Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

Just a plain boring post:
Wednesday Weirdness

1. Is there a particular smell that turns you on? If so what is it?
Not really, of course there are smells that turn me off.

2. Have you ever tried or considered trying a Master Cleanse type method to lose weight?
Nope, I always plan on trying to slow down on the snacking to lose wait, but I can only keep that up for a few days (I’m going to try again starting Sunday). Or I want to go to the gym more often. I have already got 2 programmes both of 30 min that I can switch. So my lunch breaks will be spending in the gym.

3. When you browsing a book store for reading material, do you find yourself checking out a book solely based on the cover design?
Not really the design, although if it jumps out, it jumps out. Most of the time I check out if the title is interesting.

4. Which 80's trend were you least happy to see come back this year; big shoulder pads or neon?
Thank god these trends haven’t showed themselves yet in the UK. But when they do show up, I’m not joining them.

5. How long do you think could you disappear for until someone would notice your absence and start looking for you?
One day/night. Then I would get texts asking me where I am.
Back home it would be within a few hours. If my mom is expecting me home and I’m not there she’ll give me a few hours (if I’m at a friend she knows I don’t really watch the time).
The other day I told my mom I would probably be home soon after 11pm. And I got a text from her at 0.30 asking if it would take long before I got home. I think that she would have called my friends if I hadn’t replied.
I know an overprotective mom. But she’s just worried, we have people disappearing in broad daylight from their walk home from school or during their newspaper round.

6. Have you ever walked out of a movie and asked for your money back? Which movie(s) and why?
No, I just don’t go to movies that are trash. I have watched some horrible movies but that’s with friends and then you just start making comments. Like Do you have rotten tomatoes? I want to throw them at the screen (after shaky camera in Fast&furious).

7. Have you ever changed your plans because of something you read in your horoscope?
Nope, I don’t believe in horoscopes. I just read them for fun but if you read them in different newspapers each morning, half the time they say the complete opposite. And you have an inside laugh if something happens that was said in you horoscope.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend NL and the exit of Mr. Suit

So last weekend I was back in the Netherlands. The reason I went back was a wedding but in the end a dinner with friends, and a family with my dad's family was scheduled in as well.

The wedding was just like them. The bride didn't want a white dress because she never wears dresses but a suit wasn't an option either. She wanted to recognise herself in the pictures when she looks back on her wedding day. Can't blame her. It's her day, she can do whatever she wants (well...almost anything). She was not dressed in white, he wasn't in a suit. They were in normal clothes. And everything was in the theme Key. She walks around with big bundles of keys, and he has a car full of them (well...with wrenches actually but that's how we call them in Dutch) because he's a repairmen (easiest way to explain). So it was nice.

The dinner with friends was nice too. We catched up, ate, drank (non-alcoholic since half was driving and the other half they didn't drink out of solidarity I guess), played a game (True colours: can't really explain what it is in a few words but one advice, if you ever get asked to play it, make sure your partner doesn't play too, fights are then garanteed). UPDATE: True Colours
Told them in a few words about Mr. Suit, about the no energy and no texting. And the guys were like You know he has some else right. I was deciding to lose him anyway.

The family day was sort of fun. First church, not fun. I'm a catholic, but I only go to church for grams. So that's twice a year, once for my grandpa's death day and once for his birthday. Well...with my bad knees, a church is not a good option, more specifically the wooden benches. I couldn't put my legs in a normal position of 90 degrees. I only had to choices and both didn't feel good so when I had to get up (don't know why we get up half the time) I had to pull myself up. When it was time to get communnion (you know the bread that means the body of jezus) I was walking like a very old cripled person, I was holding onto all benches before I reached a helper of the priest and then I had to walk really really slow because I didn't have anything to hold on to anymore. Everyone was laughing, not funny!

The rest of the day was fun. Playing "beugelen" (even more difficult to explain) and pictures afterwards. My brother and I finally made a picture of the both of us we promised my mom about 5 years ago.

