Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mode: travel

So...this will (probably) be my last post for at least a week.

I'll be flying home (Edinburgh) tonight, leaving my computer behind at home (the Netherlands). And I'll be back home (the Netherlands) probably on 5 August.

My farewell party at home (Edinburgh) is on Monday 3 August. Although my farewell at work will be this Friday! :D.

Finally the torture will be over. Although it's gonna be torture leaving.

I'll be checking (and maybe even leaving comments) on your blogs while at work, or if I have the chance at a friends house. But I won't have enough time to update you all on my life. I'll do that once I'm back (and it could even become interesting but I'm really not telling anything since I'm really really afraid of jinxing it).

This is going to be my "souvenir" of Edinburgh. If possible I would like to enlarge it for on my wall (now only to get the grey to blue).

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm home for the weekend. Already dropping some of my stuff off, and since I had a few free days left, I cashed them in. Well...I'm regretting that now. Well...sort of. I love being home. But at the same time, I'm going to leave Edinburgh in about a week (after return) and I really don't want to. After so many months, I'm finally all set up. I have most of my nights planned, doing fun stuff. Have to say no to the partying afterwards because of work the next day, but still it's all a good laugh.

I really should have stayed for another month, although school's already going to start at the end of August. But I would love to spend some more time with my friends and a possible lover (story will follow one of these days), and it's going to hurt leaving them behind.

On to regular Sunday at home stuff.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Spread the love award

Fellow-blogger Cybeel has won the award Spread the love. And I was one of the people who also got the award and task to spread the love.

And I'm passing it on to all the newly engaged, (almost) newly moms, newly moved, and everyone else.

Momma D

And everyone else (sorry I have to run otherwise I'm late, I'll update it with the others later).

Spread the love people!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boring life

I haven't posted over a week now. Wow. But I have absolutely nothing to tell. I am either completely swamped at work or I'm bored out of my mind.

I did run into the guy who stood me up the other day. And he said Hi. And I looked at him like Who are you? and continued walking. He was staring at my open mouthed. Don't know how much believed if I actually didn't recognise him, since we previously (before the cancelling) had a whole discussion that my mind was so good in remembering names and faces.

I ran into another couple of people. A group of Dutchies who thought they were the only Dutch people on the streets. Well...what would be the chance if you're walking in a foreign city on a Sunday at 11pm that you'd run into a fellow country(wo)man? Not big, but it happened. And the guy was saying in Dutch stuff like Hey honey, baby you feel like partying tonight, and more of those remarks. And I simply replied Don't underestimate the chance of running into a person who can actually understand what you're saying. The look on their faces, priceless :D.

Another week and I'm going home for a long weekend, before going back to my final week at work. I'm just going home to already get a part of my junk home and my laptop. I don't like leaving my laptop in the car while we're enjoying Scone Palace/Cruise Loch Ness/other activity.

Pfff...this is one of those days that's going to prove to be very very long.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

another week has passed

So tell me, who hasn't been watching the memorial of Michael Jackson just now? When did you break? I kept it dry until his little girl wanted to say something but she broke down crying.

I've finally been able to send my project to the teacher. Of course the teacher had to get on my nerves first. Thoughout my whole internship, his communication has been bad. It took him at least a week to respond to an e-mail.

I didn't try to send the project until Thursday evening, because I knew that as soon as I would send it, I would be like Ow I forgot this, ow I should have phrased it like that. But on Thursday evening I wasn't allowed to e-mail it. I got "session run out" or "not able to upload" when I wanted to attach my project. So because I was unable to send the project, I e-mailed the teacher asking for an alternative address. I send it again on Monday morning, I called Monday afternoon. The teacher was in and out of meetings the whole day, so the girl I had on the phone said Maybe you could send him an e-mail. Right, that's why I'm calling. So she tries to find the teacher and he says that I can leave my contact number so the teacher can call me back, I just told the girl that he should check his e-mail. And yesterday afternoon I got an e-mail, saying that I should just try again because it is supposed to work. *Sigh*, keep breathing, count to 10.

I've been trying since 8pm today to get it send, and now finally after so many tries, it was finally send (it's now 10pm).

Last weekend one of my Dutch friends visited me. We visited Carlton Hill (taking panoramic pictures) and climbed Arthur's Seat (taking more panoramic pictures), and had sort of a good time. I was cursing him for making me climb Arthur's Seat instead of walking.

When I have the pics on my computer, I'll post them, to let you all have a good view of Edi. I need a special programme to paste the pics together and photoshop it a bit (cutting off a part of the top or bottom to make the pics fit), and I deleted that programme a few weeks ago when I was cleaning up my laptop. Of course in the few years I had it on my computer I didn't need it, now that I don't have it anymore, I need it.

So another few weeks, and I'll be home again :D. I've booked the ferries and I've e-mailed a few B&B's (although that was on Monday and I haven't heard anything back yet, hmm I'll chase them tomorrow). I love Edi, I really do, but it's gonna be great to be back home.