Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn break?

Officially I have this week off from school because of the autumn break. But I can't see I'm having a week off, I've been studying my ass off and it's not funny. I've got 5 exams next week, and I'm only going to learn for 4. It's not that I don't want to study for all 5, but I just don't have the time. And of course even those 4 are working on my nerves.

I thought I could do 5 chapters of marketing in 1 day, so far (it's already 4.30pm) I've done only 2. So I still have 3 to go before bed. Yup not funny. I had planned the evening free (so work till 5/6pm which means I should be superwoman to be able to reach todays goal).

This just means that I have more chapters to do tomorrow, because on Thursday I have planned to study for another exam.

Ow and we also have a project due during next week, which they just handed out to us last Wednesday, but I need my dad for that (it's for his company) so I can't start just.

My schedule for the rest of the week
Wed: study exam 2
Thursday: study exam 5
Friday: study exam 5
Saturday: make project
Sunday: study exam 1
Monday: do exam 1, study exam 2 and 3
Tuesday: do exam 2 and 3, study exam 4 (maybe 5 instead of 4 depends on how the studying goes on Thu and Fri).
Wednesday: study exam 4 (or 5)
Thursday: do exam 4, study exam 5
Friday: do exam 5, make project

Soooo not funny. How can they call this a break? I'm really in need of one. But as soon as the exams are over, our next courses begin. And we have more courses next block. Although I have no clue how since we don't have any books left to study (maybe handouts?) and we've got the complete booklist of the whole year not only one block (we've got 4 blocks per year).

Okay, back to my studying.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I can breathe again

So I made my deadline :D!

I handed everything in yesterday at 5pm and e-mailed the stuff this morning at 10. Woohoo.

Now on to the next deadlines (Tuesday and Friday).

But having finished this project was the worst, it took up most my time and now I am able to breathe again. I didn't do anything for school last night, which is a first this week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I gave up

Normally I'm not a quitter, but this time there was no other option.

I hate to be on a scale, so I don't do it often, but when you're trying to lose weight, you sort of have no other option. So I get on there and there's a difference of a kilo (in 12 days). Well...since I haven't been snacking or eating more (I didn't eat anything instead of my snacks), you'd think that it was a positive difference, wrong, I'm over 1 kilo heavier than when I started on the 1st. How on earth is this possibile? So I gave up not snacking, I'm not gonna snack much, but when I get gggrhrhrrred because of school I'm getting myself some chocolate.

Because of course school got more grrr-ed. We had 3 deadlines for Friday, I've got 2 finished, and I'm working on 1. Well...now got 2 removed (teacher's word) to Tuesday, guess which 2? The ones I've already finished.

And on top did we get another big amount of stuff to do before next week. Marketing communications plan, an academic skills essay (have no clue exactly what, I'm not starting until I have the deadline done), and a strategy for a company: roadmap to e-business. So byebye relaxing weekend. Not that it was going to be relaxing since I still have amounts to read and learn before the exams the week after. But now it's just more stressful.

Well...I'm back to creating stories, since I have no clue what to type anymore and it definitely doesn't make sense. Only tomorrow and I've still got 7 pages left to fill.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh dear

So transcribing the interview is taking me waaaay longer than I expected. Thank god I was the interviewer and not the interviewee since I can talk a mile a minute (well...I can, and almost alwyas do), and now I only had to ask questions.

The teacher said it would take 1 hour to transcribe 10 min, maybe with slow talkers. It took me 2 hours! That's not 6 hours of transcribing but 12. It's 2.5 minute per 30 minutes, that's NOT funny.

Another oh dear. Grandma asked me if I was available next Saturday, and when I said yes, she told me she was taking me and one of my cousins out for dinner then. Ai there go my bonus points for not snacking. And what's worse, well...worse can't say it's a bad thing but it is for the trying to lose weight thing, I also have a dinner on Friday. Maybe I have to continue the not snacking until Christmas, oh boy, that's never gonna work. There's my birthday and my two best friends birthdays in between. Oops, maybe I have to try to throw the exercising in as well. But were do I get the time to go exercising? I don't even have time for friends. And I'm sorry but that's more important than exercising.

Well...I'm back to my interview (blegh), just 6 more hours to go (blegh x2)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I need chocolate, ice cream, cookies

I need to blow of some steam.

I am working on a literature review for my topic. Well...I have never written a literature review and have no idea how it is written. So I do some googling, read the chapters in books we've got and the outline of the assignment. I still don't have an exact idea how to write it, so I just start reading the literature I have found on my topic.

After a few days I still know nothing. Oh I have read the articles and they will be of some use when I am doing my dissertation but I am not a step closer in writing my literature review. Then I just start systematically, I type the topics that we receive marks on in word as the structure of the literature review. And I have the feeling that I need to thoroughly read all the literature and compare, combine and comment on that, using quotes, theories and models. Since I still have no idea where to begin and the deadline is only a week away (I know most people start at the last minute and I still have a week, but this is only part of that deadline), I have a small breakdown. I e-mail my tutor and ask her if she has time to meet me this afternoon, although she has to calculate my travelling time (I live an hour away from school). She replies within a few minutes if I cannot call or explain what's wrong via e-mail. Phone is always easier so I call.

