Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another sorry

I haven't had time to do anything I wanted to do, because grandpa is getting worse and worse.

I hoped to do some summer cleaning, shop, see friends, not feel sorry for myself for missing Edinburgh. Ow and of course post about my little vacay.

But that's not happening. I'm at grandpa's most of the time, or I'm at home, calling doctors, senior organisations and what not, and waiting for them to call back.
And since most of my time is spend waiting, I'm able to think, think and think some more. Which isn't good because that makes me miss Edinburgh even more. I had my whole life set up there, and I was doing just fine with all my social things. And now I'm back and I'm doing nothing sociable. Ok, I'm needed helping grandpa, but I'm not working out anymore (my lunchbreaks), or seeing friends (my evenings), I'm not even walking everywhere (if I needed to go from A to B in Edi, I'd walk, here I take the car). And it's making me a bit depressed.

Just less than 2 weeks, school will start again. Maybe then I'll get back into a routine and Scotland will be forgotten (athough I highly doubt that). I hope to post about my trip through Scotland before that, but right now it's off to gramps, yesterday he didn't want to go to bed, and now he doesn't want to get out. Sigh (I know I shouldn't but this is wearing me down. Today the time is reasonable, yesterday it was 4am).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I wanted to have my Scotland trip post up and running a few days ago.

But life got in the way, or well...more like grandpa. He's not doing well, and he's calling us whenever he wants, regardless of the time, and we then need to come over. Yesterday it was 4.18am!! And it's not like we can do anything, we just have to sit there. He's too afraid to be alone.
So after a few of those early mornings (well...yesterday was the earliest yet), we had the doctor over in the morning, and the senior help in the afternoon, and now we're going to have to start the process of getting him into a senior care home. And of course, no one's available since it's summer break.

But I hope to be up and running with my post before the weekend (including some pics, like the paris hilton of sheep). I'll let my mom do nothing at grandpa today (if he calls, the phone has been quiet so far, so yay), and I'll do the house stuff. Cleaning and washing hasn't happened in a few days. I can't be non-productive for another day. I've got my whole room to clean up. I have already unpacked my bags (already last thursday, so the morning after i came home), but all my closets are bulking with stuff (mainly the one with clothes) so they need to be redone.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

new guy

So as I mentioned a few posts ago, there was the possibility of a new lover. I've known the guy for a couple of months now. I really have to give this one a nickname otherwise the story's going to be too confusing. Let's call him the Kid, because even though he's 35, mentally he's 7.

Well.....here's the complete and long story.

Two weeks ago on Friday I had a birthday party of a friend. It was all good and well, having fun and such. But the Kid had to go to another party but would text when he'd leave that one to join us where ever we were going to be. So half way through the night, we change pubs/clubs, put some people in taxis and send them off home. And there's this creepy guy that I'm unable to shake. So sort of as a rescue, I'm moving near the Kid, start talking to him, saying that this creep won't leave me alone. As the sweet guy he is, he puts an arm around me. And that sort of started things off.

After all pubs and clubs were closed, we went over to his place with a couple for food. Well...I just joined because I thought everyone was going. But in the end it was only me, him and another couple. And the only person wanting food was him. While food was being made, the girl fell asleep on the Kid's bed. Her boyfriend told us he would get her up. When the food was ready we went into the room, and they were both heavily asleep (so much for waking her up :S). Since we weren't getting them up, or at least not her (he got up for a smoke, ugh), we went to my place. I was like You have to walk me home anyway since I have no clue where home is, and when you're at my place you can crash since your bed is taken. So that's what we did, because the girl really wasn't getting up. Afterwards we figured out that she sort of left home straight after we left (I won, you guys left, now I'm going home to my own bed).

At my place we had some tea before heading off to bed. Bedtime was 7am, by the time we were asleep it was 9am. Nothing had happened at the point, we've just been talking about all sorts of stuff, and we cuddled up. We had "breakfast" at 5pm, and then send him off since he had another birthday party to go to. He would text me later if he was going out afterwards. He did text me (woohoo finally a guy who actually does what he says he's gonna do), but by that time I was already sound asleep. I woke up an hour or so later, and texted him back that I was asleep but that he was welcome to come over. He really came over, it was 4ish in the morning when I opened the door (how stupid was I?), and it wasn't until 7ish before we went to sleep. Still nothing happened. Breakfast was again at 5pm. We started making out around 3pm. It sort of became inevitable.

