Friday, September 25, 2009

Grrr notebook

(Warning, this post is a long rant) my last post I was complaining about the keys on my brand new notebook. got worse, way worse. Because first it was only on blogger, and in the evening it also started in my e-mails. So I looked up the number for the support desk and gave them a call (they are open till 8pm).

Are it specific keys that aren't working? No.
Do you have the possibility of attaching an external keyboard? Yes.
Does this keyboard work? No.
Turn off your computer and restart it, but while restarting press f12. It doesn't work, my f12-key needs to be used together with the function key to get the f12, and I did press them together but it's just restarting.
Well....hold down the function key while you turn on the computer and then press f12. Nope doesn't work either (I was already loving this :S).
What if you press all 3 keys at the same time? Computer is doing something, or at least it's making a bit of a noise, but the screen is sort of frozen. But I'll turn on the computer again and try again. .... It's working, I'm getting a blue screen with some kind of test.
(After clicking to get through some screens) You need to go to the test to test all the keys. Ok, I'm doing that now. It's working perfectly fine.

By this time it was already 8pm so he made an appointment for a call back to check what we should do next since it wasn't the hardware but the software. I asked him what would have happened if it was the hardware. Then they would have send me a new keyboard, which I would have to put in my notebook myself.'s not like you can do that in a second, you first have to unscrew the back (bottom) and then get everything out and then remove the keyboard and put the new keyboard in. No way am I going to do that. And as soon as I unscrew my notebook, I will loose my guarantee (and I have paid for 4 years). So I was definetely not going to do that. But it wasn't necessary since it was a software related problem.

On Wednesday evening the guy calls back and he wants me to put the recovery disk in. Euhm...I have made back ups of my files and documents but what about my programmes? We have the office 2007 for only 3 computers and mine was no.3, what will happen? He didn't know, he knows that my whole notebook would be cleared so that programme would be gone, but he didn't know if I was able to re-install office 2007. Great, I have a helper who knows less than me :s. If I had know that he wanted to put the recovery cd on, I would have done that on Monday evening, and not wait till Wednesday. He explained how it works (jeez it's not that difficult) and that it would take an hour or so and then I would have to install the drivers. So I asked him if he would call me back in an hour. Did you know what his response was? I don't thinkg so, more people are paying to get a service from us. I know but he just mentioned that it was quiet, and I'm paying too. And a notebook of not even 2 weeks old isn't supposed to have failures yet. So I told him I would expect him to call back in an hour, and if something happened before that (which i couldn't fix, although i didn't tell him that), I would give him a call. After half an hour everything is done. Then I'm starting the drivers disk, and it automatically takes some drivers but it left quite some undone. So I started doing them one by one manually, then for my network card driver, I had 4 options, no idea which one I needed. I know it's a general driver disk because every computer is different and it would be unefficient to make a personalised one for every customer. But none of the drivers worked, I got the "not compatible for the found software/hardware", so I gave the guy a call. And he said have to download it from our website. Euhm...I have another computer here with internet but what if I hadn't? Of course he didn't have an answer for that. I went to their website, put the correct driver on usb and tried to install it on my notebook. Bamm "not compatible". The guy was completely lost he didn't have a clue what to do (ow great, it's your job to know). He told me that since it was almost 8pm (he called me at 6.15 or so) he needed to schedule a call back, and if I could install a different driver which would able me to connect to the internet with cable (instead of wireless), I suspected that this was coming so I'd already downloaded that driver too. But no it wasn't working either.

I scheduled the call back for this morning at 10am, so he would have until 8pm to fix this mess.
But since I hate being not able to use my own stuff, I was going back and forth on Wednesday evening, trying all kinds of things, and I don't know how or why but all of a sudden the drivers that weren't installing before, were installing now. So I fixed it, yay!

Yesterday after a long day of school, I downloaded and installed all my programmes again, including office 2007. And it was functioning as before.

This morning I was expecting a call at 10am. I gave him my home phone number (he had my mobile number in the register) since it's easier to put a bigger phone between your ear and shoulder. At 10.30am my mobile phone rings. A different guy from the support desk. I told him that I had fixed it myself but that with the windows updates it says something about a production failure, the computer was already restarting so I have no idea what it was about. But the next time this happens, I'm requesting the pick up service so YOU guys can fix it. And I told him that it would be useful if all drivers would be on the driver disk, and there should be more cds with programmes on it, because when I got this notebook it included several programmes and I had to download all of them. If it's included with the notebook, have it on a disk.
I could tell that this guy had more knowlegde and experience, and he said that they had gotten more complaints about this (so why hasn't it been solved?). And that he got my frustration and that I would go to their website the next time and e-mail them, e-mails go to higher management and they can actually schedule a pick up, or a new computer. But it could take up to a week before I would get a reply.
I was checking the specific page he mentioned and it said that if you e-mail, you would have a response within one workday.

But I'm hoping that I won't have to use that.

Ok. Back to the few 100 pages of homework.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Keep breathing

Can't believe I haven't posted in over a week.

I'm still busy as hell though. This weekend I thought that I finally had caught up on my schoolwork. But then I remembered the projects that are due half October, which I haven't even started. As a consolance, none of my classmates have started it either. But I already have no time left for funstuff, how am I going to fit these projects in? I need more hours in a day and more days in a week (but then again, who wouldn't?).

Since a week or 2 I finally have a new computer. The old one was 5 years old and that's quite old considering the people around me buy a new one every few years. Although I'm not completely satisfied with the new one yet. The keyboard is already getting annoying. Sometimes it just doesn't take all the keys I type, and I have to go back and retype, slowly. And seeing as how I'm able to type almost as fast as I'm able to talk, this is quite, not extremely, annoying.
For now it's only every now and then and only in blogger (typing this post and commenting on fellow bloggers), but as soon as it's getting more frequent, I'm calling the computer company. I need a keyboard that fully functions.