And then it was back to Edinburgh. I have two homes, I was going home from home. But I think home right now is Edinburgh since I won't be going back to the Netherlands until August. And even that can still change (the time I return in August that is), since my schoolyear starts a week earlier than the rest of the south of the Netherlands, on 31 August. So my holiday with my friends is not going ahead. Because we were going the last week of August and the first of September.
So I'll probably travel through Scotland and England with one of my friends who is visiting with his car at the end of July.

And I won't be visiting in between because RyanAir is pulling out of Weeze, the airport I fly to. And they pull out from May 2. So my parents are able to come but not to leave. So annoying. The German flight something has said that flights can't land after 10pm, the Edinburgh flight leaves and arrives after that time. RyanAir is hoping that the Germans will overturn it but it's going to be discussed on 29 April. My parents are flying in on that day, so it's sort of too late for them. So they could change their flight to a day earlier, but that's useless because they would have to pay €200 to change that, while just throwing away the tickets is only €100. Because if they arrive after midnight on Wednesday at my place (so officially that's Thursday, but flight arrives at 11.30pm) and they have to leave Friday at dinnertime, they only have one and a half day for a way too high price. And I only have Friday off.
And what about the flight of my mom and my aunt to Edinburgh? That will fall through as well. And the only way they will be coming is if they fly from Amsterdam. And those flight prices aren't funny. And what about all my friends who were planning on coming because they could pay the ticket (all students/starting employees who never have any money)?
And what about me flying back to see all my Edi friends every now and then?
I'm soooo not amused!!!!! Stupid German regulations!!!

But on to Mr. Suit's exit. Ow my god! We were supposed to do something together during Easter weekend but that never happened. We said goodbye talk to you later at the gym on Saturday morning. I was already expecting not to hear from him, since he was not texting me (well...only one text every few days), and I didn't hear from him. I hadn't texted him either because otherwise that text would have said Goodbye. But I wasn't making contact just to say goodbye, since apparently he was just not that into me. Then I got a voicemail on Tuesday evening, him saying that his aunt was ill, that's why was out of contact.
I asked how he was doing and how his aunt was doing. And then told him that a text would have been appreciated, doesn't take that much time. He completely ignored that. Asking if I was coming over. No way! I had plans with my friends (who do care). Then we are texting on Thursday evening, him wishing me a good weekend in NL and me wishing him a fun stag party in Poland (don't ask me why they went there). I have texts and voicemails on Sunday, asking me to call him asap. I arrived home after 12pm, so sleep was my first priority since he knew I wasn't coming back before midnight (apparently he forgot) and I had to work normal time.

I text him in the morning, what's wrong. Nothing was wrong he just wanted to know if I got home safe and if I would come over tonight. By this time I had already made up my mind of saying goodbye to him. So I tell him that I don't have time tonight or tomorrow (I really didn't have time) but that we did need to speak this week since we needed to talk. If I haven't put that in that text I would never have talked, since I would just chicken out. He then starts calling me. During work. No way am I answering my phone during work. So he texts want to meet up for lunch. Again I told him that I didn't have time today or tomorrow but that Wednesday was still available for lunch. I am a busy lady, I know. He then wants to make me a good dinner on Wednesday after work.
But he calls me again when I'm almost done. I text him I'm still at work and that I'll be finished in 15 min but that I'm meeting up with a friend for dinner. then my friend says she's running late, I give him a call. Keep repeating we'll talk Wednesday because I'm not doing this over the phone, and no I don't know what I'll say at the moment it was 50/50 (it wasn't but I really didn't want to do it over the phone, that's just wrong) and he starts being really annoying, saying that he will tell me now why he has been such an ass lately. His cousin got killed in a car accident and his aunt was sick. I asked him why he didn't tell me before (about the cousin), it wasn't that I hadn't asked him if everything was okay more than once (even more then 10 times is putting it lightly). But we will talk Wednesday because my friend was here.

I texted him after dinner that discussing things with me on the phone isn't in his advantage. He then texts me that he really likes me and has strong feelings for me (and that he means that) and that he knows he has been an ass recently but that he wants to go back to the beginning.

