Monday, March 30, 2009

Stay away from the gym

So yeah planning on giving you guys an update during the weekend didn't really work out. Hell....I only finished half on my to-do list.

I typed for that grr project, and I typed some more. In total I typed 21 pages on Monday (previous), Friday and Saturday, so I felt good. Then I did inventory, yugh got only have the topics covered that need to be covered. Hopefully the topics that yet need to be done aren't as extensive as the ones I've already done. I wanted to have it finished last weekend. But I didn't and I'm not able to finish it next weekend (friends are flying in for a weekend of Edinburgh fun). So I'm going to lock myself up in the house for my Easter weekend (got the Friday and Monday off as well) and finish this project and do a huge amount on the placement project.

But I wasn't blogging to complain about school (well...maybe a little), no it was going to be about the gym.

Since Will & Grace everyone knows the best place to pick up a date is at the gym. So I've noticed.

So a few weeks ago after my class on Sunday, I stayed behind do work on my dancing. There was this guy who stayed behind to do some stretching. We started talking just random talk. And we were talking about history (some time way back a Dutch Royal married an UK Royal but don't know what happened after that; why mother's day is on a different day in UK namely the [insert number] Sunday of Lent) and we changed the gym for starbucks. It was just friendly, I never asked the guy about his ex-wife (even though he mentioned her once or twice), his (ex)girlfriends, nothing personal. So how come that guy thinks I'm into him? I didn't have my phone with me after the drink so he wrote in on a piece of paper. I texted him a few days later that I couldn't make it to the Wednesday class since it was fully booked but that I would see him Sunday. I didn't even end the text with the regular x. And still, sigh. I got back a text saying that I had made his day and that he was walking around with a smile on his face. Ieeeek. A week later (after no contact, not seeing each other at the gym, nothing) I get a text from him Asking me if he can ask me something. Argh! I hate those texts, because you just have to reply with Yes what you wanna know. He wants to know if I would like to go out to dinner with him. Sigh. I told him that the afternoon was fun but that I wasn't interested in him other than friends. He texted back Ok, enjoy. Weird huh. That was previous Monday or so.

Tuesday I was doing my crunches, some guy walks up and asks me how I'm doing. Thankfully my lunchbreak was almost over so I cut the conversation short.

Last Thursday I was in the gym as well. After work. Normally I go during my lunch break but I wanted to go for a swim and sitting in the office with wet hair isn't an option (I don't have enough time to go for a swim and dry my hair). So after my swim I go into the steamroom. And this guy asks me out for drinks to celebrate his new job. Well...way not. Drinks turned into dinner. Dinner turned making plans for another date. So Sunday I went over to his place for dinner (you just gotta love a guy who knows his way around the kitchen). (well...we exchanged some flirty texts Friday and Saturday, e.g. him letting me know that he makes the best breakfast in Leith)
As I said in one of the Wednesday Weirdnesses I don't have time for a guy in my life. But he's adorable, and his accent.... Well we'll just see what happens. I'll try to fit him in. But he has to be understandable that school comes first (although that was ages ago for him).

Well...yesterday morning my knees were acting up so I didn't go to the gym. I did go to the Lounge of the hotel the gym is located at. Just for some reading and no one will disturb you. Or so I thought. My lunch lasted longer than my regular hour and I got invited to come to Wales. This white haired guy asked me How my day was going. Standard reply to a stranger: Fine, how are you? And he replied with I'm on the verge of being brilliant. Well...that was an unusual reply and definitely got me intrigued. After declining his request for a drink with him and his ladyfriend I accepted (just mineral water since it was worktime). And after talking the man darted over to some people who just entered the lounge. He's very very social. And I kept talking with his ladyfriend. Then I was I'm sorry I really have to go back to work. And she was huggy and kissy, and told me that I had to remember her last name since she was the only person with that last name in Wales (it isn't that uncommon for me but apparently it is for Wales) and she gave me her e-mail address. And I would definitely have to visit them in Wales.