I'm already getting stressy for my exams at the end of October. I know it's over a month away but normally we would get multiple choice if we had a lot of theory to cover, now we get open questions. This wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't that much, but I've got a page of 3000 to remember for the exams. And I don't only need to apply the theories in the books, no I also need to be able to say who's theory it is. And for marketing we have a dozen or so theories that are alike but all by a different marketeer. I'm sooooo going to fail those exams. But I just have to keep breathing.

Inhale 1 2 3 4 exhale 1 2 3 4 inhale 1 2 3 4 exhale.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Way way way back M.E. gave me a couple of awards. And I'm finally cleaning up my "act" (and procrastinating with schoolwork, come on it's Friday evening) and posting those awards. Thanks M.E.!

So I pass them on to everyone who is still reading my blog. Please let me know if you are accepting your awards.

(P.S. The post below is about my roundtrip)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Finally the roundtrip post

So finally here it is, the post on the roundtrip in Scotland (in the beginning of August, I know I'm ashamed of myself).

Let's see just kidding.

So we left on a Saturday. We left around noon and we had our drive all the way up to Inverness. According to google maps and my friends gps system, the drive would last about 4 hours. We had to be at the B&B before 6pm, because they didn't do late check-ins.

I knew what we would be passing along the way so if I would see the name of the town which holds an interesting site, I would mention it, since we had enough time, right? Well....guess again. The gps system already send us the wrong way in Edinburgh. We had to leave the city north but it directed us south. I wasn't really paying attention to where we were going since I thought the gps thingy would send us the right way. So when we're in a part that I know is on the south side of Edinburgh, I'm asking my friend where the hell he thinks he's going since we have to go north. He's just following the navigation.

So half an hour later we're finally on the right way, on the north side of Edinburgh, where you have this amazing railroad bridge. It's pretty old (I know, I should do my homework on this, but it's been there before there were toilets in houses, because we were wondering how on earth they can built such a bridge but don't "invent" inhouse toilets until later).

After taking some pics of this bridge, we head further north. Me, having had little to no sleep the previous night (I was at the Kid's), fell asleep probably 10 minutes after leaving this site.
So my friend was enjoying the scenery all by himself. Of course I don't sleep constantly (I wake up for 10 minutes in between) and I notice that we've passed one of the more interesting sites we could have visited (can't remember what though, yes I know I should have written it down). But I notice the time and see that we don't have much time if we do want to stop (only an extra hour or so) because of the getting out of Edinburgh debacle. Then we hit roadworks, and it slows us down big time. We do get to Inverness on time, I believe it was 5 to 6.

We walk into Inverness for dinner. There are a lot of people on the road but all the stores are closed and no one is really heading towards restaurants, so it was a bit difficult to find a place where there were enough people inside. We found a pub, we got food, went back to the B&B and watch an episode of Supernatural.

The next morning we had breakfast, checked out, and headed towards Loch Ness. On the way to Loch Ness I made a call, and we got free tickets for a Loch Ness cruise (does my work come in handy). The cruise was ok. We didn't get that much information on the monster but we did have a nice scenery in typical Scottish weather.

After the cruise we continued our trip to Isle of Skye. We arrived at the B&B around noon, and then toured around the island. We had so much fun. The roads turned into one lane roads, and very curvy, sometimes you drove through cut out rock, and water was coming from the rocks too. Then there were loads of sheep on the road too. So much grass and they chose to stand on the road, weird sheep. There was one Paris Hilton sheep. I was going to take pics of the things we come across on the road (I even made a pic of people walking on the road, they looked at me if I was crazy). And there was one sheep who looked up as soon as I had my camera adjusted to the right settings, and continued grazing when I made the pic, not when I put my camera down, but when I had pressed the button.

Since it was a Sunday, we had trouble finding a place for dinner. When we finally did, the restaurant filled up in no time, apparently everyone on the road was looking for a place to eat.

In the evening we watched another few episodes of Supernatural (it's the only serie, we both watch, I'm not able to watch a few episodes of top gear, and I don't want to hurt him by making him watch One Tree Hill or Greys Anatomy, didn't have any unwatched eps of Bones left).

The next morning we leave and head back to Edinburgh. We did do some sightseeing from a distance because we passed something that was still closed and had bus and busloads of people waiting in front of the doors, it wasn't even interesting to stop.

When we were back in Edinburgh, we went out for a dinner and after that to the regular Monday evening poker night. We had great fun. Me and my friend didn't cheat (although communicating in Dutch what we had would have been easy). After the poker we went partying, for a bit then, since everyone was quite tired (including me), and it was my last night with the Kid, who casually said that he had to get up at 9 for work. Argh!

So that was my vacation story.
Now it's time to get ready for school. Pfff....I'm already done with school and I've got the feeling that I'm so behind on the work that should have been done, and it's only the second week, ai. Ah's not even a year and I'm done (deadline for my dissertation is 11 June), and hopefully it gets a bit easier since I already have the topic and company for my dissertation. Got to run.

Any questions about my roundtrip, let me know. Or if you have any other questions, let me know too.

Monday, September 07, 2009


So I've been back to school since last week. And although my second day of school already had no classes scheduled, it wasn't a relaxing day. I've been working from 10am to 10pm to finish all the homework we received on Monday and that we had to finish before Wednesday. Nice beginning of the schoolyear :S. Since then I've only been able to have 5 minutes break in between school and studying, and I've been using those to read your blogs than to finally write my vacation post. But I will. I'll just schedule some writing time in my overfull schedule. But it can take a week since I'm more interested in your lifes than in mine. (And the worst part is, I've been back in the Netherlands for a month, and I still haven't written a decend post).