Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ow my. I didn't notice that I hadn't blogged for so long. The day after my last post I finished my second project and handed it in a day before deadline. Last week was all exams. They were sort of frustrating.

We were supposed to get a multiple choice for one. And because it contained numbers and all, we were complaining because if you made an error in the first part of the question, this would mean that the answers afterwards would be wrong as well. But the teacher was like Yeah, well...when you are working you can't make mistakes either. No but we're at school to learn, right? So when I got my copy of the exam I wanted to know how many questions there were. I opened the last page and it was empty, except for a small sentence at the top continue 8.2. I went a page back again empty with a continue 8.2 at the top. So we only got 5 multiple choice questions and 3 open questions. Of course, every one was fuming because the questions didn't make sense and we had to make stuff up and explain why. Okay if we ever had this exercise in class or they explained it during lectures we would be fine, but they never did so how are we supposed to know what to make up?

For another exam we could bring our books, notes, anything that you thought would be helpfull, except people or your phone of course. During class we always had ncu = acu (doesn't matter what it stands for) so it didn't matter which numbers you took because they were the same and the teacher never explained with one to use. But what did he do during the exam? Right ncu wasn't acu. So we were sitting there with again a fuming class.

During the last exam on the top page was noted that this exam would count for 40% of your final grade, the marketing plan we had to write for 40% as well, and the other 20% would be for the assignments we did in class. Euhm....we never did assignments in class, we only discussed in groups what we would put into our marketing plan on the topic of that week, and that was it. This time the class wasn't fuming, we were all laughing. And then we had stupid multiple choice questions. There was a question about which statement below is not true. I wasn't completely sure about A (like 65% or so), I never heard of B so I was like okay that's probably the answer. C was absolutely correct. And D said All of the above are true. since I (and the rest of the class) stated that C was def correct, there wasn't one answer to that question. Because if you chose A or B (I sort of already skipped A but okay) than D was also 'correct'. So we made the teacher in front of the class make a note of the question and we continued. We are allowed to leave not before half an hour (because of train delays and stuff you can come in during the first 30 min). So when the majority wanted to get up, we had to sit back down. Well....only 40 questions and all so easy, you don't need 2 hours to complete it.

So now I am enjoying my 3 week!!!! holiday. I'm doing a lot of catching up on my reading (not for school), movies, and of course sleeping.

I had a date with Tiny somewhere last week. And he didn't even walk me to my car, wait he didn't even walk me to the front door! (he has a room in a friend's house and it's above a store, so the front door is downstairs) So when I got a text message a few hours later saying that I hadn't let him know if I got home safe. I texted back You don't even know if I made it to my car. And then I heard nothing. So when I was out partying with friends Fridaynight he came looking for me and he told me that his phone didn't work anymore. Well....what about IM, e-mail? There are so many ways to contact someone. So I wasn't having it. When he left he wanted to kiss me but I was like no way. So I turned away, him kissing my cheek. My friends already don't like him so now he really made an ass of himself. When he got home he texted me via internet. Asking if I would like something to eat. And I told him that if I would I wouldn't get home. He would walk me home was his reply. He can't walk me to his front door but he can walk me home (at least a 30 min walk)? That's what I replied with and he keeps texting back that we have to meet and stuff but I can't do it anymore. Everytime I give him a chance we're fine and then he screws up again and apologises. So apparantly he wants to be with me otherwise he wouldn't keep apologising but maybe I shouldn't be a softie and keep on giving him chances. So I erased his number and now he can apologise all he wants but he's not getting another chance.

Next week I'll update about Carnaval. Carnaval is a "celebration" (lots of crazy music, crazy clothes and a lot of alcohol) before Lent (about 40 days before Easter). I haven't celebrated it for a long time but this year I'm going to join. Oj I'm already getting a headache thinking about the idiotic music I'll have to listen to.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kissing backs

Note: second post of today.

What is it with guys and kissing my back?

Saturday I went to visit a friend who was going to help me with my marketing project. He is a very good friend of mine but when I'm with him, always something uncomfortable happens. (He told me a while back that he was in love with me for almost 5 years. But he accepts that I don't feel the same way and that us will never happen.) After finishing the largest part of the marketing plan he decided that I needed a backrub. When he was giving me the backrub all of a sudden I feel his lips on my back, right between the shoulder blades, what the bleep? So I told him that he couldn't do that because it made me feel uncomfortable. He stopped and not long after I went home.

Sunday evening I had a date with Tiny. He lives in an apartment with a friend of mine but has an own door to his room. We stayed in and watched a movie American History X because it was klunen in my town (the pubs/bars who join have changed their name into a surrounding town/village and you have to collect stamps and buttons by buying a drink at every pub/bar, it is a lot of fun when you have time and feel like getting drunk). In the beginning I was sitting on the bed and he was sitting on the only chair in his room. When you get that part where the Edward Norton character kicks someones skull on the edge of the curb, Tiny joined me on the bed since he wanted to make me watch that part (you don't actually see it happening but I still can't watch that part). After that he was ligging on the bed behind me with an around me. Then he started to kiss my back every now and then. Again what the bleep? But he didn't make me feel uncomfortable, it just made me wonder what is up with kissing my back? When I left we shared a small goodnight kiss but that was all. Now he can't stop texting me when he's not at work.

After these two guys kissing my back I wanted to know why my back is so kissable. But I can't figure it out. Who has any idea?

