Sunday, March 30, 2008

Help wanted!

So I finally finished the survey for this project I'm working on. And now I need people to fill it in. Would you please help me?

The project is about the image of London and its communication strategies. And I have to find out if most people have the same opinion. It doesn't matter if you haven't been there. One of my research questions is Is the same image of London shared by visitors and non-visitors of London? The survey consists of 10 closed questions, a remark section and then some personal info (no names or addresses). I know I could make it on a website and give you the link but a lot of classmates didn't get good results from those sites. So if you would help me and fill out this survey then just comment the answers.

N.B. this study is fictive and will not be used for other purposes. But please don't randomly fill it in.

Here it goes:
Ow btw if you have the option other, please fill it in.
  1. How often have you been to London?
    a) I have not been to London (yet)
    b) 1
    c) 2
    d) 3
    e) 4 or more
  2. What is the reason or might be the reason for visiting London?
    a) Business trip
    b) Culture trip
    c) Shopping trip
    d) Visiting friends or relatives
    e) Other ......
  3. What tourist attractions did or would you visit? (multiple answers possible)
    a) Big Ben
    b) London Eye
    c) Tower Bridge
    d) Buckingham palace with her changing guards
    e) Westminster Abbey
    f) Madame Tussauds
    g) Tate modern (museum modern art)
    h) Other …..
  4. According to you what is most typical London? (only one answer possible)
    a) The underground
    b) The red double-decker busses and the red phone boots
    c) The Big Ben
    d) London Eye
    e) Buckingham palace and its changing guards
    f) Other ……
  5. Do you see London as an old/old fashioned or modern/new city?
    a) Very old
    b) Old
    c) Between old and modern
    d) Modern
    e) Very modern
  6. To what city can you compare London?
    a) A real English country city
    b) An international city like Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin
    c) It cannot be compared to any other city. London is unique.
    d) Other…..
  7. Did your visit to London change the image you had?
    a) Yes, it changed in a positive way
    b) Yes, it changed in a negative way
    c) No, I still have the same image
    d) Not applicable (I have not been to London)
  8. How have you formed your image of London? Only one answer possible. Choose the most
    used source.
    a) Informative books
    b) Reading books (for leisure)
    c) Movies
    d) Television shows
    e) Informative program/documentary
    f) Internet
  9. When visiting London, how did you know what to do?
    a) Brochures in the hotel/hostel you were staying
    b) Tourist information in London
    c) Posters in London
    d) Prior to my visit I did some research (books/internet)
    e) Other…..
    f) Not applicable (I have not been to London)
  10. When visiting London, how did you know how to get to the places you wanted to visit?
    a) Tourist information in London
    b) Receptionist at the hotel/hostel you were staying
    c) I had a map
    d) Pointers in the street
    e)I asked when entering the bus
    f) The cab got me everywhere I wanted to go
    g) Other.....
    h)Not applicable (I have not been to London)
  11. Do you have any last remarks?

Age: ..........
Sex: male/female
occupation: .............
status: single/living together/married/widowed

Thank you for your time and help. I really really appreciate it.

Tomorrow I leave for Brazil so you sort of have two weeks to complete the survey. The deadline is a week after I return from Brazil so then I can start analysing your and my friends answers (I need 30 surveys :S).

Saturday, March 29, 2008

annoying projects

So just a few more days and I'm off to Brazil for 2 full weeks, woohoo. Change this sad weather for the Brazilian sun (hopefully since the forecasts say that the first week will contain rain :S). But I'm still not really in the mood for Brazil, hopefully I will be tomorrow when I start packing.

