Friday, November 26, 2010

Where has the time gone?

@ Americans
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Did you go out on Black Friday?


Yeah yeah I know I've been MIA again. Where has the time gone? I mean it only feels like yesterday that we had the birthday party of Boyfriend and his sisters.

In the meantime we've got weeks of work. And secret St. Nicks. This weekend we've got my dad and my birthday party for the family and family friends.

Work is getting more hectic. And my senior is getting frustrated with me. He told me I had to handle problems one at a time. But I'm sorry if I get a problem and I need to call a carrier who has to look into his warehouse and trucks, I'm not waiting 2 hours before I can start the next problem. And he's like If I ask you the update on this or that you always have to think, you should write it down. me a second to think will probably be faster than me wasting time on writing the stuff down and looking through my stuff to find my notes on the problems.
And I had to send out an e-mail to all the suppliers. Which I did. I even asked him for how to send it (cc, bcc). When he said bcc, I told him that I would then send it to the group e-mail address. No reply.
So when I send them the next day he gets all crossed eyed (even more than usual). What if everybody replied to the groups e-mail then it would be bombarded. Well...I told him that most would just hit reply and not reply-all. And that I would keep the group e-mail clean. Which I did, and I managed to keep up all the other work he was throwing at me. Which got him even more frustrated.
And he's not always friendly towards me, normally people are more friendly when they want to use you, but he even isn't nice for that. He was impressed though by my organising skills, because he told me that I should keep the e-mail to all suppliers in drafts for when we need to use it again. I told him that I had a file where I have all the e-mail addresses and you only have to do "select all" "copy" "paste" send. And I'm even adjusting the e-mails that bounced so that those e-mails are correct or deleted for next time. And he was looking at me like Where do you get the time, I've been throwing everything I can your way and you still manage to do everything. But all he said was "Polish guy (one of the colleagues), she's good".

Oh Boyfriend just called to say he was already done with work. Which means no work for me. Jeez I don't think I can finish this project before 31 Dec. I planned to do 4 hours tonight, but it was already turned into 2,5 because I had to do so much else. And now he's gonna be here in a few minutes. Ah well....I'll work a bit harder during the evenings next week. It's weekend and I need to enjoy it while I'm still young and rather carefree.

Still haven't figured out how to e-mail posts but I can always just save the e-mails and then copy/paste the posts. So hopefully the St. Nicks story sometime next

Monday, November 08, 2010

Update + little rant.

At the moment I'm home sick from work. I had a horrible night and was too tired to get up in the morning. And also....I just didn't fancy going.

As I've told you before I'm very busy since I started my job. This is not only due to my job, but also to the project I told my dad I would do (as calculated I need another 60 hours to finish, this has to be done before New Year's Eve). And I would like to have it finished asap. However the stars are not aligned in my favour.

My schedule for last weekend was
- wintercheck for my car
- celebrating boyfriends birthday and his 2 sisters birthdays (his bday was 3 Nov, sisters' bday 9 Nov)
- my best friends birthday
- work for my dad

On Wednesday the schedule completely changed. Because his family (uncles/aunts/cousins) kept on changing when they were visiting on Saturday, and with us having to go to my friends on Sat evening, they changed the birthday party to Sunday. Because then everyone would be there round the same time and have dinner and blablabla.

First I thought no big deal. I can work instead of the party and then on Sunday morning. Guess again.

I thought no one would go to the wintercheck, wrong. It was supposed to start at 9am but people were already banging on the doors at 7.45am. It was crazy. I get there, they appoint you to drive into a lane, then you get notified about the waiting time: 1,5 - 2 hours. Yikes!! You can't not go since there are parked cars in front of you and new cars arriving behind you. So after 12 I get back (of course it took longer than 2 hours). And I'd already told boyfriend that he could pick me up at 4. This would mean I had a couple of hours to work.

Since mom wasn't at home I decided to head into town to buy her Christmas gift. Of course it wasn't was she wanted and when I found what she wanted it was too expensive (and def not worth the money).

When I got back I had two hours left. Do you think I did anything? Nope, my younger brother decided he wanted to catch up on the Voice of Holland online. I can work with music, that's not a problem, but when there's a big ass screen next to you, your eyes tend to wander.

Boyfriend picked me up but still had a couple of things he needed to do, so I thought I can do something in the meantime. Nope the whole table was covered in plans for building a miniature mill. I has permission to clean it up since no one was using it. When I finally had installed myself to start work, his father and grandfather get home, and took back the table.

Sunday we went to boyfriends sister for the party. And it was good, we had fun. But... of course there's a but.... there was a small discussion. One of the sisters wanted to go away for 2 weeks starting 24 Nov. That's not a problem but we had decided (already over a month ago) that we were doing secret St. Nicks (we've to St. Nicolas at the beginning of Dec) on 27 Nov. So now the date would be changed to 20 Nov. We were still available but we had in mind to go away that weekend. Boyfriend had gotten a hotel voucher from my parents for his birthday that had to be used before the end of the year. His other sister also had in mind to go away that weekend with her boyfriend. But since we both hadn't booked the weekend yet, we could change the date to 20 Nov. Later I heard that the sister leaving on 24 Nov hadn't booked their holiday either. And their mother was like It's not like they didn't know that they would be together for 10 years then :S.

Anyway we get home and get the voucher. Ready to book a weekend. But the only option would be next weekend. Because well...there's 20 Nov: secret st. Nicks, 27 Nov: my dads and mine birthday part. 4 Dec: his sister and boyfriend are gone so Boyfriend is in charge and thus needs to be available in the weekend, 11 Nov: grandma's 80th birthday. 18 Nov: the weekend before Christmas, you don't want to be in a city.
And Boyfriend said he would rather give back the voucher to my parents so they could use it, instead of trying to squish in the few days, because we don't have time at all. And we would go away when we do have time. UGH! I had time. The weekend of 20 Nov and 4 Dec. And there would be a Christmas market in Brussels from 26 Nov.

The voucher is usable for any day of the week. But since I just started my job, and my colleagues had to finish their holiday days, I'm unable to take a day off because at least one of my colleagues will be away.

And the thing is, I might not even have a job in the new year. Remember that first I might have been hired for a different department but at the last minute it fell through? Well....that department is completely going to move back to the UK. Six out of eight have to be replaced within the other departments, one of them being mine. And since I'm the last one in, I think that there's a big chance I'm the first one out too.

And somehow I don't mind leaving. I know I should be lucky to have a job. But the travelling is getting to me. Google maps says it's 30 min drive, I believe that when there are no cars on the road, I would be there in 20 min. But traffic isn't fun, so if I'm lucky I'm at work in 40 min. Last week I got stuck in a traffic jam, I had calculated to be at work at 8am. And I finally got there 9.15am. Not funny.
And I would love to be able to cycle to work. Doesn't matter if it's 30 min cycle, but you know it will never be more (only when you get a flat tire and that's an excuse to be late).

I'm done ranting and complaining. And I'm back to work on my dad's project. And I've to babysit my cousins tonight (I know I'm not making it more relaxing for myself).


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