Monday, April 26, 2010

thesis research

I've been rather quiet lately. But I haven't got anything to tell.

Have been doing research for my thesis last week and this. Probably add another week. I've been observing and actually just working.

The days are way too long. So I'm happy if it's Friday, Queen's day. Not that I celebrate Q's day, but I will have the day off to do nothing.

Last week the alarm went of 3x at 5am. And then not returning home until 7/8ish pm.

Today's gonna be even worse. I signed up for a workshop speaking in public. That's at 6pm. My alarm went off this morning again at 5am. Got at the office at 7ish am, but managed to get a nap in the car until 8am (I can't sleep in a car). So I'm typing out stuff for my thesis today instead of working. Which is better for me since work is just tiring (sort of grocery shopping for someone else the whole day, so walking back and forth through the aisles of the company). At 3pm I'm cleaning up to catch the train to school. And the workshop will be over at 8pm, thus me being home at 10ish pm.

Thank god my dad has to go to the dentist tomorrow morning, but otherwise the alarm would go again at 5am. And tomorrow evening I'm going to the theater with a friend, which means I won't be home until 11pm.

I know I'm doing this all to myself, but I need a life outside of work.

Btw last week I took my friend to the theater (I won tickets for an acappella group, and she won tickets for tomorrow night). It was amazing. Those guys did everything by themselves so no instruments only their voices. And they had the most idiotic dances. Our belly muscles got their work out.

Back to working out my notes from last week, I have to be able to show something to my teacher on Wednesday.

Have a nice day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Removal wisdom teeth

They're gone. At least two of them. The next two are scheduled for 25 May. That's in 5.5 weeks, and after Pentecost, which means that I only have 5 weeks to finish my thesis (according to my schedule).

The wisdom teeth removal went rather smoothly, the waiting was the horrible thing. First 25 min in the waiting room, then 10 min on the chair. Got some liquid sprinkled in my mouth for pre-anaesthetic and then the anaesthetics. Another 10 min wait. Then had to go to a different room where some nurses were prepping the surgery. Need some extra anaesthetics and the surgeon got a bit annoyed that I was complaining about pain (they remove the feeling of pain but you can still feel what they do, it just doesn't hurt). He gave me some more and then brushed my cheek, asking if it was tingling. No it wasn't, so more anaesthetics. Then he removed them within a few seconds. Although my gagreflexes were working. So it was mouth open, remove one tooth, mouth close, breath through the nose, mouth open again, remove other tooth, done. It doesn't feel comfortable but it didn't hurt either.
Then on the way back home, I had an itch in my eye, and when I was "scratching" it, I felt my whole cheek tingle.

So next time I have to get more anaesthetics and wait longer.

Getting home I took the painkiller's I picked up at the pharmacy. You can take 3 per day. So that means it lasts for about 8 hours, but the next time I took it it was 12 hours later and I just took it just in case it started to hurt while I was asleep. That was all. No pain. Used only 2 painkillers (got 12).

Not a bad experience.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nothing much

Yay! I've finished chapter 1 until 4 of my thesis. Or at least I think I finished it. I will receive feedback on it Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

I'm surprising myself by not (yet) freaking out about getting my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. Maybe this is because one of my wisdom teeth has started to be a bit more sensitive and painful since yesterday. I still don't want to go, but I would like to get rid of this annoying feeling in my mouth.

At least the tooth waited to be a bit painful until it was time for it to go. That way I have already planned the appointment, and I can just go on with business as planned. No extra hassle of rescheduling everything. life is rather boring right now with the thesis and all. But if you want to hear something about a younger me, or you've got a meme, let me know.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I'm sorry I've been MIA lately.

Last week I had a friend over. What resulted in me not being able to do anything for school. And thus a week behind on her schedule.

I've got a meeting with my supervisor tomorrow at 2pm. And normally I send the stuff a day early. Well....I'm lucky if I can finish 70% of what I needed to have done before tomorrow's meeting. The teacher's gonna be pissed since I didn't tell him about the friend visiting, and he already thinks I'm behind. Which I can assure you I'm not.

I need to have it completed by 11 June. And I plan to have it completed by 21 May.

I will have everything ready for research on Sunday at the latest. But I'm not sure I can start Monday, since I only have the morning. And on Tuesday I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed (yikes :s). So hopefully I can start Wednesday, and then continue until the end of the month. I only need to do a couple of interviews and some observation. Then I have the first weeks of May to analyse the results and make recommendations.

Because I'm doing internal research, it's easier. You don't have to go looking for people and find the right target groups. Since there are only a small number of people working there, a survey is also not needed. So I don't have to wait for them to respond. I can talk to them while they are working. And I will only have a few questions for each of them. Leaving the interviews for the managers.

Hope this all goes as planned. Then I'll be back on the blogoshpere on Monday.

Hope you are all doing great!