Monday, June 20, 2011

New job

Hey all,

Sorry for disappearing from the planet again. I had some posts scheduled but somehow they didn't get posted :s.

I've found a new job. Am now working at a temp agency. Instead of looking for work for myself I'm helping companies find new employees and people find jobs.

Nothing worth posting has happened.
Although I do have to write a post about my "parting gift" from the old company.

Hope everyone is doing fine? I do keep up with all your blogs (which I secretly read at my desk on my phone).

Monday, June 06, 2011

Work stories: nut case colleague

Editor's note: had this all typed in my blogger app. When I came back today to post it, layout was crap (every word that was in italic had way too many /i characters before it) and half the story was missing. So could still be parts missing.


For 3 weeks we had a new colleague. My polish coworker left after Easter and we just needed a pair of hands in case me or my senior was absent (senior and me is the whole team now). He came from a department that was being transferred to the UK. Every time you explained something to him he was Oh this is the same as in old department. But then he would do it wrong. We know that there are small differences in the two departments that's why we explained it all over again. When he finally got it, he was slow. His reason This is all new to me, you can't expect me to be fast. But at the same time he's doing like it's easy because it's the same as the old one. And he wasn't just slow, no he was slooooooooow. What he did in a whole day that's what we did in 1 maybe 2 hours. We really wanted to cry a couple of times.

I can talk a lot but at work I've got my moments. But one thing is I do talk fast. After I came back from London he was Ah it's done with the peace and quiet. While if we even say one word about our boyfriend//girlfriend we get the whole story about how his girlfriend (fiance even) treated him and had an affair blabla. And even mentioning Lithuania (girlfriend nationality) or UK (her lovers nationality) sets him on a rant of at least 1 hour. And don't mention anything football (soccer) related that's his favourite topic. So after he gave that comment I got an email from my senior Thank you're back. he doesn't shut up and he's driving me crazy.

Really if we had windows that could open, he would have been thrown out.

Normally I'm very good at keeping my word. If I say I'll do something I'll do it. I don't know what it is with blogging that I don't do what I say.

I sort of have the time. And I've got a Google reader app so I read most of the blogs as soon as they have a new post. Maybe it's just that I don't think my life is interesting anymore, which isn't true either since I'm going through major changes.

Boyfriend and I are looking for houses. Although I'm still not sure if we'll buy or rent. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Next to the normal pros and cons for buying comes the advantage that we don't have to undersell our old house because we just don't have one. The biggest disadvantage is that with the money we've got we can't buy what we want. Maybe we could but I don't want to turn over every dime 10 times before spending it. And while I could use my savings to get a lower mortgage, boyfriend doesn't have any savings.

I got a new job. It's gonna pay a little less than I get now but the job does seems so much more interesting. But if I get a call on Monday that I can get the management assistant job at another company (i had an interview there a few months ago for a different job but they liked me better for the man ass job so was kept in their files) for the pay I asked, I'm taking that one. I know I should have said that I would think about the one I accepted but I was so happy that they met me halfway in pay (they started with loads less) that I said yes. But it will probably take another week before they can say more about the other job, as per usual :(.

I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is the start of my last week at this company. Hope to come back to you on Tuesday with some workstories (in which I rule of course).