Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm baahaack and school's out

Well...only for a few days. I'm already counting down to Monday, when I'll be leaving for Greece for 12 days (yes I know I'm spoilt).

The US was amazing as always.

A short schedule of what we did:
Arrival and stay over at Orlando.
Drive up to my uncle
Go to Clearwater beach for a few days
Drive back up to my uncle and stay there for a small week
Go to Disney for 2 days (and buy park hopper ticket so we can do all parks)
Fly back home

We did some shopping at outlet malls, and of course I spend too much money. However, if I would buy the same stuff back home I would have spend 3x as much. I got 1 skirt, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of jeans for 80 dollars. At home only those jeans would have costed me over 100 euros.

And the world is in a financial crisis - or at least most of the world is - well....at those outlet malls you couldn't really tell. There were a few busses worth of Brazilians and they were standing in line at GAP, Levi's, Victoria Secret, with over a few 100 dollars worth of stuff. And those lines where long.

That a lot of countries are in a financial crisis also wasn't noticable at Walt Disney World. OMG was it busy there. The park (at least the Magic Kingdom does) opens at 9am (at 8am for people at certain resorts) until 12am (and on some days even to 3am for the people at the certain resorts) and the lines are long long long (the fast pass rides were at least 60 min wait).
After the fireworks, the whole area in front of Cinderalla's castle was stuck. I got up on a bench to take a picture and everywhere I looked there was a sea of people.

But we did good. We started with Animal Kingdom on Thursday morning. This because we only wanted to do Expedition Everest. We ended up doing It's tough to be a bug and Primeval twirl too. Then we headed over to the Studios (used to be called MGM now it's Hollywood). We did the tower of terror and rock and rollercoaster. And then we headed over to Epcot, where we did almost all the rides.

On Friday morning we headed back to the Studios and did most of the rides there, including another fall in the tower of terror. Near 1 we headed over to the Magic Kingdom and did almost all the rides until it was time to go.

Just to confess how we managed to do everything with such long lines (normally we would do a park a day, except for animal kingdom because it kind of disappointed us the first time), we had the perfect fast pass times. Don't know how we got that lucky.

And it was hot. When we came out of a ride and wanted to discuss where we would go next, it was easily decided into the shades first, then decide on the next ride. Walking wasn't comfortable in this heat but standing still would only last for 2 seconds.

Then it was time to head back. Oh dear only 1 more day before I had to defend my thesis, yikes. And I was the first one too so no tips from others. I was so afraid the jetlag would hit me.

Luckily it didn't and I passed the defense, which means I passed school. I'm graduating on Thursday. WOOOOHOOO!!! School's over. I'm a Bachelor of Science.

Tomorrow the whole class will go out and party, hopefully we wouldn't make it too crazy since the graduation ceremony starts at 2pm. (although I have to pick my family up at the train station at 1, so probably I'll get 6 hours of sleep which i think will be sufficient).

And Sunday I'll be packing my suitcase once again, this time for Crete. Oeh I haven't even started doing research for that. Have no clue what there is to do and see on the island, ah well....got some time on Friday (although I have to watch the match in the afternoon Orange vs Brazil, Go orange!!!)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Holiday no 1

This Saturday I'll be on a plane to the States, yay.

Wanted to have my holiday with friends rant up before I go, but I've been so busy with dotting the i's and crossing the t's that I'm running out of time.

Got a last consult with my tutor today or tomorrow, but it's only for minor adjustments on my last chapter (the recommendations to the company). And tomorrow I've got a last day at work. I'll be printing the thesis and appendices there as well.

On Thursday I'm handing it all in (yikes). And then Friday will be consist of packing my bags.

And then I'm off to the States for two weeks.

When I return I have to orally defend my thesis on Monday, I'm amongst the first 3, and it's really scary. Although I can't prepare for at all, and I'll know all the answers (even if I don't know it, I can say anything since they can't verify it with the company).

So enjoy the next few weeks, I know I will.