Thursday, November 27, 2008

Internship rant

I know it's Thanksgiving in the States, but it's not overhere. So I don't have to be thankful for everything and I can complain. And I need to complain about my school's placement office and my quest for a placement (internship).

Last schoolyear we had a seminar in April about our placement this schoolyear (from Feb-June). Since it got me exited, I checked out the companies my school has been in contact with, since there were no vacancies yet. And I found a nice cruiseline in Australia and 2 hotels in USA. The cruiseline would publish a vacancy probably around June so I had to wait. And I had to wait to contact the hotels as well.

What I really wanted was to go and work for Walt Disney World (I'm a sucker for Disney). But the placement office said that I couldn't apply for Disney because they would only have front office jobs for me and I needed to do my placement in a back office position. But maybe the international office could help me. The international office sends me to a different education (I do tourism and he referred me to leisure). I e-mail the person of Leisure Management, he forwards me to a co-worker. Who doesn't e-mail me back. So I walk across town (half hour walk from my schoolbuilding to his) to see this guy in person. He walks me to a different person. (Did you already lose count?) She tells me that I would have to transfer to do the Disney track, because only Leisure students can do this. But I don't want to do Leisure, I only need a name. Well...they can't give me a name because that wouldn't be fair to other people (euhm...then give that name to the people who ask for it, probably not a lot of people), but she would discuss it with a disney person she had a meeting with next week, but I needed to send her a reminder. I sent her an e-mail the day before the meeting, and she said she would ask. But since she was reluctant when I spoke to her I didn't get my hopes up that she would actually ask the disney person). So after the meeting it took her a week (and 3 e-mails from me) to tell her that it was impossible for me to do my placement at Disney. Thanks for the help,not!

So June came and still no vacancy for Australia. I went to the placement office and they said if it's not there yet, we will probably receive one during the holiday. Since that cruiseline would be my first choice I couldn't contact the hotels just yet.

The summerholiday came and passed, and still no vacancy. So when school started I went to see the ladies of the placement office again. Well..maybe it will be there at the end of september.
At the end of September I was tired of waiting and told them since the vacancy still wasn't there, I would like to have the contacts for the hotels. I got an e-mail with the contacts of the hotels and another e-mail saying that I could contact the cruiseline as well. Couldn't they have told me that sooner? I'd already been waiting since May!

I e-mailed the hotels and the cruiseline. After a week or so I get a response from the hotels. One said that they had a vacancy right now but not in February. And the other said that the period was too short. In my application letter I had told them that it had to be at least from Feb until June, but that I could stay until August if that was necessary.
I hadn't heard from Australia (I still haven't).

Meanwhile there were a lot of vacancies on the school's website but all with Touroperators. And that's not the sort of company I would like to work for. I made an appointment with a lady of the placement office to see if she could help me (I was being too hopeful). She told me that she would contact the cruiseline, a resort in Fort Lauderdale and something in Canada. And that I could really look at the vacancies and find something. So I found EF Switzerland, not very interesting but hey a girl's gotta have something. I wrote my application letter and send it to the placement office. They told me that they had heard from Australia that they are interested in an intern. I was like Why didn't they contact me since I had applied for the internship. School hadn't heard from Canada or Fort Lauderdale (sorry if I write it wrong).

I was debating on which one to choose, Switzerland or Australia. In the end I decided on Switzerland, just because I know that it's closer to home and that friends will visit me and stuff. So I handed in my application on Oct 20. School sents it to Switzerland on Oct 27 (don't know why it took a week) and tells me that I am one of the two candidates. After a week and a half I hadn't heard anything yet. So I went back to the placement office and they said that it can take at least two weeks. So I waited (again) and after three weeks I still hadn't heard anything, and the placement office hadn't either. I just mentioned it was between me and someone else right? And they tell me no we've send 3 candidates (where did that 3 person come from?)
In the fourth week I was looking at the vacancies again and I saw an interesting one (finally!), a Congress and Event company. But what happened, the deadline was the day before. Since I know that the placement office takes a week before they send the applications, I asked them if I could still hand mine in (just in case I attached my letter). No response. I e-mailed it to another placement office worker, no response. On Monday, I get a repsonse: I just heard that Switzerland choose someone else and I'm going to introduce you to the Congress company. I was happy since I liked it more to work at the congress company than at the company in Switzerland.

The same day I get a response about the Congress company. They have already filled their internships. Euhm...sorry aren't you supposed to know that?

That night me and my dad look at the left over vacancies, none are interesting. And I can't apply for a lot of them since I don't speak some languages fluently. I can speak Dutch and English fluent, and I can speak Spanish, French and German at tourist level (maybe a bit more French and Spanish). So I've printed out 5 vacancies that are suitable for me within Europe (I'm not going to the middle of nowhere in South America, a student was killed on his way back from his internship in Guatemala). One in Scotland, two in Rome (same company, same daily tasks, just different department) and two in London.
The next deadline is going to be Dec 12, and since I was sick and tired of not having arrangement my placement yet (been doing this for 6 months) I was going to make a top 3 (you can hand in 3 applications at a time but they still don't introduce you at the second company before they have heard from the first). Since Rome would basically the same application I went to the placement office to ask if I could just hand in one application and that the company could place me where ever they want. The placement office lady tells me that there are now 3 positions at the company in Rome, all the same but different departments. And that I can hand in one letter. But if I wanted to go to Scotland (that would be my no.1) she could discuss with her co-workers if they could still introduce me since I was having bad luck and Scotland wasn't that popular (wow finally a little help from their side). And they would if I handed in my application letter that same day. So now I am waiting to be hearing something from Scotland.

