Sunday, January 31, 2010

Notebook problems, part 6 (conclusion, hopefully)

In my last post I mentioned that I had to run the recovery disc, well….I didn’t.

Because I had to wait for the guy I called one of my friends who’s an expert in computers and he didn’t know it either but I should run the disc control while I was waiting, just to get minor things repaired. But it would most likely not fix the big problem. You know what? It actually did. Or well...almost. I’m still not able to type in blogger without it frustrating the hell out of me (that’s why I continue typing in word), but that’s it. And I can live with that.

If it gets worse again, I’ll call again, and this time just demand a new notebook. They can see the history of the notebook so they’ll see that it’s a returning problem that apparently can’t be fixed.

The guy was completely amazed the this worked. I already did the disc control when this thing just started. But I did that, he never asked and he should have suggested it, but maybe together with all that he has done on the notebook, the disc control worked.

I’m still getting a new backplane, yes another one. And it’s a good thing too, because the last guy didn’t put my notebook together nicely. I had to push the case back in its place just above the keyboard, and on the side a bit is sticking out (the upper part of the case should be over the lower part, but that at point it’s the other way around) and now I’m unable to plug in ear buds to listen to the interview I have to transcribe, which is rather annoying. But at least a guy is coming and I can check my notebook if everything fits nicely before he lives.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Notebook problems, part 5

I don't want to do this anymore.

The only option now is to run the recovery disc. I'll lose everything on my computer. I did make a back up of all my files, music and pictures. But it'll take weeks to get every progam I had back, and I take most of those programs for granted so I won't even know what I need to re-install until I need it.

And the only problems occur with internet (I've now also used a different browser).

Sigh. Me is not happy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Notebook problems, part 4 :'(

:'( Not fair.

!! Warning, another rant on my malfunctioning notebook. !!

Oh I just love love love notebooks that don't work. Jeez. I'm trying to study to ace that damn test tomorrow, but I can't say I have studied that much yet. Yesterday was more a lazy day and with the compter not functioning well...extra excuse not to do anything. But today that doesn't mean I'm allowed to not study. But that's what's going on. It's gonna be an allnighter if I want to pass this test.

I woke up this morning from a call from Dell, asking if everything went fine yesterday and if it's working well. I told him I'm not completely convinced yet, give me a few more days before you can close this case. Already yesterday the keyboard wasn't completely functioning. So I couldn't tell him it was working perfectly fine now could I?

Then I start working on my notebook this morning and with everything internet related, the keyboard is malfunctioning. So what do I do? Immediately call the guy, they are able to put me through to technical support but not to a specific person. I finally get to speak to him, but he's not behind his computer so he will call me back in a second. A second goes by, hell....3600 seconds (1 hour for the lazy among us) go by and no call. So I call them. They make a note for him to call me back asap, another 2400 seconds (40 min) later the telephone finally rings. That was two hours ago. I've been on the phone with him constantly and he has tried everything but it's not really working. Yes, the keyboard does work in the beginning but as he asks me to type an e-mail (who are you going to send an e-mail to if a stranger is watching?) and already keys start to fail. And now he's consulting colleagues because he has absolutely no clue how this problem can be solved. All drivers have been re-installed, the backplane and keyboard were replaced yesterday. But while he was "away", I had to send e-mails to check if the problem was still there and how bad it was.

And in the beginning (about 10 min ago), it was fine. Maybe a key wasn't working but that could also be the result of me typing faster than I should and missing a key here and there. But after a few e-mails it starts to get worse. But then I have nothing to type anymore. I mean, the stuff for my exam is already on paper, I don't need to type anymore. But then I thought of you guys. I could type in blogger, because that is one of the places I type a lot and it's really frustrating if the keyboard is not completely functioning.

And while I'm typing this, I see it becoming worse and worse. Backspace, space, enter, ', shift, and some random letters aren't working fine. A key doesn't work and I have to go back, but backspace doesn't work, so I'm pressing the backspace down harder (not that it works, like yelling doesn't work either), but after a few times it actually works.

But next to the keyboard, internet has become absolutely slow. In the e-mail I would type a sentence and when I was done typing that sentence then the sentence would appear. Opening a new tab on internet explorer (I know I should use firefox or chrome, but IE has always been working perfectly fine, and if it ain't broken...) takes ages, and when it finally opens, it doesn't show up automatically, you have to click it again to switch tabs, and also this takes too long.