He texts me Wednesday that we'd meet at Starbucks before going to his place where he would make me a nice meal. He kept insisting on making me a nice meal, sigh. Well...starbucks. Tell someone in the center of New York, meet me at Starbucks, do you have any clue where exactly you are meeting that person? Me neither. Then he told me that he would already be home before I left work. Fine. I'll walk alone, would be better anyway. I don't like confrontations like that, so I was having difficulties breathing, sort of like the air supply is limited to only half what you normally need. I meet him at his place, he's in the kitchen making dinner. Are you going to tell a guy who is holding a kitchen knife that you don't want to see him anymore? Me neither. After the tone of the conversation on Monday I was glad I was the woman in this because he would so have pulled the "I'm pregnant"-trick on me. So I definetely wasn't going to tell him goodbye when he was holding that knife.

Then after dinner we still aren't talking about the subject. So when I said that, he said Should I start. Why not. He told me that the Saturday of Easter was the anniversary of his cousins death, and then his aunt was ill. What about the previous weeks?
And then he got angry, saying that I wasn't even trying. Euhm...didn't I put in the effort in the beginning. If it's already that difficult from the start, it won't get easier. And I'm going to be gone in 3 months anyway (and now with the grr Ryanair thing, I'm definitely not flying back every few weeks).

I was already trying to prepare him for what I was going to tell him by rambling on that I would be gone in 3 months. And when he asked if I wasn't coming back, I was like I have at least 1 more year back at school and then maybe another. Then I want to go to Australia, maybe not to work but probably for a few months. And I would love to work in the US. So no Edinburgh wasn't in the near future.

And I am young and I want to do whatever I want! Not being held back because of a maybe boyfriend of 36, more than 13 years older!

Ow and he kept referring back to the text he send me. Not saying that he liked me or that he had strong feelings for me, but "I really mean what I said in that text".

So then I left. And he was like Thanks for wasting my time. I just said you're welcome and kept on walking. Because if I'd turned around it would have been turned into one big mess. But I really wanted to turn around with: Haven't you heard? That's what I do for a living, f***ing up peoples lives. But I chose to be a grown up and walk away (even though I played online tag with some of my friends the other day, I'll maybe post the e-mail that caused that if I feel like translating because it really funny).

So now I'm free as a bird again. I just love my freedom. One of the True Colours questions was: Who feels trapped in his/her relationship. The others could exactly see who I voted for.

Well...hopefully I have loads of new stories with my next visits to the gym and exploring Edinburgh!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guess what?

It's Wednesday! That means Wednesday Weirdness.

I hope to post about last weekend and the dreaded talk with Mr. Suit (this evening) in the next few days.

But for now: Wednesday Weirdness

1.) What items (if any) do you get embarrassed to purchase?
I have no idea. As soon as I come across one, I'll let you know.

2.) What sexual position do you and your partner/significant other use most?
That will be in the Mr. Suit story that will be posted in the next few days.

3.) Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off or do you slip them on and off?
It depends which shoes it are. Some I want to but they are too tight so I'm halfway of wiggling my foot out and then it gets stuck. So most of the times I just untie them before trying to wiggle out of them.

4.) What is the last thing you broke by accident?
Euhm...can't remember.

5.) If you had to lose one of your body parts what would it be and why?
I don't want to lose anything, I'm quite happy with my body. Well....maybe I could lose a part of my tummy. I would like to have some kilos gone.

6.) How do you feel about anal sex?
That's just not for me.

7.) If you could have the ability to solve problems quickly and easily or the ability to know without doubt every time a person told a lie, which ability would you want and why?
I think I would like to have the ability to solve problems quickly and easily because if you can tell all lies, even the white lies that's not fun. I don't like people that ly but I want to trust people and that they don't tell lies.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

So it's Wednesday again. Where did the weekend go?