Another thing you guys need to now. The placement office is open from 12.00 till 16.00 on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday. They are there on Wednesday but they have appointments and meetings. And on Friday the ladies that are from my department have the day off (grrr..those parttime workers). So that also caused a lot of irritation, since I had only classed on Wednesday and Friday. And if I had class on a different day it was in the morning and I had to wait hours before they opened or I had classes from 11.00 until 16.00.

This turned out to be a long post. Sorry that I bored you with my rant on my placement office. But I was up to my chin of frustrations.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

It's time for another round of Wednesday Weirdness (the ranting will have to wait)

1. What are you thankful for this year?
Im thankful that everyone around me is still in great health. That I'm still going to school. That I have a way more fortunate life than a lot of people. And I'm thankful for so many things more.

2. Since some of our participants are not in the US, what do you think about Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is the same as Christmas. The whole family gathers, you eat too much, most of the time you eat turkey. But at christmas there are presents.

3. What is your favorite part of the holiday/ your least favorite.
I'm a non-US. But I would hate to do the dishes.

4. Mashed Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?
Baked potatoes?

5. Do you own eating pants? Describe.

6. What is your favorite thing to do with the Thanksgiving leftovers?
I wouldn't know. But for christmas people keep eating until everything is gone.
I would bring it to a homeless shelter if there would be one near.

7. Who are you most looking forward to seeing? Least?
I see my family too often as it is.

8. Do you go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving?
Not applicable.

Monday, November 24, 2008


In the Netherlands we have a lot of roundabouts. For instance, if you go to the highway from my house, you come across 6 roundabouts. And those aren't the only roundabouts in my town.

The local authorities like to place "nice" things in the middle of the roundabout. We have a few covered with flowers (very lovely in Spring), and some with art.

In one city in the Netherlands the local authorities decided to put a house in the middle of the roundabout, that makes one turn during the day (just like the earth revolves around the sun).

The house has been the topic of a lot of conversations since. It started with the millions the thing cost to build. And it was built by amateurs. Then it stopped turning but because it moves so slow, people only started the notice after a few days. Then men were running around to get it to turn again.
Although the house isn't that big, it's in your view of the roundabout. And it draws attention so people don't notice the other people on the road that much.
No one is living in the house and the house isn't decorated. in the newspaper, there's a new thing. Someone drove onto the roundabout and into the house. Why? Because she didn't like the thing? I don't know.

All I know that they've paid waaaay too much money on that thing, that could have been invested in so many more useful things. Leave the roundabout empty, that's more useful.

Yup, I'm in complaining mode. And tomorrow I will rant about my internship or the lack thereof.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Everytime I start a computer, it doesn't matter if I'm at a schoolcomputer or my own, I go to my blog and check if there are updates on the blogs that I read. I always do this, even though I was planning on spending the little time I had on school.

Even now I am at blogger when I am supposed to be doing research about the history of planes (I got a course called aviation management), and find out my personal highlight. Well...since I don't know anything about airplanes just yet, I'm going to take the most obvious: the invention of airplanes. Two wrongs may make a right but two wrights make an airplane.

Do you know what kind of airplanes you have flown with? I can name the airline companies but I can't name the aircraft. I've heard about Boeing, Airbus and stuff but I can't define just by looking at the plane what it is. The other day a classmate, who wants to major in aviation, asked me what kind of plane I'm taking for ass 2, she was still deciding between Airbus 380 and a 777 (I think that's boeing). For me that was still Chinese.

Hopefully I will know more after today. That is if I get time to dive into the stuff since it's my dads birthday and even though the party is next week (together with mine, we don't want family over the floor every weekend) people are still dropping by. Sigh ... I hear that the cooker is finished.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dumb company

You have to watch this:

tele2 commercial

It's a commercial from a telephone company.

So you only have sheep working at your company? Not a good move. I don't know about where you live, but here (the Netherlands) if you are called a sheep it's not a very good thing; you're dumb (to say the least).

What do you think about this commercial?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

I'm sorry to repeat myself but

Check out Wednesday Weirdness

1.) Have you ever taken your clothes off for money?

2.) Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Both. I like to get up at a reasonable time so you have the whole day to spend. But I do like to party every now and again.

3.) Do you take any kind of medication daily or regularly? If so, what?
Some ibroprufen for my headaches. Which sometimes can be a few times a day for a week or once a month.

4.) Do you ever have naughty thoughts about any of your friends significant others?

5.) What are your favorite comfort foods?
Chocolate. Chips. Chocolate chips ;).

6.) Would you rather direct a porn or star in one?

7.) Have you ever seen a "donkey show"? Would you ever be interested in seeing one?
I have no idea what a donkey show is.

