Sunday, January 30, 2011


How can time get away from you this fast? We're already at the end of January. When did it start? (yes I know 30 days ago.)

I've finished my dad's project over a week ago. Unfortunately after a few days he gave me a new stack to do (which I should be doing right now instead of blogging). I keep planning on starting it then or then, and of course something comes up and I postpone it.

Right now I've got boyfriend working on his car (minivan) so I could do some articles, which of course I really don't want to do. But since dad does anything for me, I should not complain and help him like a good daughter would.

Work took a turn for the worse last week (although it has improved). Last Friday we were all a bit playing around. My senior was holding his empty water bottle upside down like a bat and my manager asks if he wants to hit something. Since I have a small stress ball on my desk I picked it up, as planning on throwing it towards the bottle. Before I can do so, manager says Throw it against his head, you've got my blessing. Of course I don't actually throw it at my senior's head but it was head level (20 cm off) and I didn't throw it that hard (if I would have thrown a brick it would have fallen on my toes). Everyone's laughing and joking, so nothing's wrong right? Guess again. After half an hour, I get an e-mail saying that if I ever throw something at him again, he'll be handing in an official complaint and make sure things get taken to the next level. I should see this as an official warning. What the BLEEP, so I reply we were all just joking. And he says that he didn't like the joke. Come on! It's not like he just entered the room and the ball was fired at him, he was completely in on it.

On Monday I told our colleague what happened. Not to badmouth my senior to him, but because that colleague almost threw a ball at senior that morning and I just wanted to give him a heads up in case he actually throws it a next time. And he was like No way! There's no need for that. See, that's what I've been thinking.

Friday I came home and all the frustrations came out, this was the final straw. Dad - being a good dad - kicks into overprotective mode and tells me I have to call in sick on Monday and resign. Well...I just couldn't do that. I know I should care about me and not others, but the team would have been in great distress if I had called in sick. I decided to talk to my manager and tell him I would resign as soon as a replacement was found (for the colleague who left the week before). But Monday during lunch manager got a call and he had to leave (grave personal issues) so I didn't talk to him until Wednesday. By that time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning had gone by without any problems so the issue called down. I know I still needed to have that conversation because otherwise the next time something happened I would explode and really quit on the spot. So I talked to manager and we decided that he would talk to senior and that I should say something the next time something happens.

This will be difficult for me since I never do this. This is the first time with a boyfriend I've been able to discuss anything and everything. I normally would keep it all to myself until it was too much and then there was nothing the other could do to keep me from leaving. Work-wise it's the same. When I was 18, I was doing my internship in a hotel and in the week my dog was very sick and would probably die, I had to be in the restaurant. And no I couldn't help out in the kitchen, everyone had to be out on the floor during lunch. So suck up and smile. That's basically what I've been told. And I'd always been good at that, but since that day I could also do it when I was in ubersadness mode (I believe I cried more when my dog died than when grandma died, although I miss grams still everyday).

Looking for work has been ugh. I've told the temp agency who gave me my current job, that they put me back on active. I don't have to leave straight away (although that would be ok too) but that I would like to leave.

Yesterday I went to the careerevent with boyfriend. Please remind me next time I want to go somewhere I don't take him. Not that he was so sweet to go with me while it's not for him. But he's a technician. And the market for people who have a technical degree is growing. For him to join me he had to register as well. When we got there I got a red bag and he got a blue one. Blue was ICT/Technicians, green was legal, and red was other. We start making our round and someone comes up to him while we pass the first stand. He tells them that he's only here for me and that he's not looking for a job. Well...they were looking for technicians so I'm not interesting enough for them. Boyfriend looks at his bag and decides it will fit in mine (which it easily does), the guy at the next stand sees this and is like Did you just hide your blue bag? Because blablabla. Argh! No one came up to me at all. I've been talking to a couple of people but not until after I came up to them.

Maybe it was because they didn't think I was looking for a job. In the faq of that event it said you don't have to dress up, but it might be smart if you see this as a kind of job interview. I always suit up for job interviews so I was wearing a suit (with trousers since it was freezing). The only other people in suits were working the stands. Didn't really find anything. Only handed my resume to a company once and even they might not be interesting enough for me (it's a logistics company, which is even located further away from home than I already need to travel to work to now). Most companies were located further from my home than my current company is. Which isn't necessarily bad, as long as the job is very interesting. But since I still have no clue as to what I actually want (although I do know what I don't want), I don't know if the job further away from home is interesting enough, and do I want to take that risk?

Ok, let's get down to business and do those bleeping articles. Have a nice Sunday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

so that's 1 resolution down the drain

Ugh...I so meant to blog last Thursday. I had some free time after aquajogging but I got a call that friends had a good deal on a weekend getaway but the deadline for that deal was that night. So instead of going home and blogging, I went to my friends, called the hotel (because apparently that's what they think I studied for (I did tourism)), and not book a weekend getaway because the hotel was booked when we wanted to go.