I'm going to give up. I need to study, I need to pass the test, otherwise you'll be having an even more crankier me. Argh! It's already 4pm and I wanted to start at 10am, sigh.

PS: I've tried to add all the missing letters, but I could have overlooked one here or there, so I'm sorry.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Notebook problems, part 3 OR no more notebook problems (hopefully)

So they called this morning and scheduled an appointment for today. Then the guy calls to tell me that he will be coming by after 3.

At half past 2 a car with advertisements of a local computer company drives by. Dell has deals with computer companies who come and fix the computer/notebook. The guy doesn't ring the doorbell until almost 3, there was movement in the house, he could have rang sooner. Well....anyway at 3ish he's looking at my notebook and while I'm explaining what is wrong, he is making a DUI package of my notebook, he completely takes it apart. He says that it's probably my keyboard and will repair that first, then if it still doesn't work, he'll look at my backplane. I'm still explaining, how back in September, the Dell guy helped me to check if it was software of hardware. And then the guy looks up and says "that's typical backplane". So he starts on that.

Well...anyway both backplane and keyboard have been replaced, and now I hope it all works as it's supposed to work. Although I'm not completely convinced just yet. Already typing this little piece of text in blogger isn't going as smooth as it's supposed to be.

Hopefully not to be continued...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Notebook problems, part 2

(part 1 is below this post)

Since a week or so (maybe a bit longer) my keyboard has been being annoying at certain times. First it was only gmail, then the comment sections in the blogs, then google, then the whole internet. Ow what fun it is to type passwords, you have no clue which letter it did or didn’t take. It was really one letter at a time.

Last Saturday was the final straw and I decided to call Dell again. This time a guy says that I have to download some drivers from their support website, install one, restart the computer, install the other one, restart the computer, then everything is supposed to work all fine, otherwise I had to call back and they would make a note to call me back on Monday when the experts are there. Well…it did work all fine…for two hours. So in the afternoon I give them a call back. Told him that [name] had let me install two drivers but it didn’t solve the problem. He would make a note, asked me for my phone number twice and said that someone would call Monday, otherwise Tuesday. I told him I was unavailable Tuesday (you know that if you tell them they can call in the afternoon, they’ll call in the morning during the exam). So they would either call me Monday and if there was no other way they would call me Wednesday.

Monday goes by without a call from Dell. Wednesday goes by without a call from Dell. So Thursday morning I decided that I’d give them a call (they have probably have already earned too much money from clients this way), and finally I get someone on the phone who knows more from computers than I do (and I know quite a lot, as long as it can be solved with the keyboard, I can solve it, but in this case the keyboard didn’t work so I couldn’t solve it myself, and I often know what to do so I can solve small problems myself but I can’t explain it to anyone else because well…I’m just weird). He tells me that after my last call, a few drivers were installed. I told him I had called back after that, so that they could make a note of calling me on Monday (or Wednesday). Well…that person apparently said he had but he hadn’t because it wasn’t in the system. Just my luck :s.

The latest Dell guy wants me to restart my computer and then use the boot options menu. I still have no clue how we got that one started the last time and this time it’s not working either. He then opts for another solution. Opening up my notebook. Yeah right, opening up means losing my guarantee, I wasn’t going for that. He told me that it was fine as long as I was on the phone with him, and he would put everything in the logbook. I still wasn’t so sure about this, well…I know we need to be nicer to others and everyone is way too suspicious (Dutch newspaper article in yesterday’s newspaper), but I couldn’t see what he was typing and then it would be his word against mine. But alright I wanted my notebook fixed so I removed the battery, and saw a little screw, of course it’s little, so no screwdriver fits. I had to look around for spectacle screwdrivers, which I found, but the screw just wouldn’t move.

The guy then had to find another solution. He would have a mechanic come by, with a new keyboard and backplane. The guy would give me a call on Friday or Monday, and then make an appointment for sometime during the next 5 working days. I would get an e-mail with the confirmation of this case. I wrote down his name and the case number just in case. The e-mail wasn’t in yet when we ended the call, but then again it always takes a few minutes if it’s not from the same euhm…supplier?? You get what I mean. But at 2 the e-mail still wasn’t there. So I called back, I wanted to make sure that it was all in the system and that someone would come by and fix my notebook. The bleeping thing isn’t even 6 months old. Apparently he typed my e-mail address to fast and made a mistake (or well…added a 0). But it was automatically generated e-mail so it couldn’t be resend but also this guy promised that [name] was responsible for all of this, he had marked the case as high profile, so it would be in his care.