8.) On a scale of 1 to 10, how gullible of a person would you say you are?
7. I'm very gullible. Once an ex-boyfriend (still a very close friend) was talking with one of the friends about his dog. And I'm like "what dog". Exbf says "Mine dog". "You have no dog." "He's afraid of people, he's in the garage everytime someone visits." "I don't believe you. You don't have a dog." Then he calls out to the mother of the friend he was talking to "[name], do I have a dog?" And she replies with "Yes, bobby." I was stunned. I'd been there so many times. And still went there regularly but I'd never seen the dog. And everyone tuned in that the ex bf had a dog. So guess what? I believed it. And so did a few others. When it was his birthday (4 months later), we still believed he had a dog. And went to the garage to check. Of course the dog wasn't there. The exbf told him the dog was with his brother in the attic, and the brother was sleeping so we couldn't go up. Another month later I started dating the guy again. And when I stayed over, just before I fell asleep he told me "bobby doesn't exist, he was mine dog was I was little, goodnight." ARGH!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

Check out Wednesday Weirdness.

1.) When was your last visit to an emergency room? What happened?
19 June 2006. I was with a friend at a sort of barn-party. And then one of those big guys jumped on my foot while dancing. My foot was trice the size. I thought it would be okay (it was 3 am) but the next morning (or well later that day), my brother took me to the emergency room just to make sure it wasn't broken.
I still can't wiggle my toes on that foot.

2.) Who do you look more like: Mom, dad or another relative?
Mom. Sisters and brothers of my grams think I'm my mom.

3.) What sounds annoy you?
The sound of the speaker on the train station. Everytime I hear that thing my train is delayed, grr.

4.) What are three movies could you(or have you) watch(ed) over and over and still love?
Cinderella. I've watched it so many times as a kid in Dutch. Yesterday I watched it in Spanish, trying to improve my Spanish, but afterwards I was singing the songs in Dutch. But I've seen the movie a dozen times in English as well.
Other Disney (animated) movies
Back to the future.

5.) Do you ever wish you were someone else?
Yes, but not really someone else, just a better version of me. Or superwoman, so I could fly ;).

6.) What do you think of when you think of Paris?
Eifeltower, van Gogh (Eventhough the guy's Dutch), louvre, Da Vinci Code, Arc d'Triomphe, my paris weekend in June, and so much more.

7.) What'​ s the last sport​ing event​ you watch​ed?​
Oj I think it was soccer. Last weekend I was watching a soccer movie with Robert Duvall and Michael Keaton if that counts.

8.) What do you think about sexual Role Playing?
Wait till I've tried it out. Then I will have an opinion.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Project results

YEAH!!! We kicked ass!

Got the results back. Got a 9,5 (out of 10) on the product plan and a 7 for the presentation (I just hate being in front of the class), so that makes a final grade of a 9 :D :D :D.
The grade for the product plan was the highest in class. So I guess we kicked ass :D.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ridiculous exam

No Wednesday Weirdness today, at least not for me. Didn't feel like playing. But I wanted to tell you about my idiotic exams so still a post on Wednesday.

I had to make a product plan. Remember the question about a "de-stress" holiday? Well...that product plan. Yesterday we had the presentations and they count for 25%. But the teacher was very optimistic about our plan and the presentation didn't go that bad (I like to talk, but not be the centre. So I can talk from my seat in class but I had being in front of the class). We'll get the results tomorrow.

Last Friday I had a topography exam of Europe and the countries adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. But not like London is the capital of England. No, we had to know about beach holidays, mountain destinations and city trips. Furthermore we had to know the capitals of the European countries, the size of surface and the population, which countries the country is adjacent to, the languages they speak and the currency.
But since this was an extra exam. You had to sign up for it. And you didn't have classes for this course and I only wanted to go just in case I fail my spanish. So I almost didn't study. I read the first chapter we had to read, the headings of the other chapters, and for the fun of it I checked the capitals of the countries.
I passed, big time. And all the studying I did was too much. I could have passed this exam on common sense.
One of the questions was What is the capital of Portugal? hahaha I have multiple choice? Are you kidding me? (For me this was on the same level as what is 1 plus 1) And then the next question was In which Italian riviera does the Dutch Royal family spend their summer holiday? How am I supposed to know this? It was the Toscan Riviera.
Where is the Nobelprize handed out (for lack of a better word)? I knew where it was because someone I know visited it around the same time. But before I only knew it was in Scandinavia. So what would it be? Paris? Zagreb? Amsterdam? Or Stockholm? Hmmm France, Croatia, the Netherlands. So I guess it must be Stockholm since that's the only capital of a Scandinavian country.
And the rest was just on things I've heard of seen. Did you know that I got the Where is the Guggenheim question by watching Dawson's Creek? Just ridiculous.

A final word needs to be said on the US presidental elections. Yeah Obama! McCain would just have gone on and on and on like Bush. And now my uncle stays in the States. Not that I don't like him but he's just tiresome. And if McCain had won, he would have moved back to the Netherlands (he was 6 or something when he moved to the States with my grandparents).

Happy Wednesday!