So bad excuses but hopefully I'll be back this Thursday. Stay tuned for DRAMA at work.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

finally: first post of 2011

So I said that one of my new year's resolutions would be blogging more often. And then what happens? I don't show my face in the first 2 weeks. Yeah I know, what's up with that?

First of all...Best wishes for 2011. Hope you all had a good NYE.

I'll give a small update now and hope to be back to normal blogging from next week (that means at least once a week).

I celebrated New Years Eve with a bunch of friends. We were supposed to have a good view over Antwerp since apparently they have good firework. But we didn't see anything, we could even hardly see the fireworks we fired ourselves, it was soooooo foggy. There should be a deal made with the weather that it can't be foggy or cloudy on NYE. But we had a good laugh.

Afterwards we played a game: the battle of sexes. So men vs women. Which was totally unfair, 7 vs 4. I think the guys should have had even more extras because they are just unable to win that game. Although when the men get a question like Women think that ....and then you get a quote, you have to say most agree or most disagree. It's a 50/50 chance. And the guys were arguing and it took 10 min per that kind of question to answer. We get the question Men think that [quote], we're like Agree, agree agree agree or disagree disagree disagree agree. Why agree, that's why...yeah but we disagree because of this. okay well more disagree than agree so disagree. done.
And you have questions were both can guess, so one guy (because there were more of them) reads the first hint, and you have to think of something that could be the answer. If both answer wrong you get a second hint. if again wrong you get a third. But we got the sports questions right.

Ow and it was so funny. One was, hint 1) Her letters were the beginning of her books. (or something like that). And I was hmm you've got this Dutch writer but I also thought about Beatrice Potter. But since I know the others don't know Beatrice Potter, I said the Dutch one. and while i said that name one of the other girls also said that name. But it was wrong. Dunno what the second hint was, and I was like Beatrice Potter, I'm sure. The others werent but couldn't think of anything else, and the guys couldnt even come up with a writer. and then the guy who was reading the card was like What the hell it's Beatrice Potter. How could you have known? And no
one else knew about her. (just for the people who don't know her either, she wrote the Peter Rabbit books, amongst others).

And there was this one quote which we girls did agree about. Men think being loyal is not as important as being honest. And while we were discussing it, it was like so what would we rather have: a guy cheating on us but being honest about it. Or a guy not cheating on us but lying ....[hmm that's not going to sound right] ....about it. *laughing erupts*

Work is doable. One of my colleagues is leaving and my senior has decided that I'm replacing her. They didn't ask me, we just got an e-mail with New work division. And it says Nic will move to Operations. [colleague who's leaving] please start training Nic as of now. And I'm like, can't you just ask? Her work always looks more interesting so I wouldn't have minded it, but still being asked to change positions would have been a common decency.

Next to that my senior annoyed the hell out me with something else too. One of my friends is doing her master in England. And I planned on visiting her in Feb for quite some time, but every time I asked when I could ask for 11 Feb off, he said We'll discuss next year's free days next year. So last Friday morning, I hear him ask another colleague When do you need to take your weeks off for the wedding (his brother-in-law is getting married)because I'd like to take 2 weeks in Feb from 7 - 18. And I was like What?! When we discussed the days we want off with our manager I asked for 11 Feb, and he didn't say anything about his two weeks off. So I got it.

Although now after checking the ticket prices I have to ask Monday off as well. Because I planned on going Fri 11 in the morning and returning Sun 13 in the evening. That was 80 euros. If I take a lowcostcarrier I'd leave Fri 11 in afternoon and return on Mon 14 in the afternoon, which would be 30 euros. Still I make more than 50 euros a day so I'd be fine taking the more expensive option. When I clicked further and further, every click added costs, online booking fee, seat fee (twice), booking fee 3,5% with minimum of 7 euros, and a payment fee of 2,75%. In the end that totals 120 euros. Oops. But the deal for the lowcostcarrier is until tonight but the prices I got were 7 each and then some extra fees, while the sale said 8 euros. So it might be out of the sale range and have the same price tomorrow. I'll double check before asking Monday off.
Mom said You have enough free days, why not take one extra. Me: I'd rather save them for the (summer)holidays. Mom: You plan to be long gone before the holidays. Which is so true.

Jobhunting-wise, I'm doing ok. After last weeks debacles I decided to look a bit more harder. Posted a letter on Monday and on Wed. Today I got 2 calls, one I had to decline, and for the other I have a first interview on Tuesday.

After this weekend I'll have my dads project finished, even if I don't get to do anything fun with Boyfriend. This project is killing me and it has to be gone.

I believe this small update wasn't so small at all.

I typed most of it during work in a draft e-mail. But when I got home my gmail isn't working properly (will only load 99,9% or something), so I can approach gmail from igoogle but there I'm unable to see my drafts, so from my phone I had to mail it to myself.

Still have to set the options so I can e-mail my posts. And maybe there's a blogspot app for my phone.