He texted in the late evening if I was joining the group to the club for a few drinks. Well...seeing as it was late and I had to get to work on time on Monday, I told him If you're still at the pub in my street when I pass I'll join otherwise it's bedtime for me. And it was bedtime for me, since I was walking from the other side of town home, and I got asked for directions and joining guys to the pub a few times too often (why can't a girl walk alone on a Sunday night at 11.45ish without being interupted?).

On Monday night, he completely blew me off since he needed his sleep. I was euhm...I'm working tomorrow, don't you think I need sleep too? Apparently he didn't because we both ended up in our own beds. On Tuesday I got a text saying that he got up on time to work on his resume and that he was sitting in the pub in my street. So after dinner I joined him, his resume was still empty. I hate putting things of and procrastinating, so I was being a slave driver. Not letting him check websites, e-mail or even go out for a smoke (yeah I know, this guy smokes but it's not that bad since he really smokes thin thin thin roll ups, he's almost only smoking the paper). In 2 hours he was completely done. I don't think he liked me much at that point but at least he got it done. We were supposed to go to a pub after but he first needed food (duh) and a shower, so he would pick me up in an hour or so. Well...an hour or so later, I'm off to bed, because the voice in my head finally won over the devil and angel on my shoulder and told me that the sensible thing to do was going to bed because of work the next day. Finally at 1am (so another 40 min later), I get a text saying that he's on his way to pick me up and if he can still tempt me to go out (I already texted him that I was heading for bed, when I was heading for bed), I texted back if I could tempt him to join me in bed. Nope. He did send a text a few hours later that he needed his "blanket", the stupid idiot I am, I actually open the door a few minutes later (he passes my place on the way to his). And of course I'm not getting that much sleep that night, not that anything happened (except for making out) but well...with the making out and talking and annoying each other, you just don't get that much sleep (he came in at 3ish, and I had to get up at 8ish).

On Wednesday we only texted and I finally got a complete night sleep. Well...I was tired the whole day, and I didn't really have a reason to be tired because I did get a few hours of sleep everynight. And since I wanted to have a real reason to be tired I told friends I would join them at the club that night, I did want to make sure that I was away before the lock-in (at 3am it closes and friends are sometimes allowed to stay and drink for free while staff is cleaning up). But since most of them had been partying since Fridaynight only 2 were out on Wednesday. And they were talking too much guy stuff I left, and was in bed by 1. So that was a full 7 hours of sleep.

On Thursday I spend the night at the Kid's. Having to leave the next morning for work, and I had to catch my plane home staright after work. He did tell me about his ex, and that he was still sort of in love with her. Euhm....then why the bleep did you start things off with me? You know I was leaving in 2 weeks. I'm still waiting for an answer on that.

After my weekend home, the Kid picked me up at the busstop (he would have picked me up at the airport but then I would have needed to take the slow bus home, and me and busses is not a good combo, my stomach can't handle the stopping and going and stopping and going movement).

The friend I'm travelling with, arrived in Edinburgh on Wednesday. He's been sleeping in my bed alone. Since I've been going over to the Kid's every night. And he wanted me to stay for the weekend. But I was travelling with my friend. So I told him that we would see if I would come back for another week or so, after I've been home and fly back. But his old boss contacted him for work in August, which means he's making long days. And if I would fly to see him, I'm not ok with only seeing him at night. So we sort of said goodbye this morning. He's still amazing, and we're keeping in touch and it's only an hour flight. We'll see :'(.

On Friday everyone else figured out that the Kid and I were seeing each other, which resulted in a few hour interrogation from everyone. He wasn't there, and he's glad he wasn't there. I barely survived. Normally I would defend myself and have cheeky replies (if I'm able to think of one, being put on the spot like that), but since I'm leaving and he has to deal with them, I just kept my mouth shut. Apparently we've been dating for 2 months (really?..I believe I was stood up by a different guy 2 months ago, who's phone got "stolen"). When I told them we weren't, they were like It was inevitable; We've been expecting it for weeks. How come they all knew more than I did?? (although he once did say that he's been checking me out for weeks, so maybe they have picked up on that).

Ok...I believe this is it. Sorry for the long winding story. But that's all and I wanted to type it while it was still fresh, and not wait another week. First posting about my trip of last weekend, and then relaxing at home and stuff.

Have a good Tuesday!