Thursday, July 29, 2010


I still haven't started the whole holiday rant yet, and now it's all taken care of the rant has reduced in size, and will just become a story with loads of frustrating moments.

Since I've been back from Crete, I've been jobhunting. Not really actively but went to all the temp agencies and they had some offers but then they didn't and then they had something else and it's just blegh. Some examples: (temp agency = ta)

TA: You'll be great for that job. I'll introduce you this afternoon and when I have more info I'll let you know. And I'll call the other location to see if they have any other opportunities for you. I'll definitely give you a call tomorrow.
Me: That's great. The job sounds really interesting.
Tomorrow: nothing
Day after:
Me: I was just calling to see if you have more information. Since you'd said you'd call me yesterday.
TA: Well...the job is already taken and the other location doesn't have anything interesting for you. I'll let you know when I get something.

Me to mom: Okay would have been nice if he'd called me as soon as you'd know. Because the job sounded really interesting, and I told the other one no (the other one was working in a store for a few weeks).

During my intake with another TA
TA: what would be your salary indication?
Me: anything more than 10 euros an hour is fine by me.
TA: Hmm....that's like only 1600 a month, you could easily go for 1900 a month

Later that week
TA: I've got a job offer for you. It's starting tomorrow until 20 August.
Me: what is it?
TA: administrative work in [town]
Me: what kind of administrative work and which company?
TA: I got this from another location and they didn't give me any details. Only know it's admin work, it's in [town] and that you'll be getting 8 euros an hour (before tax).
Me: only 8? You'd said i should go for more than 10.
TA: but this is only a temp job so there's no room for negociation.
Me: give me some time to think about it and I'll call you back in an hour
TA: well....I need an answer before 1pm because they are really desperate. (it was 12.30) But when they call I'll tell them that they will get an answer asap.

So I wasn't planning on doing it. But I still hadn't heard back from another TA. So I gave them a call first. And if that one would fall through I would consider doing that for a few weeks, even for horrible pay, just so I would be doing something.

They introduced me on Friday morning and it was Tuesdaynoon now.
Me: Have you heard anything back from [big international company]
TA: no but it's not like they have nothing else to do than fill their vacancies
Me: they're big so they'll have a separate HRM department
TA: yes they do
Me: well...then at least that department is working on it on a daily basis. I know I was busy with resumes, calling candidates, discussing stuff with the departments. (they know i have experience on hrm departments)
TA: *long pause* Well....I haven't heard anything yet.
Me: Let me know when you do.

Hmm...this didn't make it easier.
Mom: you're not taking that job. Will they be covering for your travelling costs?
Me: I don't know, the TA guy doesn't know anything.

Me: Do you have more information on the job?
TA: No.
Me: Do they cover travelling costs?
TA: I don't know.
Me: I'm not taking the job. 1) I need more information before I can say yes or no 2)you told me i should ask for more than 10 and now you're saying i should accept an 8 euro offer? 3) I don't always have the car, and if you're not sure i'm being cover for my travelling I can't ask a friend to loan me his car for free.
TA: If you've got car to get there then it all stops. But because it's a temp job I can't get the pay higher than 8, there's no room for negociating.
Me: but if they're desperate there is room. But I'm not able to do it so it's fine.

Luckily today we do have some good news:
TA: You've been talking to my colleague from location [my city] about the job at [big international company]?
Me: Yes, he told me he would introduce me but I haven't heard anything since.
TA: Ow. We've got a lot of different openings for that company and I'd want to invite you for a talk so I could see which department you'd be best fitted for. When do you have time?
Me: That's great. When do YOU have time? Since I'm the one without a job.
TA: Tomorrow 10am?
Me: that's fine.

So I'm getting closer.

One of my friends has been trying to get me to work at her company. But they aren't hiring, but she did manage to get me sorta in. They have my resume, but they also had a lady who at the moment has nothing to do because of the summer holiday, so they are placing her at my friend's desk. Which is good for her because she would have to train me, and this lady already knows the systems. But it's not so much fun. Ah least she got help. She is already working for 3 people and starting next week 2 other people are on holiday. She said "I've still got X to help me with that. although when is her holiday?". "Same time as mine." Which means starting next week. So she suggested a temp (that would be me), and they gave her someone else, but at least she's getting someone. Otherwise I think she would be home with a burnout after the others return from their holiday.

Have a nice Thursday!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

here's another try

Three weeks since my last post, and I was hoping to post more often. Here's gonna be a new try.

Crete was amazing, except for our loss at the World Cup. The party after winning the semi-finals was amazing. Non-Dutchies were taking pictures of the cheering and jumping orange mass. And just before the finals, all the bars on the boulevard were full of people in orange. We felt like we were the tourist attraction with all the non-Dutchies taking pictures of us again.