So now I’m waiting on that call for an appointment. They said Friday or Monday, since Friday has already passed I can only hope that they call Monday, otherwise I’m calling them again. And I think then I’ll ask them to pay my telephone bill for this month. be continued....(hopefully with the final verdict).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Notebook problems, part 1

After periods of inconsistent posts, all of a sudden there are posts on a daily basis. Although I think it’s only short term, since I have no life next week or the weeks after, and nothing much is really happing. However, I do have a party with school next Friday, maybe that will give some new post material.

For now there’s another topic: my notebook. After five years of working on the same notebook, I decided I needed a new one. This year is the year of my thesis and a fast notebook would be useful, not one where you can get and drink a cup of tea before it’s started and ready to go. And after five years, how reliable is a notebook? It had been working fine, as long as it was me using it. One of my ex boyfriends, a computer expect, thought he could upgrade my notebook and make it faster. It wouldn’t even go past the start up screen, I would get a black screen saying Press “key” for re-boot, which I did but then got the same screen :s. Of course, I got it fixed.

When I was in Scotland, one of my friends thought that he could make my notebook faster, but he does it without permission, and he also changed everything to his preferences. Instead of getting igoogle when opening the internet, I would get a news website. That’s nice and all, but that’s incorporated in my igoogle, including my rss feeds of some blogs (I’ve updated it and now all my faves are on there). And he would have changed the icons in his favorite order. Euhm…that’s nice and all, but I have to work with it, it’s MY notebook. And apparently he had deleted some stuff (like updates) because that wouldn’t hard a computer. Well….it did mine, and I wasn’t able to skype, watch my favorite movies or series on my notebook. And I didn’t have sound. Of course, I got it fixed.


So I though a new notebook would be a good investment. I could have the old one breaking down in the middle of my thesis writing and lose everything. After a lot of research, my dad and I decided on a notebook from Dell. Now, Dell isn’t a bad computer company, it’s actually pretty good, out of 1000 computers/notebooks only one has problems. Guess which one is mine? And nope it isn’t one of those 999 perfectly fine working computers/notebooks.

After two weeks, the keys on my keyboard started to work less than perfect. Gmail and word were still fine, but everything else, ugh, random letters would work. It’s not like you know the T isn’t working, no it was random, and it took me ages to type stuff. That’s why I started to type most of it in Word, and then copy/paste.

When the letters started to fail to work even in Word, actions had to be taken. Come on the notebook not even two weeks old. So I called, talk to this guy, who wants me to re-start my computer and then go for F12 the boot options menu. Well…my F-buttons are hidden under the buttons for sound/media player/and some other buttons that most of the time are hidden under the F-buttons. So I have to hit the function key at the same time as the F12. That didn’t work, and not work again, and again. I don’t know how we got it to work, but we did. I had taken my brother’s external keyboard and attached it to my notebook to see which key were or weren’t working. As I told you, they were/weren’t working randomly so of course on that test all keys worked. You pressed them slowly and with caution. It was the faster typing that did it, or slow and blind typing, that didn’t work either.
But that meant that it was a software problem and not a hardware one. Woohoo :(.

This meant that the recovery disk had to be used and then I could start to re-install everything. – the notebook had come completely done with everything already installed – That was on a Monday, but because it was time for the guy to go (end of support day), he would let me get all the stuff installed and if I had questions I could call back the next day. Of course nothing works as it should be so why did I think the re-installing would go fine? Most of the drivers couldn’t be installed and I was on the phone with him the next day. It’s a good thing that I was home when this all happened because that means I have more computers that are available (otherwise it’s only the new one). He said to download some drivers from their website , but I didn’t have access to internet on the notebook. I had to download and save the driver on a stick on the other computer, and then take the stick and put it in my notebook and install it that way. Of course that didn’t work either. He then asked me to install something else so he could call back tomorrow (yup before I had time to call it was already 6pm and we’d been on the phone for 2 hours), and access my notebook through his computer. Well….guess what? I couldn’t install that driver/program either. So he would have to check with other people and he would call back on Friday because he didn’t have to work on Thursday and well….he only had half a day on Wednesday and he needed to figure out what to do. I told him to call me early because then we had the whole day to get my notebook fixed. He made an appointment to call me at 10am. At 12ish I get a call from one of his colleagues, saying that a note popped up on his screen that I was in the system to be called. I told him yes, [name] would call me already at 10, but I haven’t heard from him. Do you know what? The guy didn’t even have to work that day and probably didn’t felt like dealing with my bleep computer anymore. The “new” guy helped me and everything worked out fine, he told me that if I had any other problems or something like this occurred again I should e-mail them because that goes into higher parts of the company and they would be able to give me a new notebook.