Last week was a terrible week. Since I had done nothing previous weekend, I thought I had a lot to do. I had 4 deadlines on Friday. Two individual, one already finished and the other had be about the presentation I had to give on Tuesday. And two with a group. We thought we had one finished but when we met with the teacher on Tuesday he said that a lot more should be included. We didn't know what since we handled everything that was on the paper that needed to be handled. I don't know why he hadn't told us this before since he had to have the same conversation with every project group. So we wrote down what he told us and we did it, no big deal (hopefully we did it right). The other project was with a group of 4 people, a twin, their best friend and me. I got an e-mail on Monday evening, saying that they almost finished the project during Easter, since we wouldn't be able to finish it otherwise. Well...according to them. The next day we meet. They thought we would meet at 10. But I had class till 11 and I told em before and e-mailed it when they e-mailed me but somehow it didn't get through. They were pissed with me since I hadn't done anything. And I was pissed with them because they just excluded me. But they were saying things like This can't be done in one afternoon. And I told them that I still wanted to do things. So they just told me that I finish the project. Okay fine by me. Then at least I didn't have to waste my time with them. But they are soooooo blond, nothing against blondes, but they are just stupid like those blond jokes. I read the part that they had already written. Full of grammar/grammatical errors, but I can deal with that. The part that fed me up was that the part I wrote before was changed for the worse. It was about numbers and I had some numbers between brackets just to inform the reader. The girls took them out of the brackets and places them in a sentence but wrong. So you had a sentence telling that the anticipated revenue would be $550000 and the next sentence was 6% of the anticipated revenue is for marketing ($33000), they changed it to: the anticipated revenue would be $550000. 6% of the anticipated revenue of $33000 is for marketing. Euhm.......WTbleep!!! Furthermore they wanted to use music in advertisements in magazines. The Pacific Northwest of the USA is in Mississippi. Argentina is in the USA. And if they had something right, it was in the wrong place. So I sort of wrote the whole project in a few hours. And you couldn't do it in one afternoon?? But it is finished now and I don't have to work with those girls again (hopefully).

I'm still working on the London project. Well the second one actually, got the first one on qualitative research finished (well....almost but can't continue until I get a response from the teacher). I'm working on the survey and I'll publish it tomorrow. And I hope you will all help me and fill it out.

Monday, March 24, 2008

white easter?!?

I thought that in my long long weekend (5 days, from Thursday) I could do a lot of stuff for school. Think again.

I wanted to pick up my dad from the airport on Friday but my free traincard wasn't working (I read in the newspaper on Saturday that they changed it so that students could travel for free), so I rescheduled my planning from Thursday for Thursday and Friday. But I didn't even got that far. Thursday afternoon my throat was hurting, in the evening I had lost my voice, and at night I didn't sleep. Friday was so terrible, I had a cramp in my back so I moved forwards but then I got cramps in my stomach so I moved back, well .... everything was hurting so after 10 minutes out of bed I went back to bed. I was in bed on Saturday as well. And I couldn't do anything yesterday. The visit to grandma was a complete adventure that wore me out. I have been out and about today but doing things isn't something I can do.

But you don't feel like doing anything when you look outside. We had a "green" and "sunny" Christmas but we have a white Easter. Something's messed :S.

I have class the first thing in the morning, and I have to do a presentation. Haven't started yet (was on the planning for Friday), so that's going to be fun *gulp*.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holiday planning part deux


Yes, finally! Whoohoo!

I planned on telling the second part last week but I just couldn't find a free time slot. Well...I had a lot of time but it was all wasted. My project group wanted to meet so I was there but we didn't do anything, sigh, very annoying.

So we were with only 8 people left. But 2 of them couldn't be there when we were going to meet. One of them was okay with everything as long as it wasn't that expensive and the other well .... he didn't respond at all. We decided on something for 8 people. But then the 2 who weren't there told us it was too expensive for them and that we were free to go without them. But then the price got too expensive for us as well, so...another meeting was planned. And of course everything went wrong. We applied for the vacation and the price we received was way higher than on the website so an e-mail discussion is what happened next. Then the offer disappeared and another offer appeared. It was way strange. And as long as they didn't have to do anything and it didn't become too expensive, the others were fine (yup I was the ***, I had to take care of everything since I do a touristic education). So I could email them stuff asking them things but they replied with Yeah ok, whatever. (What an enthousiasm :S). So finally I ended up with the same accommodation we first looked at but way cheaper. And after furious discussion with the agency I got my way. An appartment for 6 people with a cancellation assurance in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach!

And the countdown for Brazil has begun. 12 days!!!

But first a lot of deadlines. I have to do a survey about London (UK), hope you are all willing to help when I'm finally able to finish and publish it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sort of tagged

I sort of got tagged by KBear

Here are the rules...1. Pick up the nearest book, of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Since I was taking a break from studying the nearest book is Managing Human Resource by Luis R. Gómez-Meija, David B. Balkin and Robert L. Cardy:

At a time when federal agencies have a backlog of untranslated documents and data from the war against terror, the NYPD has developed a foreign-language program through which undercover officers get intelligence on potential terror plots, as well as translate news events and documents from countries thousand miles away. The Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, recognizing the NYPD's expertise, has borrowed 17 officers fluent in Arabic to help with translation and interpretation.
The NYPD decided to "put diversity to work" by scouring the files of the department's nearly 50.000 employees, approaching those who had indicated that they had language skills and asking whether they would voluntarily be tested by Berlitz International Inc., the language instruction and translation company.

