Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I already want to wish everyone a happy new year. Be safe with the fireworks tonight, don't drink and drive (well....if you're drinking alcohol that is).

A little over 10 hours to go (at least for me) and it will be 2010, the year of my graduation. Finally, the end is near :D. I've got no more classes, only exams and my thesis, which I hopefully finish at the end of May (that way I have it handed in before the deadline of June 11, and will be on my way to the US with my parents).

Read (since see is not appropriate) you all in the new year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

little pet peeve

So how was everyone's Christmas or other holiday you celebrate? Mine was doable. We have two days of Christmas. The first was spend with my mom's dad, and the second with my dad's family. It was ok, we had food, we didn't eat too much. My mom didn't want to spend her whole day in the kitchen so we had an "easy" dinner (although it still consisted of 4 courses). The second day everyone has made small snacks (we did something with smoked salmon). Apparently something wasn't completely right since my stomach wasn't all too happy that night (I normally sleep on my stomach but now I couldn't which resulted in a bad night sleep).

In the beginning of November me and my friends had a birthday party of another friend. I had some ideas for presents and we decided to put our money together and buy the gifts for the friend. Since it was all done through text messaging and e-mail, the money wasn't actually put together yet. I bought the gifts and was supposed to get the money afterwards. It's fine, I know my friends, I'll get the money. Because the birthday friend was constantly around us, I didn't get the money that day, which is still ok. We decided that I should e-mail my bank account number so that they could wire the money. Well....from one friend I got the money even before I send the email with the number (I was in his "address book"), and I got another after a week or 2. So after 2 weeks I send them a reminder that I still hadn't received all the money. One friend emailed back saying that he would wire the money from him and his girlfriend that evening, but he forgot.

On the day of my birthday party (4 weeks after the friend's birthday party), I still hadn't received the money from 3 friends (out of 5), so I send them another reminder e-mail with the message that if they want they could give it to me tonight.

Immediately after I send the e-mail, I had this weird feeling. I told my school friend (girl 2 from previous post) that I had the feeling that they would give me the money back in form of a gift. E.g. they see something I'd like, but it costs more than they would spend on a birthday present and then put the money they owe me also in the birthday present. The school friend was like No one would do that, would they? And I know my friends aren't like that but I still had this weird feeling.

So that evening the party starts and people come in and hand me their presents. The couple says this includes the money we still owe you. I open the envelope and I find money for my birthday in there as well as the money they owe me. Then I get the present (also an envelope) from the other couple where only one still owes me, and the girlfriend says this includes also the money he still owes you. I open the envelope and it's a gift certificate for an online shop which includes the money he owed me.

Now I know it's a gift certificate and it's not a present, so I can still spend the money. But I would like to have the money, and not include it in my gift. Now I'm obligated to spend the money he owed me on something in that online shop. And I'm not happy with that. I had that weird feeling, and it was justified. I should have send that e-mail a day later, or reminded them at the party. (Although that gift certificate takes a day in the post to get there, I wonder if that would have made a difference, or maybe they already had that gift certificate lying around and after that e-mail thought we can finally get rid of that gift certificate).

Would you ever do that? But the money you owe someone in a gift?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas break

So I've been slacking here. It's just because I've been soooo busy.

I was sick the first week of December, too sick to do anything. I'm still coughing and have been for four weeks (it's getting pretty old, I haven't slept in my own bed for 3 weeks now, since that one can't go up).

Maybe the reason why the cough isn't gone is because of all the stress I had since the beginning of December, I haven't been able to get a second of rest.

First of all, slacker girl (previously known as aily) has been kicked out of the group. We gave her another deadline. Mostly because we didn't have time to do her stuff before the deadline anyway. The deadline was set Friday 1.30. At 1.19 we get an e-mail with an attachment, in the e-mail she says that the other stuff is on another computer and that we would get it shortly. The attachment contained crap, it was completely irrelevant to the project so no clue why she send it to us. At 8pm we still haven't had the stuff, so I send her an angry e-mail asking how much it takes to walk from one computer to the next? and if someone else would be working on it, that person could give her two minutes because it doesn't take longer than that. I gave her another ultimatum, Saturday morning before 9. 8.50 we get an e-mail, saying that the email was still in saved and hadn't been send.

What would any normal person do if he/she would find out that a very important e-mail hadn't been send? Send it! Well....she didn't do that, nope she first opened the e-mail I send the previous evening (6ish) with the latest layout, adjustments and sorts. And she copied and pasted her stuff in, making a few adjustments along the way in her previous stuff. We figure that she hadn't not send her e-mail with the stuff, we think she was still typing it. Even after we e-mailed a few times that if she had problems with the stuff she could come to us. But nothing. Then I looked at what she actually did. She had to describe something with 10 aspects, guess how many she did describe? 3, and she did only the minimum, she only defined what does 3 aspects mean, not even comparing them, not even to the conceptual framework she was supposed to describe. So we finally kicked her out.

But that meant that I had to spend my Saturday instead of preparing for my party, writing her stuff. Well...I planned to do stuff for school anyway because I had more than one project that had a deadline last Friday. But I couldn't because I had to do slacker girl's work. I choose to do that project because there's this other girl dependent on too.