I start to install my own programs and put all my files back on my notebook. Then I wanted to watch a well deserved episode of one of my favorite series. Guess what? The sound didn’t work. So instead of calling I e-mail. That was way back in September. I got the sound fixed myself, don’t ask me how, but it’s working. But I still haven’t got an e-mail or a call back from Dell concerning my sound. And since it was working I sort of forgot I send the e-mail (well…it would pop up in my mind and I would think that I need to give them a call when I had time, which was never).

To be continued….

Friday, January 22, 2010

Helping Haiti

What happened in Haiti is horrible and I’m glad to hear that people are doing things to collect money for the people on Haiti. Whether they donate 5 Euros (or other currency), or a few hundred, every Euro helps.

Yesterday we had a big beneficiary special. Most radio channels were airing the same songs and trying to get people to donate money. In the afternoon/evening the most important television stations were also having specials to collect more money for Haiti.

Between the day of the earthquake and yesterday evening, the Dutch have collected over 83.000.000 Euros. For the United States with a population of over 307.000.000 that may be nothing, but the Netherlands only have just over 16.000.000 inhabitants, and that’s quite something. So go Dutchies!

Yesterday we really showed that we can put our own problems aside and help others. Why can this only be done when something horrible has happened? Why can’t this be done on a daily basis? Why can’t we help our neighbor or be friendly to our neighbor but can help the Haitians at the other side of the world?

I’m not saying it’s not a good thing that people are donating money for Haiti, but it would be nice if people would start helping people in their own surroundings. That’s how you can make the biggest change, start in your own backyard.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Needle phobia

I've just got a call from the assistant of my dentist. She didn't explain to me that the pictures taken two weeks ago, showed that my wisdom teeth have to be removed because of reason a b and/or c. Nope she asks if she's talking to the right person and then asks "have you already made an appointment with the jaw surgeon (don't know how you call those people in English)? That was a BAM!

Monday two weeks ago I had a dental appointment. It's been over a year, and it's a new dentist practice, at least it was for me, since my old dentist retired.
I went in, had to wait 20 minutes (ugh already delayed at 8.20am), she looked at my teeth, said that she was going to take some pictures. I told her that I'm very difficult for taking pictures, because I already have problems brushing my last teeth without vomiting. She tries and tries and tries. She tells me that I have to breathe through my nose, but easier said than done because before I can even try to breathe through my nose she’s already trying to put that plastic thingy in my mouth. She gives up and tells me to wait for her assistant so they can make a big picture. After waiting a few minutes, the assistants takes a few side shots and an all-round picture. I have to wait another few minutes before I have to go up to the reception where a new appointment is scheduled for a checkup in six months. They will call me sometime during the next week if something is wrong with the pictures.

So the week after passes and I’m thinking I’m okay. But then today I get this telephone call. And I’m not afraid of the dentist nor of a doctor, spiders or snakes. But the one thing I’m afraid of (except for failing all my exams) are needles. I’ve never had a traumatic experience or a reason to be afraid of needles. My parents aren’t, my brother was, but I believe he’s okay now. My grandma was but that was because of her veins, they turned away.

And my mind knows that it’s stupid to be afraid of needles. Walking into a wall hurts more. But somehow I’m really really afraid of needles. If I have to get injections, I’ll have big bruises for weeks (although during the last re-injection, I told the lady I was afraid of needles and she actually managed to distract me and I didn’t feel a thing, while normally I tell the injector that I’m afraid and the only thing they do is talk about the needles, yup that’s gonna help :s).

So going to a surgeon to have my wisdom teeth removed, that’s not gonna happen if I don’t know why, because from what I’ve heard, there are big needles involved and it hurts like hell. If I have to do something I really really don’t want to do, they have to give me all the details why I should do it. So I’m still on the phone with the assistant, mimicking a child “why?”.