So...I think I have to go back to work. My friend wants to know everything about Mr. Suit (she named him that). She was my back up person, we both did the class on Sunday and the instructor was freaking us out by telling that you should think that this (be helding at gunpoint or with a knife on your throat) could happen to you, so after I got the address from Mr. Suit (I think that will be an appropriate name for him, for now), I texted it to her. In case I didn't show up for work she knew where she would have to send the police to.

I'm back tomorrow with a Wednesday Weirdness (as usual).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Broken Record

I think you've all heard it before since I have only posted on Wednesdays the last few weeks. It's time for another Wednesday Weirdness.

I'll do an update on all the crazy stuff that has been going on in the weekend. Since I'm hoping to finish one of my projects this week Friday (probably on the verge of Saturday).

Ow what I wanted to say that Roomie was driving me crazy (more on that on the update post) but she apologized now because she was taking everything out on me and that she was worried about her pregnant sister (something might be very wrong with baby) and her Grandma. And now Grandma has died. Poor Roomie, she was just too late to say goodbye.

Here are this weeks Wednesday Weirdness' questions and answers (click on the bold part if you want to play too):

1.) What is your significant others worst habit?
It's too bad I don't have a significant other at the moment. Because I would go crazy as soon as he speaks since I do not have time for him right now.

2.) What piece of clothing that isn't lingerie or an undergarment do you have that you feel especially sexy/handsome in?
One of his blouses.

3.) If you could drink ONLY two beverages for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
Tea and water. But then again, tea = water. So my second drink would be euhm....Red Vodka/Red bull (I know it's two drinks, but it's only ONE beverage).

4.) What is your worst habit?
Nailbiting. I'm still working on quiting. I have 6 beautiful nails (as far as you can call them beautiful, but they are normal nails) and 4 non-existent nails, 2 just don't grow and I keep fumbling with the other 2.

5.) Are you superstitious in any way?
Not really.

6.) What kind of shopping do you hate doing most? (Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, etc)
Shopping when you don't have any money, shopping when you know what you want but can't find. I hate shopping when it's sale and busy. I can't go into stores that look like an ant farm, it just freaks me out.

7.) What was a “fad” you remember from your childhood?
fad?? ...checking google (don't you just love google, I think that is one of the most sentences I say I'll google it later or Just let me google that)...ow yeah the latest hypes. When I was a kid euhm....tamagotchi, flippo's (Remember those? I think my brother still has our collection). The girls had the first baby borns, although I wasn't a doll person I was a barbie person (don't let me count my barbies because I won't, it'll take me too long).

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Wednesday again

AAAAAA, it's Wednesday again and I haven't posted in between the Wednesdays. I've just been too busy.

Last weekend my mom was over. We had great fun. We did the free walking tour (it's tip-based), thinking that since it starts at 11 and at 1, the 11 tour will be over by 1. Guess again. It last for about 3 hours, or so they said. We were the last group to leave (11.30) and ended the tour at 3. Yes 3.5 hours. And it was a windy day, it was cold. But it was a good tour.

1.) In your opinion, what is your biggest character flaw?
I can't shut my mouth. But it is also my biggest asset.

2.) What do you think is one of the worst television shows ever created?
The reality programs. And the MTV/TMF ones are the worst. Some people might love 'em. But it's just cluttering my television.

3.) Have you ever ended up injured after trying an interesting new sex position?
I've never been injured. But I did slap or knee kick the guy I was with.

4.) How crucial do you think communication is between you and a regular sexual partner? Do you talk often about what works, what doesn't, things you want to try, etc or do you keep the discussions to a minimal and let the physical flow as it may?
First you just let it flow. But if things just don't work you have to talk about it. It has to be a good experience for both of you, not only for one.

5.) Who are your favorite comedic actors/actresses?
Euhm......I don't have a particular favour for actors or actresses. As long as they are good I'll watch. Even if you have a good action actor or drama actress in a Comedy, I'll watch it. Yes I go for the name, not the movie. Although I can also go for the movie but I'll always check who's in the movie to see if they are any good.

6.) In what way(s) do you wish your childhood was different?
I wish I would have paid more attention in school. I know I was a grade A student. But don't ask me anything that they have thought me in primary school, I won't remember.

7.) Cotton Candy; Delicious treat or disgusting mess?
Disgusting mess. I don't like the taste, and after eating it, everything is sticky.

