. But you have to be on my good side. So if you're working with me on a project for school. You better work, because then I'm the best friend you have, if you don't, watch me growl.

69. What is your favorite time of day?
Nighttime, because I'm either partying (fun) or sleeping (also fun).

70. Are you a generally happy person?
Yes, most of the time.

All questions are answered!