Very deep sigh

Finally, one project is done. And I am so done. I don't want to see this project ever again. If it gets an insufficient mark, I want a complete new assignment.

I was supposed to be finished this afternoon. Then I would send the whole project to the next girl for a double grammarcheck. Of course I had to gather all the stuff from everyone and do the first grammarcheck. The girl would send it to another projectmember in the evening and she would write the executive summary, do the cover, title page and source list.

Why on Earth did I think it would go the way we wanted it to go? The girl who was doing the second grammarcheck was not going to be there in the evening. So I spoke with the ex. sum. girl on IM that I would send her the project and she would write the executive summary and do the second grammarcheck. Then she would send it back to me so I could check her last work. The girl who was supposed to do the 2nd grammarcheck then called me because I hadn't send her the project yet. She still wanted to do a grammarcheck so I told her that I would send the project after I'd checked the executive summary. That was fine by her.
Then I got the project back with a very tiny executive summary with a note that she didn't have more time because she had a sorority meeting and that if I didn't understand I could send it back and she would give it another try tomorrow. She also hadn't done the other things she was supposed to do. So I got pissed the 2nd grammarcheck girl got even more pissed (she gets pissed quite easy) since we wanted to hand it in tomorrow.

So how did I spend my evening? Working on my individual project as I planned? Nope of course not. I had to make a cover, title page, index, source list and of course an executive summary since even the small piece she wrote was useless.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Since everyone is starting to put a picture of themselves on their blog I thought that I could do the same. But I can't find a decent one, most of the times it's me who is taking the pics.

But I want to share a pic of Harvey, the dog that we picked up this morning. He's only 13 weeks old and though I'm no fan of small dogs, I must say that he's very cute.

I'll post a pic of me when I found a suitable one.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Busy ... What else?

School has started again. And I already don't have time for anything else, I even start to dream about my projects and they supply me with good ideas but of course I can't remember any of them when I wake up :S.

My project group is really starting to get on my nerves. I've tried to do my parts in the Christmas break but I didn't really understand the second part I had to do and I couldn't reach the girl who I had to do that part with. She didn't even do her first part, sigh.
Since I still feel the newbie I do not really participate in the discussion. Of course I can explain stuff when someone doesn't understand but really how to handle the project that's not one of my ideas. The group consists of 5 people incl. me, and that's a lot, because even though if we were a group of 3 we individually would have done more but the discussion and dividing would be done some much faster. One group is finished and we still sort of have to start. They changed the structure of the project yesterday and again today. And in the meantime we divided things again so I have been working on it for a few hours (you had to write at least two pages and I had to expand my conclusion of the individual research reports, which according to the others must be 2 pages easy, well they haven't read the stuff they didn't write so they can't possible know if it's easy or not since they don't know that what they wrote is sort of useless). And now I am working on it again. Tomorrow we are "going to make a clear structure so we can divide the parts more easy", euhm.....doesn't that mean that what we are doing now is useless? If it's not a part of the new structure is was useless, and if person A gets part A and consists of something person B already wrote in the last couple of days, aren't we doing double work? Yes, I'm frustrated!

Then you have teachers who don't show up, again. After waiting for 3 hours for the next class, we should up and some dutsy girl from the reception also shows up. "Are you waiting for the lesson of teacher blabla?" "Yes, we are." "Well...he's out for the afternoon so he won't be able to give you this lesson." ARGH!!!! I could have been home 3 hours earlier and could have done something usefull or at least relax at home. Now me and some friends were trying to do some assignments for that class but of course that didn't happen.

An update on the boy department: tiny keeps texting. First few where asking about my new year's eve and how I was doing. Then he apologises and then some more apologies, so that's a good sign. I texted him back that I accept the apologies but that he has to try harder. But I'm going to let him sweat a little, he's not getting of that easily.

I think Texting guy sort of got the message. I don't get a dozen texts a day, 2 at the most.
The ex bf isn't celebrating his birthday this weekend (I don't yet know when) and I've reconsidered, he's not going to get his forth time is a charm.

Just ask if you want to know stuff about me or the blog. At the moment the only thing I can think of is the project (ugh) so I have no idea what to blog about, but I will be able to answer questions.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


I goted taggeded by KBear!!!!Here's how it works:Link to the person that tagged you, post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.Seven random/weird facts about me...

1) People always think I have no off button. But give me a good book and I'm "not there" until I have finished it.

2) I can't lie, well...of course I can but I'm such a terrible liar that others immediately know I'm lying so why try.

3) I have to be on the bed upside down when I want to put my hair in a tail. I have a lot of hair and it's straighter than straight and heavy. And it doesn't want to go into a ponytail when I'm standing.

4) I'm addicted to numbers. If I have homework I'll promise myself to do it immediately but I'll end up not doing it until the last moment (yup Im a student, lol) except if the homework contains numbers (economics, accounting, math), I have that done before the day's over.

5) I've been trying to quit nailbiting for over 15 years. And I can stop for a few months but when the first nail goes down, the others are gone in the next few days. But my new years resolution is that I have nails on December 31 2008.

6) My favorite holiday is visiting Disney World in Orlando. And I can't get enough of It's a small world (and the tower of terror). And because we then also visit our family who live in the north of Florida.

So 1 more.

7) I like working more than studying but you need diplomas to get somewhere. Well...I do if I want a job that is challenging.

Okay, so now I have to tag 7 people. I know I read a lot of blogs but I do not know a lot of bloggers. So I only tag EJ.