So I'd decided to let Mr. Suit know that we are done dating. Well...I received an interesting voicemail yesterday, him telling me that his aunt wasn't feeling well and that he has been up to her place and that's why he was out of touch, and if I had time to pop over tonight (yesterday) or tomorrow (tonight). I texted him asking how he was doing, and his aunt. And then I told him that a text would have been appreciated because that doesn't take much time. And that I didn't have time for him this week but that I might be able to schedule him in on Monday.
He replies saying that he and his aunt are doing fine and then asks me how I'm doing. Euhm....what about the rest of the text?!?! A 'please forgive me for not even texting you' would have been in order.

Anyway, I'm letting him sweat for a little time, and then tell that things have to change or we're done. Don't know when I'll be seeing him next week since one of my friends called me to say she can't make it tonight (euhm...last week we had to cancel our dinner date and we would talk next week, never actually setting on a date) and I was bleep I forgot (I'm going out for dinner with other friends), so I'm meeting up with her on Monday.

And on to Wednesday Weirdness.

1.) Tell us how you picked the blog nickname that you write under. (IE: I am Pink Vodka Bubbles) Were you considering using a different pseudonym or was the one you wound up with your first pick?
This is just my nickname and it was the first pick. And I now sorta wish that I had gone with a different one, just in case people I know stumble upon this blog.

2.) Tell us about your worst oral sex experience.
I have successfully banned that memory from my brain and I don't want to open that drawer with those bad bad bad memories. So you have to do without my worst oral sexperience.

3.) Tell us about the most fun night you've had in the last two months time.
Pfff....I had so many fun nights. I'll pick the most recent one. Last Thursday I went to a meetup and I dragged along my Edi friend, who will be referred to The Duke in the future (just because he wants that to be his nickname). We meet loads of people and in the end it was just a few girls and a few more guys. And we were talking about absolutely nothing. Well...about guys at my gym asking me out. And they were telling me that I'm not allowed to smile because I have a beautiful smile (I hate getting compliments on my body, can't deal with that) and that men think that as soon as a girl smiles at them they are interested. So when I'm around these people (just meeting one on one) and something happens are they would like to get something done, the standard reply was "Just smile". story got sidetracked, but anyway it was a great night of fun and useless banter.

4.) If you were in a restaurant sitting down ready to order and you saw something that grossed you out enough to make you get up right then and leave without ever ordering, tell us about what you saw to make you react that way.
Insects/rodents scattered on the floor. Disgusting looking waiters/waitresses. A disgusting looking kitchen. Seeing food being scooped up back on a plate after it fell of. Really bad service, e.g. waiting too long before a waiter/waitress notices that they still haven't served us.
I think I could go on, and don't you think that I don't know that I'm very spoiled so that luckily I haven't been to many restaurants that scared me away. And that one of my courses has made me being grossed out faster. The same with those television programs. We have a program on the tv that checks restaurants, in one restaurant they found 5 different substances in the mayonaise (in the Netherlands we use mayonaise for everything, like americans do with ketchup), one of those substances was sperm. You'd be grossed out too.

5.) Tell us about your favorite childhood toy.
My secret family. You have little animal families living in something normal for man's eye. A bunny family in a jewellery box, cat family in tea/coffee pot, moles in a clock, squirrels in a candy jar. And you can just play, just like you can with playmobile/polly pocket.
I'm still missing one of the 6 that existed, if I ever come across that one I will still buy it.

6.) Tell us about the weirdest sexual proposition you've ever been faced with.
A guy I've never seen before: "Hey! You have beautiful eyes, wanna fuck?"

7.) Tell us about one of the not-so-good dates you and your current (or ex if you have no current) significant other have gone on.
Mr. Suit is quite boring so the most interesting is him making me dinner (or me making him dinner) and then watch a movie. The most boring is just watching a horrible movie (of course he likes the movie but almost falls asleep halfway).
Ow wait maybe the most interesting was the one when we met. He asking me out while we were in the steamroom and then went for drinks and to dinner after.