Apparently I don’t have space for them to grow. Well…I already knew that when I was little, the teeth next to my front teeth were behind my front teeth. But I ask her, well…if they can’t grow, and they don’t hurt, why do they need to go? She didn’t know, that’s what the dentist told her. But then again, she also thought that I already knew about the wisdom teeth removal. And I also wanted to know “what are the consequences if I don’t let them get removed?” She also didn’t know that.

She continued to ask me if I already made a new appointment (with the dentist), and I told her “yes but that’s in six months”. She would talk to the dentist and discuss if it was necessary that the teeth were removed right away or if the dentist would discuss it with me in six months time. I’ll know by tomorrow.

I’m not getting a needle into me if it’s not necessary. I’m already freaking out now, and I don’t even know if it’s going to happen now or in six months. Otherwise I’ll probably be freaking out from now until they are actually removed.

Has anyone got any tips on how to get rid of this phobia? I’m freaking out over a little (well…maybe not so little) needle, while one of my best friends just lost his mother. I’ll bet you that he would trade the wisdom teeth removal with having his mom back within a second. Just like the people in Haiti (don’t forget to donate), trading a wisdom teeth removal with having their house and family back.

I read that looking at needles will already help. While I couldn’t look at needles before, I can look at needles now, as long as it’s not a needle that is destined for me. But I still definitely can’t see an injection, whether it’s for another human, a dog, or even a tree.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ugh :( re-exams.

So this week and the next are all about the 3 resits I still have to do. Or well....I did one yesterday and 2 are still on the agenda for next week. I will pass those 2 without a doubt (I didn't study for them previously because of time limit). But yesterday's exam? Ugh.

Out of 30 students, this specific final year consist of, at least 15 had to re-do the marketing exam (maybe more but only 15 showed up). But omg was it difficult. We had 900 pages to learn and only 5 short questions were asked in relation to a case. The teacher had given us the most important chapters, the chapters we had to study extra hard, and did he ask questions about that the first time? Nope. Did he ask questions about them this time? Again nope. The other 5 questions (every question is 10% of the final grade) were on the articles we had to read. 5 questions on 6 articles, that is not even that unfair. Well….can you remember what Carrie wore in the first episode of SATC? Or the name of the (first) victim in CSI in episode 3 of season 2? The questions were that specific.

If I or any other student don’t pass one of the exams in these two weeks, we will have to quite this education and go back to the “normal” one (I’m doing a two-in-one final year). And by the sound of the remarks after the exam, I have the feeling that we all have to go back.

So what to do? Go to the head teacher to ask what happens if you only barely failed one exam? She wasn’t there so I went to see my marketing teacher. He asked how it was and I told him the exam was horrible. This time I knew he was going ask about the articles (I hadn’t re-read them for the exam the last time) so I knew them inside out but not every sentence. And I told him I really didn’t even knew those words in English (apparently we were allowed to bring a dictionary but we didn’t know that until the exam started, because they had told us before “no dictionary”) or that I had passed them while learning for the exams. And then we talked about some other articles and he said well…you only have to know the important things of the text, know it generally. Argh…you’re contradicting yourself here, teach.

Now we just have to wait and see. I have to pass the other 2 exams brilliantly so I can show the head teacher I’m not planning on going back. And for the master I want to do, you don’t need marketing. You need management and I aced that exam. And I’ve aced all the non-marketing exams, and I passed the other 3 marketing related exams. It’s just that one I can’t pass because it’s just too much to learn. And then only 5 questions on 900 pages, and it’s not like they’re essay questions, no they’re tiny questions. (Like which Ansoff strategy did they use.) I’m just not the marketing type, and I’ll never be. I’m good with numbers and management.

And when I started this specific program, it was called Strategic business management. No mention of marketing, and no one told that there was going to be such a grr course on it. And now the specific program is called Strategic business management and marketing. Ugh!

I’ll just have to wait, can’t change anything now. Back to studying and typing the first chapters of my thesis. My tutor wants to see the paper (thesis related) I have to hand in on Feb 5, next Wednesday. While most tutors have no clue what the specific education holds and have only had 1 meeting with their students, my tutor is a teacher in the program so he knows how hectic everything is and he still wants me to meet with him every week, jeez. Just my luck. But at least I will have it done while everyone else is still working. I only have to work harder now to completely ace my exams and finish the stuff my tutor wants to see.