Pfieuw. And this were only 3 sentences. Luckily we only have to do use a small part of the book.

Who's next?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here we go again

I was used to showing my identification whenever I wanted to into a club or something like it. But they didn't ask for my ID the last couple of months. So I was getting used to just walk past the security at the door.

When I went to pick up my dad and a friend of his at the club/pub me and my friends usually go to (you can eat there and have drinks and round 12 the tables and chairs disappear), I was stopped at the door with "Hey younglady, do you have an id with you?" Luckily I brought it with me, I had left everything else in the car (secret spot). And they were comparing me to the pic on my drivers license and all. Sigh.

When they do this I always feel like screaming "Why me? Why not them? They are not even 21 . (the age you have to be to enter that pub) But of course I don't since I don't want friends not to enter.

Earlier that week, we were having a discussion about something in our spanish class (before class started). The girl next to me then says to a boy, who has been trying to seduce me from the moment we met but I don't reply since I think he's too young, "How old are you anyway? 18?" Of course the guy's insulted and says "No I'm 19 since December". I mumble to the girl next to me "I'm a couple of days AND years older". Of course I wasn't whispering soft enough and he heard me. "Ow yeah your birthday is also in December. But you aren't that much older." "Uhm...yeah I am. I'm already 22 for 3 months". "Ow, you don't look your age." Very big sigh.

Friday, March 07, 2008

planning a holiday part 1

I thought I would write the story about planning a holiday with friends in one go but it's starting to become a neverending story.

Last year I went on holiday to Turkey with 12 friends (or actually 12 others since some aren't really friends). I was supposed to go with a small group or just me and my best friend. Her boyfriend didn't have the money or he wanted to go with some other friends, but he wasn't sure yet. When I had him on the phone last April about something else, he asked me if I was also coming. I was 'coming to what?'. It was the holiday discussion at his place with the 13 of us. 13!!! Where did those people come from? He wasn't supposed to go with and all of a sudden a lot of others were joining as well, including a girl we didn't want to go with (let's call her AG, awful girl).

In December two of last years holiday ensemble sent an e-mail asking who wanted to join them and their boyfriends to Cuba. Well...nice and all but it would be too expensive (he I have to pay for Brazil as well and that's a schoolthing) and I don't find Cuba all that interesting. And that's how most people thought. So they are going with the four of them.

In the beginning of this year I send an e-mail to the rest of the group, except the one girl, to ask who wanted to go together and when. (note: in the Netherlands you have to let your boss know your weeks of summerbreak at the end of Feb) Nothing happened for a few weeks (of course I talked to some of them since they are real friends). Except for one guy who couldn't make it last year but one of the guys forwarded my mail. So we were planning on meeting with a small group (6/8 people). Then one of the others e-mails with reply all and included AG. Then the mails were going back and forth and I forgot to put the other guy in so I forwarded the mail afterwards. To make it easier for me, he copied and pasted the names and sent an e-mail to the whole group. Then only real bitch of last years ensemble replied to him "Who the **** do you think you are? Inviting yourself to go with us."And some more cursing. So to be the greater person he sent a mail to everyone asking if he could come along. Not a nasty thing was said then. Miss Bitch stayed quiet. I already heard that a sister of one of the girls was invited so I replied that I was fine with him coming along and that sister joining was also okay.
Then mails were going back and forth again but we still weren't fine with AG coming along. And we still don't understand why the person, who included her, included her because he and his girlfriend (miss Bitch) sort of hate her (if you say her name in their presence it's like Who told you it was okay to curse/swear?). Behind the others back we sort of started discussing with the small group again, because we didn't feel like going with them on holiday after they invited AG and were mean to the one guy. And they wanted to go to a place we didn't want to go to because some of us have already been there and we wanted a bit more luxurious holiday.

Now are the people, who aren't going with us, disappointed that we wanted to go without them. Well, they wouldn't join anyway since our holiday is going to be more expensive than what they want to spend on their summerbreak.

I'll tell part deux the next time. Hoping that we have made a final decision by then. *sigh*

BTW AG contacted all of us individually asking if we know more on our holiday and everyone told her no we still don't know anything or You get the same e-mails I get, so I know the same as you do. And that's including miss Bitch and boyfriend. AG always calls us anonymous, so I don't answer unknown callers anymore.