PS Momma D, the Duke (my Edi friend) is now having nightmares because of your bachelorettes and nudes that couldn't have been. Thanks! He was torturing me with pictures of very very pretty almost naked girls (me feeling very very very fat while eating a B&J's cookie dough), so I decided it was payback.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

energy or lack thereof

So I'm enjoying a long weekend off. Friday I finished 1 out of 4 projects. I can't start no 2 after talking to Boss and no 3 needs data from 2. And then you have no 4, that just needs an experience (I have to descripe a situation I'm in in which I'm completely surprised, in good or bad way, and then think about cultural differences blablabla not interesting at all).

As I told in my last post that I was getting myself out of that black place I was in a few posts before. Well...I need to get rid of Mr. Suit, he really is a blockage for me being happy. I know he's a couple of years older but that doesn't allow him to have no energy at all. I know loads and loads of people who are way older than him and have enough energy.
He keeps telling me that he has enough energy but all we do is watch movies and go to bed (and by going to bed I mean actually sleep, I know sounds boring), and half of the time we don't finish watching a movie because he's tired.

And I normally have the energy for 2 people (or 3 depending how good my night of sleep was). So him not having energy and me sort of almost bouncing around the room (I'm sitting still on the couch next to him, but inside I'm bouncing) is quite annoying.

It's that I don't run but that would be a great way to get rid of my extra energy (normally it is spread out of the day but if I'm with him I can't get rid of it so I'm extra energetic when he's not around), so I went for a swim, I did 1km in 30 min, and I'm not a fast swimmer.

It really starts to annoy me (as you've figured out by now) that he doesn't have any energy. It is time to tell him that.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

on a lighter note

So my previous post was rather depressing (if you exclude Wednesday Weirdness), but I've dragged my ass out of that black hole.

My old neighbour is going from one medical disappointment to the next medical disappointment (too long of a story to explain). And everytime she says she's fine. She's always positive. And my mom told me that if she can stay positive I can too.

So I tackled the negative things. First I sort of harrashed (if that's how you spell it) my teacher for my project. I finally got an OK for my placement project, after waiting for 10 weeks. And I think according to the guidelines of my placement I have to hand in a draft of that project, like yesterday!
I figured out that before I can start, I need to talk to my boss, need some stuff from her. And guess what....she's not in the office this week so I can't talk to her before Monday, so bye bye Easter Weekend in the School-theme.
I am going to ask some people at work some stuff that can help me tomorrow. So that I can really start next week.

I completely ignored Mr. Suit after him not responding to my texts. Then he called me apologising for him not texting back because he fell asleep as soon as he came home. Hmm doesn't sound good if he's that tired. And he really really wanted to see me this weekend. So hopefully he will finally tell me what's going on because he's not acting like he was before the hospital appointment (hoping that it still was good news but that something else is bugging him).

I forgot to email my project that I worked on at work (just a few pages) so I couldn't work on it tonight so I indulged into a relaxing evening. Reading a book and did a full hour of work out video (the Now/Then of a soap star was easy to do).

And now I'm going to bed early.

Tomorrow I have a good day ahead. Hopefully a ton of work (they pressured the London Office to give me a project to work on, because I'm good and I got the time), then a good work out at the gym, and to end the night a meetup with Americans with my Edi friend (haven't found a nickname for him yet).

Good night!

Wednesday Weirdness

So it's time for another Wednesday Weirdness (if you haven't read my Tuesday post, scroll down). Click on the link in black if you want to play too.

1.) What condiment goes best with french fries?
I'm going to disgust a lot of people but it's mayonaise. Apparently it's typical Dutch and Belgian to use that for your french fries.

2.) What condiment do you feel best represents your personality?
Oj, no idea. I don't even know who I am these days, so how would I know what would fit my personality.

3.) If the love of your life was a different religion from you, would you convert for them if they asked you to?
The love of my life will probably be not practising any religion actively. And they would probably never ask me to convert, because he would love me for me. But if it would be a big issue for his family and stuff (I would never ask him to chose between me and his family, only if we really are like fire and water), I would probably convert to almost any religion. Although I would have to be equal to him. If I would lose my personality (after I have found it), he's not going to like me anymore because I'm not me anymore.

4.) What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
With jelly on a sandwich.