Jeej I got it up in one go. Now back to work!

Happy Wednesday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just in time for: Wednesday Weirdness

I know the Wednesday is almost over but I really just came in from work. was a work perk. We went to Dalhousie for a tour round the Castle and dinner. I think I've gained a few pounds. But I've already made my appointment to finish my program at the gym. So the pounds are going as soon as finish it.

But it is still Wednesday so I'm playing Wednesday Weirdness (well...even if I didn't have time until Thursday I would play Wednesay Weirdness on a Thursday)

1. What makes a person sexy to you?
The whole package. The looks, charisma, if he sends of a good vibe.

2. When having the 'number of sex partners' talk with a potential significant other, would you be turned off if they had slept with more than a certain number of people? If yes, what is that number?
I have had the talk with one of my exes and I was only his third, so you don't get freaked out by that. My other ex bf never told me how many girls he had slept with before me, but I don't want to know. Well...I'd rather know than hear about their sexcapades, that's what he would talk about with MY friends with ME next to him. I was so grrr by that.
But I would have the talk in the future. I don't care how many he slept with, I want to know how many he slept with without protection, and then sent him off to get him checked, before I even let him get near my lady parts.

3. Once and for all, pocketbook sized dogs and the people who carry them in pocketbooks. Cute or crazy?
Some pocketbook dogs: cute!!
Some pocketbook dogs: crazy!!
Owners of pocketbook dogs carrying them around in pcketsbooks: CRAZY!!! Even if it's a cute dog.

4. Do you give up anything for Lent? If so, what?
I planned on giving up sweets, but that didn't work since the whole house was packed with sweets and nothing healthy :S.
If I would have given it a honest thought, I think I would be able to give up sweets, chocolade and crisps for Lent. But I never did so...I'll just go to the gym and try to work off those extra pounds. And of course try to eat less sweets and chocolade (don't have both in the house anymore), but I do have crisps. But we don't have big bags here, I buy a bag with 6 kiddies bags in them, and whenever I fancy one I take one. I haven't found a big bag of the right crisps yet, and I'm okay with that because before you know it, the bag is empty, only now it's a small one. If you had a big one, that would be empty without you noticing it.

5. If you live with someone, what is the one thing you will never let them see you do? I don't know. I have a roommate now. But I don't think there's anything that I would close the door on her for. Well...if I have a guy over, that's a different story. But on a daily basis, no nothing. Using the bathroom (shower, toilet), you know, the regular stuff.

That's it! I'm off to bed. Goodnight!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

me: psyched

I had my mom on the phone the other day. And she asked me if I could check the record shops here to see if they have the dvd of The Wizard of Oz. Because you can't get it in the Netherlands.

So today I walk into the nearest record shop. After looking around I couldn't find it. So I asked the lady I was looking for 3 movies: The Wizard of Oz, Top Hat, and Shall we dance, the last two starring Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. Have been looking for those movies for ages.

And she helps me find the Wizard of Oz and Top Hat. Me already excited that I at least got one of the two. And the girl says that she has seen the version of Shall we dance I'm looking for today. We searched some more, and then she checked the computer. She has to order it if I only want that movie, but they do sell it combined with ...drumroll... Top Hat. YEEAAH!!! Me psyched! I got them both!

Woohoo!!!! I'm gonna watch one later this evening!

(ps I'm still working on the R, love a lot of things which apparently don't start with R.)

Monday, March 09, 2009


I'm baaahaack!

The weekend was waaaay too short. And I had an extra Friday and Mondaymorning, well...that time was spend travelling.

I'll do an update tomorrow.

And I also have the letter R to complete.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Got some time aka bored as hell

Since I'm bored at work, I just thought that I'll give you guys an update of last week.

Monday we went to Cameron House. It was okay. And it was pretty beautiful (add pics when I've uploaded them to my computer) but it wasn't wow-ing.