Sorry the stories are only on school. I just don't have a social life right now. But that's only until Feb 5. Then I hope to go out and party and see friends, and see the world (I'll know if/when I'm going to China tonight, yay).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New layout

Wow this is my second post today (see below for the first one). So much for working my ass off for the marketing exam :S.

No I did study today but there's just so much activity around me that I'm not completely able to focus on my schoolwork. So in between just reading the material I've been first updating my layout and then decided I wanted a new one.

I like the top image (well...duh otherwise I wouldn't have chosen for this layout now would I). But I'm not completely happy that it's not spread out across the whole screen. I don't know about you but I've got a black column on each side of the text. But I already had those with the old layout.

Hope you all like it. And let me know if your name is missing on the blogroll, or if you have recommendations for a blog. I'm always happy to find another interesting blog.


So the studying paid off, well...for a part. I've got some re-exams coming up. But back to the good news. I passed all my exams and papers from this period (started Nov) even with being ill and the grrrr girl (aily).

We had to be at school at 12 for pictures and then I had to wait until 15.45 before I woul get my results. Our head teacher gathers all the results from the teachers so we get the whole picture and not one at a time.

My best friend from school (she was the other girl in the story of the ailment girl, and we got close) already got her grades at 13.30 and she had one fail. For the project she had 70%, which sort of meant that I had passed that too, because the oral we had on the project could only up- or downgrade your grade with 5%. Which meant that if she did a good job during her oral and I tanked, I would have 10% lower, which would still mean a pass :D.

At 15.20 I walked up to the right floor and saw a lot classmates waiting. I asked the girl who had her appointment at 3 how she did, she hadn't been in yet. Hmmm....that wasn't a good sign. At 16.45 I call my mom to ask if she can wait with dinner because I wasn't going to be able to make it. At 16.50 it's finally my turn, within 5 min I'm out again (originally you had 15 min), with most of my grades. I had to wait for my finance mark. Since that is my favorite course (I know I'm boring) and I know the teacher quite well, I just walked into his office. At that moment he was actually checking my exam. Since he was almost done I waited. And he started to make comments, I made a silly counting mistake (700.000 + 1.700.000 = 1.400.000). Then he said what did you do here? So I stepped beside him to see what he meant. And I had calculated the numbers in the normal way so I didn't get his question and started to point out's this and there's that. Then he picked up a blue pen (he was correcting with red) and adjusted his answer sheets. I was like Euhm..sir did you just correct your answer with mine? And he replied with You can't trust your coworkers anymore now can you. lol. I passed that course too (86%).

Me =happy. Although I'll have to bust my ass for marketing, that's so not for me. And for the previous exam I knew all the stuff inside out but when I saw the exam I didn't know a thing, until I left the room :S.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Only 5 months to go

So I've just had my exam week. The resits are going to be next week and the week after. At the moment I know I have 3 resits, from the previous period. And I can only get 3 more from this period. Although I'm quite certain I passed at least one (the finance course). Yesterday we got a list with times for feedback on one of the others, my name didn't have a time, and an extra note said that if your name didn't have a time but you want feedback you can make an appointment in 2 weeks, which is after the resit of that course. So I'm quite positive that I've passed that one too.

What I believe is a very weird thing with my resits, is that the resits from the first period are divided over 2 weeks, but the resits from the first period are in the first week of those 2 weeks. We will get our grades this Thursday but if you've failed them all, you have to resit them Monday Tuesday and Wednesday instead of having another week to study for them. But then again I don't think I have to worry about that because hopefully I've passed those exams.

My New Year's Eve was okay, I had loads of fun and hit my bed way too late (or early ;)). And last Friday I had another party, called Do not mention anything about the exams-party, with my class. Only half turned up but we had fun and again went to bed way too late. And at the end of this month we have another party with my class, because after that everyone will be going their own ways with their thesis and stuff (people going to Sweden, India, north of the Netherlands, cmopletely south of the Netherlands, London, Prague).

June 11 is only 5 months away, finally the end of my schooldays is near, whoohoo!

Today I'm taking a completely free day from school and I'm going to do almost nothing (almost is eating, drinking, walking the dog). I planned on doing relaxing stuff like reading a book or watching a movie, but I'm not in the mood for watching a movie, and if I start a book now, I know I won't study the next few days because the only books that are on my bookshelf unread is a serie of 3 books. And knowing myself that means that if I start no. 1 I won't stop until I finish no. 3.

Okay, I'm off to being lazy. Have a fun week!!