Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Peeking around the corner

Today the Boyfriend comes back into the house, after getting the garbage can from the street, and he's like "Honey, honey, do you know what day it is?" (and he said it the way a kid comes running towards you when something big is going to happen) I simply reply "Today we're engaged for 1 month." Happily "Yes." 

Yup we got engaged exactly 1 month ago. And we've got approximately 6 months to go. Busy trying to arrange everything. The control freak in me would have liked to have been done by know - yes I know you can't arrange everything in 1 month (At least I can't). We've got the date and the time for the official ceremony but not the location. Well....we do have a location since we're not yet allowed to choose a place of our own. Currently you can only choose one of the town council appointed locations. Some say that they will clear it in April, some in July, but for now since the decision hasn't been made we can only choose out of the appointed locations. We've already got a back up, or rather our first choice, lined up for when they do clear it.

 Other things we've taken care of or almost taken care of are the photographer and the ring. Yes ring singular, my fiancĂ© (ugh you can't say it without sounding like a snob) will not be wearing a ring, nor a necklace with a ring (or without), nor a watch. He works with his hand the whole day and moves around every few hours. So he's not wanting one. I've found mine, I just have to order it. The photographer is a done deal. Quite expensive but we've spoken to more expensive options as well. And he'll start in the morning with the bride getting ready and he'll leave halfway through the party (around 12hrs). One photographer was more expensive and would only take pics for 5 hrs, hmm...no.

 I've been checking dresses online and the websites I most of the time am viewing are located in the US with US prices. OMG it's just because a ticket flying to and from the States is so expensive, but otherwise I'm buying one over there. I've seen so many gorgeous and beautiful dresses for less than $400. And when I was at a dress shop last Saturday the lady was giving us a "you only have a budget of €1000?" look. I did fit on gorgeous dresses but I'm wondering if I could just order one in the US, ship it over and have a seamstress adjust it.

 The location for dinner and party hasn't yet been decided. We've got 2 options. I like option 1 better and the Boyfriend option 2. Although for option 2 we do have to have a talk first since they dinner menu is with stuff I wouldn't even order in a restaurant and the platters at the party are expensive little snacks that would hardly have anyone's interest. So option 2 is more expensive and the hall for the party isn't decorated and it doesn't come with the venue, so more costs. Currently our thoughts are on doing the dinner at option 2 and then the party at option 1. I know this means going from one location to the next but I won't be driving anyway and as far as internet has told me, I should be lucky that he's helping.

 Ow and we've got our euhm...best man and maid of honour. Although we don't call them that nor do we have to have one each. We need a minimum of 2 people who sign our marriage agreement as well, and a maximum of four. I've got 1 brother, he's got 2 sisters and 1 brother. So we've asked those 4 to be our "witnesses".

 Well...I hope that I don't leave it by this one post and that I'm back more often. Not only with wedding updates but also with work and everything else (although arranging the wedding does take up most of the time).

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