I went to see Michael Jackson's Thriller Live. Which was pretty good. Except for the guy who sang 'She's out of my life', he had a whiny voice. And the dance before the break was more modern, not MJ. After the break the dancing got way better, definitely MJ. They wanted to leave the stage before they even had played Thriller so I knew they had to come back. But I think they dubbed that song. Since the guy who was singing it, lipsynched the song before (well...not actually lipsynching, he was adjusting his mic but then not moving his lips when he was supposed to). And afterwards when was really singing a few sentences from the Earth song (what about ....), his voice sounded completely different. But at least his dancing was good.

Yesterday I went to see Tommy Reilly, a guy who won the Orange Unsigned contract or something. His first supporting act was a girl with her guitar, pretty good. Then 2 guys who looked too nerdy to be on stage, and I think it would have been better if they stayed behind their playstations. Then Tommy comes on. Jeez....He wouldn't have gotten through the first round of Pop Idol. And all these people were screaming and shouting We love you Tommy. It sounded like he was off key the whole time. And I won't want to go through all that again.

After the gig, I was waiting for Roomie to come back from the toilet. And I was standing near the nerdy boys, and a few girls walk up to them (all individually) to tell them they were the best of the evening. I was like get your head checked!
I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and likings, but I think a Rammstein fan would sit through an hour of Classical music than listen to the nerdy band (or Tommy Reilly for that matter).

I was supposed to go to this workthing tonight, but we've cancelled it since none of us were feeling like going. And I needed the time to pack my suitcase anyway.

Well....Life's bit boring right now.

Ow...remember teacher Stupid. Got into a rant about him in January I guess. (this is going to be a rant about different teachers though)

Well...I had an argument with him in Feb. Because I failed his course and I wanted to know what my possibilities were of how to pass this course. And he was being a pain in the bleep by not responding in a correct way to my e-mails. In the end he told me to come by his office. Yup...that's gonna work, me in Edinburgh, popping into his office in Breda, the Netherlands. So I made an appointment with him because we couldn't possible discuss this via e-mail or phone. I told him March 6 15.30 or 16.00. Yesterday he e-mails me to ask if the appointment still stands because it was made such a long time ago. Sigh. I tell that I still want to pass his course and that I will see him March 6 at 15.30 or 16.00 but more likely to be 16.00. He says that it has to be 15.30 because he has other appointments. I told him that I'm dependent on plane and train, so I can't make sure that I'm going to be there at 15.30. He wants to postpone the appointment to Monday. I told him I would be back at work on Monday since you don't get a lot of free days being an intern! He then replies with If you can't make it for that time, we could do it via e-mail or phone. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

My supervisor for my internship from school isn't replying my e-mails. And I've contacted Stupid about that (he's the coordinator of the interns, unfortunately). And I must keep in mind that they had an one week holiday. Euhm....yes but the guy opened my e-mails. And even if you leave out that one week, it's been over a week (8 days) since I send the first e-mail asking approval and 3 days since the latest (4th) e-mail asking for a response on the other e-mails. To be more accurate, I haven't heard from the teacher since Feb 16. And I wanted a response on my e-mail of 18 Feb. Stupid can't help me. ARGH!

Then I contacted another teacher for my premaster next year. She told me that if I ever needed some info about the course that I should contact her. So what did I do when I needed some info? Right, contacted her. She told me that I have to wait until the end of March because she can't help every student individually. Sigh. Then why tell me that I could contact her if I needed some info? And it's not like she has a lot of people she has to look after. Only 30 who are doing the premaster at the moment, who probably don't need any help at the moment since they are all doing their internships as well. And the 30 students who are going to do the premaster next year.
And she had the time to send me an e-mail back, so why not take 2 seconds more to add the stuff I asked for. Jeez!

I don't think I'm ever going to think If only life was as easy as when I was in College. I'm going to be glad when I'm done with school. And working. Probably changing jobs every few years since I'm not interested in doing all the jobs I've done so far for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! Time is speeding up, it's going faster than last week. Sigh!

Today just a quick post on Wednesday Weirdness and I'll post again on Monday when I'm back from visiting my parents. And I'll tell you all about Cameron House (not that interesting), MJ Thiller Live (you have to go), and my mom's 50th birthday bash (still has to happen).

So come and join me in Wednesday Weirdness.

