Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not Your Average Chick: Toys For Tots Blogger Fundraiser Year 4!

Not Your Average Chick: Toys For Tots Blogger Fundraiser Year 4!: ***NOTE: THIS POST WILL REMAIN AT THE TOP OF THE BLOG UNTIL I'M DONE WITH THE FUNDRAISER. Scroll down for new posts. :D **** I've had mult...

Friday, April 06, 2012

still there

My life still hasn't got more quiet. Or me having more free time.

Currently I'm spending every other Monday at a friends place because he's a Fysiotherapist and he's helping me with my legs and back.

Tuesdays is spend with the Boyfriend. As are Wednesdays after my dance class.
Thursday is a bit of relax evening but I still have the feeling I never get anything done on that evening.

The weekend is spend doing the obligated visits to the family and grandparents. I don't mind visiting them but it does take loads of your time. And I'm doing a course of Labour Law for work. Which is coming along fine. Hope to finish the chapters this long weekend and then only have to study. Got an examtraining at the end of April and the exam on May 10th. Can't wait until it's done.

Already planned some holidays. I'm off the last week of May and the first week of June. We're having an unplanned vacation. The boyfriend thinks I need to know that you don't have to plan everything. And we're going with friends to Italy the first week of July. And then we still have some days left (a few weeks even) for the rest of the year.

We're still looking for a house. Closer to buying one than before. But my parents aren't really sure about it yet. The living area is livable (if that's a word), and we just have to adjust it to our likings. But the rest of the house (it used to be a part of farm so extra space for chickens and horses) is a work in progress. And my parents think it will be too much money, and that I'll have to compromise on holidays because that money will be better spend on the house. And on the one hand that's true, but the boyfriend says that we can choose where we spend our money on and it's not that it's the house that needs to be repaired. But then again our visions on holidays are completely different. I'd like to go to USA, South Africa, Australia, China, see the world. He'd like that too but if he doesn't that's ok as well. He used to stay in the Netherlands for holidays, which is fine too but just not for me.

But with bikini season just around the corner (although Baskins and Robbins is closer :D), I want to lose a bit of weight. I've been wanting to lose weight for a few years now but never had the discipline to do it. Why starve yourself? Well....I'm not gonna starve myself but I'm going to be a bit more active in not snacking. Like when I get home from work and while I'm waiting for dinner to be ready I could be eating a cookie, or easter eggs, or m&ms. I'm trying to watch that now.

And of course only watching what you eat won't help. So I'm trying to exercise more. Got a wii after Christmas but had to disconnect it because some guys would come in to repaint the ceiling. It has been postponed, they should have painted in the beginning of Jan but still haven't been (something with one of the painter's wife). Haven't connected the wii since. So I just should connect it, it's not that it's loads of work. And I'm doing my fysiotherapy exercises every evening. And after the exam in May I'll have my weekends free to do more walking and cycling.

Hope to not be away for so long.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I'm still alive only very very very busy. Work's crazy (as always). Get paid to work 40 hours a week. But since it's too busy to take decent breaks we're working at least 45 hours a week. In my free time I have to do a course on labour law. If I pass it before my contract is due, I might get a fixed contract instead of a (half) year one.

Boyfriend and I are still looking for a place. It's getting ridiculous, we're still in the top 20. What if you move in together, get married and divorce within 10 years, how are you going to find a place? You probably won't have enough money to buy a house or private let something, but the social system is not helping either since a "simple" divorce doesn't count as urgent (you need police reports to cut the line).

Boyfriend has finally decided to look for a real job. He was working shitty hours, for a shitty pay, and shitty times. One week he'd work 20 hours but the next he'd be home for the whole week. Coming week he has to work 16 hours (if it's under 4 hours of work he'll get paid for four hours, and he has to built and take down a set on 2 days).

Apparently in the Netherlands the bride and groom can have a total of 4 best men/maids of honour. One of my best friends is getting married and he chose his brother to be his best men, that meant that she could have 3 maids of honour so she didn't have to pick. We're now trying to get the bachelorette party together. Won't make it too wild. Won't get a stripper because that's too much out of everyone's comfort zone. We thought of going to a show like the Chippendales but of course they aren't in the neighbourhood in the weeks prior to the wedding. So we're thinking of buying aprons with male torso's on it. And we'll do a cake decorating workshop and a pole dancing class. And we'll end with food. And afterwards if people still want to continue to party that's possible but won't be in the total price. We're only with a small group which makes it rather expensive if you have to pay for it all.

Not only my best friend will get married in the next few months but also one of my cousins (the first one on my dad's side). Talking about wedding stuff makes you realise a wedding is bleeping expensive. And who will you invite, who won't you invite. And if you invite B you should also invite X Y and Z, so where do you draw the line. I'd love my big fancy wedding but I only want people there who I want there not because I'm obligated to invite them. The boyfriend doesn't care about the party he only cares about the (old fashioned) idea of marriage. And that's why he one day wants to marry me. So we might just elope. Do a photo shoot in gorgeous wedding outfits and send that card, we got married, to everyone. Then I've got my beautiful dress and none of the hassle.
What's your opinion about it all?

Okay back to Labour Law.