We weren't like the other people staying at Chersonissos. Just to give an image to what the standard Dutchie does when going to Chersonissos: start drinking (alcohol) as soon as you get out of bed to "cure" the hangover (this could easily be at 3pm), stumble to the beach/pool for another few hours of sleep, if you're not asleep you're drinking even more alcohol. Go partying at 1am, fall into your bed at 8/9am. Oh yeah eat somewhere in between the cocktails/beers. And the cycle starts again. But we didn't do this. We did go out partying a few times but we were never in bed that late. We got up at a decent time (never later than 11am).

We had planned a Jeepsafari, but they forgot to book us in. So we don't go out on Saturday (it was our earliest bedtime), and got up at 7.30 on Sunday. We were at the pick up place at 8.15 because we'd be picked up at 8.25. At 8.25 2 other girls show up. Also for the jeepsafari with the same organisation, but on their ticket the pick up time is 8.35. Probably at 8.45 a jeep shows up. The guy gets out and asks if we're going on Jeepsafari today. All four of us say Yes. He gives us a confused look, he's only got 2 people on the list, not 4 at this pick up point. Down the street was another pick up point, if we could just walk there, there might be someone from the organisation. Nope. But there were a lot of people waiting. Not all could fit in the two vans they had ready for the jeepsafari people. So we and 2 other girls stayed behind.

We started talking about the jeepsafari and how stupid it was for us not to be on the list. And they also say something about driving. Driving?? - When we signed up for the jeepsafari we were asked if we wanted to drive (although we did have to be older than 21 and have our license for at least 1 year) or that they would arrange someone else to drive. a strange country, where you don't know the traffic rules, in a strange car, and on unknown roads. I've done a jeepsafari before and we were in buggies racing over the sanddunes. We both didn't feel comfortable driving. - The girls explained that we're not getting a driver (which we assumed when they said that they would arrange a driver for us) but that one of us (the people who signed in for the jeepsafari) had to drive. So we weren't even getting a professional driver, yikes.

The van returns to pick all four of us up. We get to the departure point and there there is a girl from the organisation. She says that apparently we weren't booked in and the guy from the Jeeps says that he doesn't have any space for us. Some other girls say that they would gladly give up their place since they didn't want to go anymore but couldn't cancel it (without losing their money).

Because we're still standing next to the girl from the organisation, we hear the Jeep guy say that they don't have enough drivers. Almost everyone expected to get a driver. A group of 4 guys split up so another 4 girls are able to go (there were only 4 guys). A group of 4 girls are willing to drive but they don't want to be in a car with strangers. Well...if I was in the group I wouldn't even be splitting myself up, it's not my problem that they others don't want to drive nor have a driver. In the end they don't split up. The two girls who we were waiting with in the beginning join us, while we're waiting to get a ride back to the pick up point. They don't want to go and definitely not with people they don't know. They wouldn't trust themselves driving so why would they trust someone else? (except for a professional driver of course.)

While we're waiting we're talking about driving and the stupidity of it all. We also discover that we paid 60 euros for the jeepsafari while they paid 75 euros (they were with a different organisation).

We're also picking up bits and pieces from other conversations. There's a group of 9 girls who all don't have their driver's license and of course don't want to be split up in such a way that one has to go alone (4 people per car). Another 2 girls are taking to the boys about how long they've got their driver's license: one doesn't and the other just two months.

In the end when everybody is divided. There are 4 girls left, the two girls who decided not to go, and the two who were talking to the boys. The jeep guy says that they can only go if they are driving. For the two who had already decided not to go, it was an easy decision, we're not driving so we're not going. The other two said well....if we don't drive we can't go and we want to go, so we're driving. And then the girl, who had her license for 2 months, says we're driving so there's space for another 2 people. No way.

I've got my driver's license for 5 years now, and I didn't want to drive off road in a strange car with unknown traffic rules, and I should trust a girl who's only got her license for 2 months?? The other two girls asked her if she was crazy, they weren't joining them.

If the jeeps were stopped along the way they would have a real problem. Only one of the guys had their driver's license on him, none of the girls did. Furthermore if they could convince the police that they could get their license, that would be ok. But if then is revealed that you've got your license for only two months, then you're in real trouble.

When you want to rent a car in a country (doesn't matter which one) you have to pay extra if the driver is under 25. And you're not even allowed to rent a car if you're under 21 and haven't got your license for more than a year.

Yes I'm still not over the fact that they let a girl drive who only had her license for 2 months, but you'd probably already guessed that.

Well...that was the only real action that happened. We did do a boat trip, and we went parasailing, but that went as smoothly as could.

I'm gonna try to post about the troubles of getting the holiday of september arranged. I know I've said it a couple of times before that I would start to rant on that topic, I haven't found the time.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Go Orange

Let's go and kick some Brazilian butts!