5.) If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?

6.) If you could change your eye color to anything in the world you wanted, what would you change it to?
Not. My eyes are one of the few things I really like about my body. I'm ok with most, but I really love my eyes.

7.) Are you more often the partner in crime or the good conscience with your friends and family?
Most of the time I'm both. I will be the partner in crime but I will sum up the bad consequences as a good conscience.
If it really is going to be something illegal I'm the good conscience, since I'm not really into law breaking.

I'm back to being depressed, sigh!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Me is not liking me

I'm getting pretty tired of myself and I'm definitely not liking myself right now. So if you're not up for a depressing post, don't read it.

I used to be this happy, energetic, motivated person. Where am I gone? If someone could please help me find that me, I would be very grateful.

At work I got used to doing nothing, and if I now have to do something I'm like 'sigh' I have to do some work. And it is taking me more time than it is supposed to take me. Apparently I'm still fast for colleagues but if I would be my former self I would have done it at least 10x faster.

I am also getting pretty fed up with work. Because it is so slow I cannot motivate myself to work harder if I do get work. My department consists of 4 people. One of my colleagues is send to a different department to help them out, most of the time if I'm working I'm also doing stuff for a different department. The good part of that is that I am actually going to the other department to get myself some work.

But because I got used to doing almost absolutely nothing I can't motivate myself to do some schoolwork. I did do a part of my projects previous weekend (while Mr. Suit and I were exchanging flirty texts, where has that time gone? I'm not working for school anymore and he's not sending me flirty texts).
And Easter weekend is coming up. I have this Friday and the Monday off (and of course weekend) so a 4 day weekend, which is going to be themed: School. Not sure if I'm actually getting anything done because of my demotivation.

And then there's Mr. Suit. I just want to grr the guy. He was still sending me flirty texts until last Thursday, then he had an hospital appointment (he never told me what the doctor told him, even though he told me that he would let me know). His flirty text messages just stopped. And sometimes he's just not texting me back. Argh! It's really frustrating me. I'm so worried about him that something is actually wrong. But as you all know you shouldn't pressure a guy into anything because then he will never tell you anything. And I just know him for 2 weeks now.

And I'm not liking me because of that either. I just know him for 2 weeks. And I'm already getting paranoid after a week (that was Thursday, thinking the doctor had given him bad news).
Everytime my phone makes a noise I jump, hoping that it's him. It's driving me crazy.

I have never been interested in a guy that fast. Well...I have but then he was acting more interested in me. And I thought he was. But now I'm not so sure, he's still all over me when we're together (well....not completely because first he wanted us to shower together and then he even asks me if we could have a shower together in the morning, and then he'd rather stay in bed a few minutes longer than get into the shower with me, what's up with that?).

So I'm not liking me anymore and I really need to change that, I'm not going to survive Edinburgh if I don't change back into me. The happy, energetic and motivated me. The hard working student that doesn't waste time on guys who aren't into her more than she is into them (or at least at the same level of interest).

Please help me.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

Wednesday Weirdness (just click the link if you wanna play too)

1. Is April 1st a fun day, or an annoyance?
Depending what the jokes are going to be. My pregnant colleague joked she was having twins instead of only one. That's a doable one. I'm not up for one of Mr. Suit.

2. What is the best prank you ever pulled or had pulled on you?
Luckily 1 April fool is more for kids ( my surroundings anyway).

3. What do you think is the most underrated sexual act?
Missionary position. Everybody is calling it the plain old boring missionary. But I like it. It can be nice when you are not twisting yourself up to do some weird position.

4. What is your favorite website?
Google, imdb, blogger. I'm always using google for looking things up, and it has my e-mail. If I want to know something concerning movies/actors/actresses I'm always going to imdb. And of course blogger for my fix of all the blogs I read.

5. What is the most annoying commercial on the air right now?
I hardly watch any television. I know a shame. But I'm watching movies and series on my computer = no commercials.

6. I'm skipping this question.

I'm going on a quest for work. Probably be gone for a few days before I find any work.