And guess what? I was already doing stuff for next term (Nov/Dec/Jan) and the third therm (Jan/Feb), I didn't need to go in-depth, I need to have a broad sense of what possible directions are that my research can follow. Ok, so meltdown is over. But I had to start from scratch since before starting the literature review we had to do a mindmap and fishbone structure and I did those before I had the final outline of my topic. First it was internal communication, now it was changing internal communications to fit with the change in the business life cycle of the company.

So while my first plan was to have the literature review finished on Monday, and that got adjusted when I had (read: needed) a relaxing weekend to Wednesday. But Wednesday afternoon I had to start from scratch. In the evening I had my new mindmap and fishbone structure. Since this morning I am looking for more literature because of course I limited my choice to where I wanted the research to go instead of keeping all my options open. And now I am again filling the structure in word. But bleep finding enough primary sources (like articles, thesis, studies) is hard. I have enough books I can use and that are new and up-to-date. But the assignment says 10 primary sources, 5 secondary and 3 tertiary. Well...the last two are already done, the first one I'm halfway. And I've done my search strategy. I'm working on my findings, being critical on the found information (but since a few are books we use in class, they can't complain that I'm making use of them).

And with this whole stress and deadline, I am craving for chocolate or ice cream, or anything junk food but I am not going to, I'm keeping up my 31 days (8 down, only 23 more to go :S).
Ok with the exception of Dutch liqourice since I have a sore throat, and I am not able to finish any of the other throat "candy".

And I'm going to continue with my research since I also have to do an 1 hour interview and transcribe it. And then label, code and analyse it. All before next week starts, because according to my tutor we get a bunch of new assignments and little projects to manage :S.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Day 5

So it's already the fifth day of the month, and I've already caved. Well...only once and just because I have been having a lot of different parties over the weekend and they started to notice that I wasn't eating anything (there weren't any healthy snacks). And if I say I'm "dieting" or "cutting back on sweets", they all start saying that I'm not fat and that I shouldn't diet. Well...I'm not feeling comfortable in my own body anymore but I would if I could just lose a few pounds. But I didn't feel like going into that discussion with them, because I always get a tirade if I even say that I want to lose an ounce. So I took a handful of crisps and they lasted for a few hours, just nibbled on them. So I think it's justified, and I'm keeping it up for the rest of the month.

On Friday we had a happy/crazy bus driver taking us from school back to the train station. People always enter the bus, take a seat or when there are no seats left, stand but never walk past the door. So on Friday loads of people wanted to enter the bus but the first few that had to stand blocked the path for the others. The busdriver took the mic and said We're going to do some gymnastics, everyone look to the back of the bus, then put your left foot forward and then your right. The people who are good at this may even try to do both feet at the same time. Which of course resulted in a bunch of laughs. And he was even friendly enough to say Happy weekend when we left the bus at the train station.

In the evening I had the first party. The birthday girl turned 18. She wanted to have a second pair of earrings for years, but her mother didn't want her to, so her mother told her that she could get them when she was 18. We haven't heard her talking about those second set of earrings for quite some time, but on Friday morning, she woke up and said Mom we're getting my second pair of earrings today. Mothers, of course, wasn't happy. But the birthday girl got them.

I was planning on going to bed on time in the weekend. But bedtime on Friday was later than expected. We (my dad and I) were at the 18 year olds party (not for friends, just for friends and friends of the family) and at some point I checked the time, it was 01.18. So I had to get my dad to go home (I was driving but I needed to get him home too), but before we were home and in bed it was 2.
On Saturday I was invited for the 18 year olds birthday bash for her friends. Even though I'm almost 6 years older, I thought why not, change of faces. And I had to be up til 1 to pick up my parents, they had a family reunion. The birthday party was fun but the later it got, the worse the music got (youtube.com search for Dora is dirty, it only lasts 23 sec but they put in on repeat). So I left to get my parents a bit earlier, because of my grandma I know most of the family anyway (well...I know the names and the stories, don't know the faces). Well...that party was supposed to end at 1. But since they haven't seen each other since forever everyone was still there at 1, or half past 1, at 2 most people were leaving. I ended up in bed at 2.15, so much for going to bed on time this weekend.

I really need to go back to my studying, I have to write a literary review and I still have no clue how to write such a thing, so I'm first doing some research on that. I wanted to finished that off today but since I didn't do anything for school in the weekend I still have to start, so I hope to have it finished on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A month without....

So I've been trying to lose some weight for quite some time. And every time I think I'll start this Monday, or I'll start tomorrow. But then something happens and I don't start on Monday or tomorrow. But now I'm really going to start.

From today, 1 October, I will not have any form of candy/snacks for a month. So no sweets, chocolates, cookies, crips, nothing for a month. Although I will still start the day with bread and chocolate spread, since a girl just needs her daily chocolate fix, and well...I can't deprive myself of everything. That will make it only harder to obtain the no snacking. Of course I'm allowed to have healthy snacks, but that's sort of a given.

Hopefully I can keep this up, and next month I'll start to do some exercises as well. I'm just too busy with school this month to exercise. And I know it's never the right time to start, but I have to do it step-by-step and not everything at once. So first the snacking, and then the exercising.

I'm already craving for something yummy, but that will just have to be an apple instead of something unhealthy. Good thing that I love fruit.

Let's see how this goes. Wish me luck.