Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last post of the year

I thought I could just fit in one more post before 2010 is over, and because I'm skiving my work.

I have today off from my fulltime job and guess what I'm doing? My dad's project. And I'm soooo done with it, unfortunately it's not done with me yet. Believe I have another 10 hours (if not more) before it's finished.

Work is completely dead at the moment. On Monday I had some cleaning up to do and I could also enter some orders for Tuesday 4 Jan, but I was e-mailing and gtalking the whole day while I was doing that. And in the end I still had too much time left. Yesterday I got one e-mail which wasn't even for me :s. I did take a book with me so I started reading it.

On Monday me and my colleague got an e-mail from our other colleague that her father passed away. She would be at work this week but not next week Mon, Tue or Wed. When all three of us were at work yesterday, she told us that she'd like to take of Thu and Fri as well because then she could have some familytime (she hardly ever sees her family). Because there's literally nothing to do, the attending manager (our manager is free and didn't respond to her text/email) said that she could go.

I planned to go home early on either Thu or Fri so I could do some work for dad, but because I'm the only one there I'm not able to go earlier. Because I thought it would be rude to just take my laptop, I asked permission. Hey, otherwise I would be reading my book, and I'd make it very obvious that I was only there because I had to be.

The attending manager said that it was okay but that he would check with the different departments if they need my help - I'm gonna get very angry if I have to help a different department because the only thing I've seen the other departments do is surfing so they can't have any work left either - and maybe he would sent me home earlier. Well...wait right there, that's not gonna happen. In my manager's e-mail it said that if our tasks would permit it one of us could go home earlier but the other had to stay until 4pm. And my travelbuddy has to work the whole day, so if I go home earlier he has to take the bus.

I don't know about Friday yet, but I do have to come in on Thursday and if they want to send me home earlier I'm just gonna say that I'm dependent on my friend because I drove here with him (instead of the other way around), and if I have to take the bus home I would have to walk 20 min to the nearest busstop, sit 30 min in a bus which will make me very sick (I've got motion sickness, although I can do roller coasters) and then a 40 min walk home.

And since I'm allowed to work for my dad at work (oeww I'll be doing some actual work on work, although it's not for the same boss :P) I have no need to go home earlier. Of course they don't know I'm getting paid for the work I'm doing for my dad (and I'm not telling them either).

What are your plans for New Years Eve? My friends and me are going to a town near the Belgian border, apparently the fireworks over Belgium are pretty awesome.

I wish all my readers the best in 2011. See you next year :D.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

another year gone

I know we still got a few weeks before 2010 is over, but I already want to make a new years resolution: don't be so MIA on blogger.

This year's been hectic. First with school and doing 2 years in 1. Then finalising my thesis. Enjoying the few holidays because I graduated. Finding work and also doing my dad's project on the side.

In between I got a boyfriend who also wants attention. And in all fairness I want his attention just as bad.

We've only been together for 3 months (since yesterday) but since we've been best friends for a few years and have know each other for a few years more, things tend to go a bit more quickly than any other relationships I've been in. I think we've discussed bits and pieces of everything that's gonna come one day. Living together (when we can afford it, which is hopefully soon), kids, marriage, even divorce although at the moment we don't think we're gonna be apart one day.

Yesterday while we were getting up all of a sudden he says I'm not wearing black. This came totally out of the blue. We got up quietly and both hadn't said anything for a good few minutes, so I thought he's talking about Christmas, I mean that would be most logical. There's no "fancy" birthday party in between now and next week. I replied with You can wear whatever you like. Of course this made it clear that I had no clue what he was talking about. So he said I'm not wearing black to our wedding. Euh...what?! As I said before we've discussed marriage but not really into depth as the design of it all. Only that we want to get married and that it probably won't take place in a church. I would love for it to take place in a church but that's probably just the whole image that is created for weddings. And most weddings I go to are catholic. But I think it would be very hypocritical to marry in a church, I only go twice a year (no not with Easter or Christmas, but for grandpa's deathday and birthday). And boyfriend isn't catholic.

And I hope I don't offend anyone here, but I'm not really sure what I believe. I do believe there's a higher power or that there's something, I just don't know what.
I do respect everyone who does believe and all religions. Believing and religions give people strength, strength to cope with this world and live.

So I totally digressed. Anyway what I wanted to say is that the future is on Boyfriend's mind too, sometimes maybe even more than on mine. And by the time we decide to get married, there's gonna be a fierce discussion on what he's allowed to wear. He doesn't like dark or sad colours. He wants to wear something bright. I'm sorry love, but that's not gonna happen.

If I don't come back this year: happy holidays and glorious new year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

update soon

Where did the last few months go? And within another month another year has gone by.

I'll try to give an update soon. But still sooo behind on some projects (dad's work project with deadline 31 Dec, xmas gift deadline 23 Dec) that I don't even have time to have a life.

Hope you are all doing fine. I do have a few minutes everyday to check my google reader to see if the people I read are posting and I do have time to read them.