1. What is one thing one of your closest friends does that drives you batshit crazy?
Risking everybody's lifes when he gets in the car. He's always speeding and it freak me out and I'm shouting at him in the car (yes I know I shouldn't get in, but he wouldn't get me hurt though) that he needs to slow down. And then he starts laughing his irritating laugh and that drives me even more crazy (yes...I'm talking about 3x).

2. When buying a new sex toy, what are the features you look for that you absolutely have to have?
Euhm.....dunno, never looked for a sex toy for myself.

3. If you woke up the opposite gender for one day, what would be the biggest downside to that for you?
Not being able to talk and gossip with the girls, cause guys just don't do that.

4. Do you use curse words in front of children?
I always try not to, but sometimes it just slips out (like when you really hurt yourself). But I try not to curse at all, and I censor myself. I would say What the bleep! instead of What the f***!

5. If you were zapped with a laser and turned into an animated character, what Disney movie would you hate to play a part in?
Pinocchio or The fox and the hound.
I would love to be Cinderella (at the ball of course, not the cleaning :P) or Mulan.

6. How would you react to your partner answering a phone call or text message during foreplay or intercourse?
Depends who it is. Sometimes you just have to answer a call. But if it's just a friend asking What's up? Or What're we doing tonight? I'm like you're NOT answering THAT call, and if he does. Well...the mood is gone.

7. What are three things you want to try doing but haven't yet? (They can be sexual or non-sexual, doesn't matter.)
1) I want to do a Parachute Jump, and I'm going to. Brother and I gave that to my dad when he turned 50 (he's already 51), we're going jumping with the 3 of us. Mom's afraid of hights.
2) I want to have an one night stand. I just have too much trouble with intimacy, so I can't even open myself up to the idea of an one night stand. But one day I will.
3) Start and finish my school assignment for my placement! I'm still waiting for the approval.

*****************Happy Wednesday*****************

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Time flies

Where did the time go? Well....the free time since I notice the time at work.

Time at work is sooooo slow. I really have nothing to do. Some people would enjoy a job were you only had to sit in an office all day. Not me. And definitely not since I have to be learning stuff for school (not that I will ever use the knowlegde I gain at this company in my future carreer).

I have gmail open the whole day. One of my friends (who is coming to visit me the first weekend of April, they just confirmed) e-mailed me in the middle of the day and got a response within a second, she was amazed.
I talk with one of my friends on gtalk the whole time. And I told him I was going to sleep. And he started talking about powersleeps of 10 minutes or an hour. But I told him Who's talking about powersleep? I'm planning on sleeping til 5.30pm. And it was only 11am.

Outside of work, time flies. Monday I went to a bookclub, but not a real bookclub, just book swapping. All these ladies had brought very depressing books with them (leukemia, escaped convict, lifestories of painfull childhoods), luckily one had a detective with her, and I took that one home (otherwise I would have taken mine back home).

Tuesday we had a workdinner, which turned out to be a work thing without dinner. We were all craving for food.
Wednesday was supposed to be relaxing but somewhere I got some times mixed up. Well...not really mixed up, I was an hour short. So time really flew :P

If there has been a birthday during the week at the office, we get the wine and juices out on Friday 5pm. We started to discuss the Bird Dance. The Spanish girl was convinced that it were the Spanish who invented it, since they were the only one with lyrics. The Germans were convinced it was their song. And I knew the story about my American aunt didn't know the song when it was played at my parents wedding in 1980, so I thought it was Dutch. In the end I just googled it.
Apparently it was "invented" by the Swiss in 1950s. But it was made popular by a Dutch band in 1980. And then a British band made it popular in the UK in 1981.
So I think I can take the credit for it :P. We'll see the comments on Monday (I had to e-mail the whole office when I found the answer, although on Monday some people will think What did I miss on Friday).

Have a full schedule for next week as well. Monday we go to Cameron House with work (I'll take pictures, it's pretty pretty). Tuesday I'm going to see MJ's Thriller Live. Wednesday Roomie got us guestlisted. Thursday is a workthing and bookcrossing. Friday is my flight home for the weekend. Hope Sunday (my mom's 50th party) is going to be fab.

Probably have time during the week (at work of course) to do Wednesday Weirdness and maybe some different quotes of the events.