And with the bad nights I'm having because of the coughing, I was really taking it hard. I couldn't focus. Our presentation was fun, that was before slacker girl was thrown out, she hadn't let us know that she wasn't coming, although we didn't expect her to show. The other girl had some stress problems too and was seeing black spots, so a minute after she started her part of the presentation she broke down since she couldn't see the text on the paper in front of her. I took over her part but I was reading it and with the coughing fits in between, I don't think anyone had any idea what our presentation was about. But I digress.

I had a week and we still had 2 major projects to sort of start. And with the bad nights, I was almost completely worthless. Even the doctor couldn't do anything for my coughing and wrote a note for my teachers (yup I just turned 24 and the doctor still writes a note for my teacher :S) saying that I needed to rest, and that all the bad nights could have an effect on my project work. So I e-mailed one teacher (I was trying to do as much as I could before all the deadlines and I was only asking one teacher for a delay), but apparently that already gave me the feeling that a heavy load was taken off, so my work went smooth. I finished that project in 2 days, and on Wednesday me and the other girl made our own model out of the stuff we did before, and also that went as a train, we finished that day (most people were working on it for a few days not to say weeks, but we were so done with everything and the deadline being only 2 days away we didn't really have a choice). So instead of finishing everything just before the deadlines (noon and the closing of school), we finished everything on Wednesday evening. Handed the stuff in on Thursday, and then went shopping, to the movie (avatar 3d) and out for dinner. And all our other classmates were still working on it Thursday night. So we did a good job, and we deserve a few days of peace.

But of course that's passed before you know it, since I have to make up the lost time for my thesis (when I was sick the first week of Dec) and I've got exams right after the Christmas break. Only until 11 June, that's the deadline of my thesis. And then I'm completely done with school. Now I can only hope that I can join the workforce.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I so hate freeloaders

Sorry for not posting but life has been hectic. Well...maybe not life but more school. All those bleep projects.

I ranted in a previous post that I had to give up my "free" Tuesday, well....that project took a turn for the worst.

We're with a group of 3. And we have to describe 3 theoretical models. So 1 each right? Wrong. One of the group has an ailment (aily) so missed a lot of classes the first period, and didn't do the exam (so she didn't study). Because 2 out of 3 models have already been discussed in class and were in the topiclist of the exam, me and the other person described them. The third was new for all of us, and because we get that she has an ailment and can't do as much as us, we would do the third one with the 3 of us. Aily would be the expert and we would help describe the model.

So the other person travelled to her room in our school town yesterday (a trip of over 2/3 hours), that way we could start early today. I only have to travel one hour, so I took the train this morning. While I'm in the train I get a text from aily saying that she's working from home today but we could e-mail her. WHAT?! We came to school especially for her. I called the other person and she was mad too. What a waste of time.

Aily has a knack for being passive. She was unable to make the deadlines in the previous period and she discussed that with the coordinator. Fine, I get that. But I would make sure that the teachers of those courses knew it too, she didn't notify them, she hoped that the coordinator would. And then she looked at us like Ha! I did better than you on that small test. Well yeah duh! If I only had that small test to focus on I would have gotten higher than you, but since I have ten zillion other classes to worry about too, that one can slip because I'll pass it anyway.

Then before the exams she already knows that she won't be able to do one of the exams because she has one from a previous year (which we weren't allowed if we wanted to enter this course but hey she's an exception), and I told her that it would be smart to also let the teacher know. Her reply? He's already gone. He was probably only 5 steps away from the classroom.

But back to today. We decided to meet anyway there's a timelimit. Texts and calling left us without a response. After a lot of discussing we went to find the teacher for this course, just so he would know that she didn't show (again). He was a bit angry, appointment is appointment, and you can't behave like this. But since we are in our final year we should be able to handle this ourselves, but if we wanted to kick her out of the group we'd have his consent.

We thought that was a bit too drastic but we've come to that idea in the end. We've reorganised our project, added some things, and divided it all up into 2. We've send aily an e-mail that if she wasn't our friend we would dismissed her from the group way before this, that we're now in a difficult situation and don't know what to do. Hoping that she would reply. And apologise and stuff. From 12 to now (that's almost 9 hours) we haven't heard a thing.

We discussed the situation with a couple of other classmates/friends but they hate to be in our shoes right now. Aily is a friend but one of the other said, she a friend if she lets 2 friends out in the cold? She got a point there. If I would have not been able to come to school, I would have called with a detailed explanation, I would have send an e-mail with this is what I've got, and I would be available by phone the whole day. And so would the other projectmember.

We've just decided that if aily doesn't respond before tomorrow 2pm, we're done. The only excuse is hospital or near dying. I know it's hard but we have to take measures. We're now discussing if we should let aily know about our decision. We've told her that we would have thrown her out if she was any other and that we were now uncertain what to do. But to be politically correct we should text and e-mail her. But then she could pull an all nighter and still have something to show, and we're sorta fed up with her anyway. And it would be cruel to keep rubbing it in, but it's also cruel to just throw her out. SIGH!

The last e-mail on the course we got from her was at 0.30am, I was fast asleep at that time. So the other member said we should suggest that aily sleeps at night, works on school during the day, and keep away from other activities. Now she's making her problem our problem, and we're not so happy about that.

Well...thanks for reading another one of my rants on school. All advice is welcome.