Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wedding and other stuff

Didn't expect me to be back that fast now did you? (although it's been over 2 weeks)

THE dress has been found, it needs alterations but don't need to go in for a fitting until 2 months prior to the wedding. But mom and dad are off to the US in June so will be going in for a fitting before so mom has the dress fresh in her mind (and a piece of the fabric with her) to do some shopping. It's so much cheaper there than it's here, it's really absurd.

The ring is also in the works. The boyfriend won't be wearing a ring so only need 1. Found one I really liked but of course it had to be one of the expensive kind. Friends suggested a goldsmith in a town nearby and he's going to make it from scratch with the image I gave him, and that for half of the price. So hopefully it's a good deal. Have only heard positive things about him so I'm good.

Got the hairdresser and make up artist taken care of. And I know how I want to do my invites as well as the thank you gifts. It's all going to be handmade.

I believe work never changes for me. I can change jobs but I'm never happy or so. I like my colleagues and the customer service part of my job (although there are idiots, you won't believe). But half the time I'm like what should I do? Hmm...let's try to get past this level in candy crush. You'd think that most companies got facebook blocked, but they can't here since we also work with facebook and twitter and the like (muahahaha). And when I do have some stuff to do, I'm like I rather get past this level in candy crush. But hopefully tomorrow I'll discuss my workload with my new "boss" and I'll be working for at least 20 hours a week (I'll be present 40 hours but going from like working only a few hours a day to 4 would already be a whole improvement). It's just that this work is sucking up my motivation and enthusiasm. Half the time I'm in a blegh mood. Not good and it definitely needs to change.

Next month I'm having an evaluation with my manager and in December I asked for the possibility to work 36 hours a week for the same salary (every other Friday off), and I'm going hear now it that's a go or no go. My "boss" said that they should just give me a raise and keep me on for 40hrs, but I believe I'd rather go for the 36 hours. Maybe even change it to 4 days 9hours (not immediately but after some time). And then slowly change that to a few hours at home and less at the office, and then when I do have kids I only work 3 days (3 at the office or 2 at the office and 1 at home, or maybe when possible even more hours at home, just to get the optimal out of it, being a mom and not sticking the kids in daycare all the time)

Well...that's it for now. Don't know if anyone is still reading. If you are, hope you're doing ok and give me a shout.

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