Monday, August 30, 2010

Finally: the holiday rant

There's always a lot of frustration and annoyance when me and my friends go on holiday, although it's probably mostly on my part.

This year we started late when looking for a holiday. Normally the discussion starts in Feb but now I think it was April when someone wanted to know our summer holiday plans. This year it was quite easy to discuss who was going with us, the same group as 2 years ago + a boyfriend (or the same as last year + me, since I was in Scotland before and school started when they left).

Now the discussion about where started. OMG this is always a pain the butt because half doesn't want to go where they've already been and others just have places they don't want to go to period.

As always it's only me and one of my friends who are looking for destinations. And when we all get together, the others just shoot our ideas. Come to think of it, it's always like this. Next year I'm not even going to bother.

Then they want to go to some place and hire a villa for 2 weeks. This means renting cars, extra costs because not all of us are over 25, extra costs because we need more than one driver per car. This means taking the car if you want to leave the villa to go do something because that are affordable are not close to anything. Think that before we come to this conclusion we've been discussing the destination for hours and hours.

In the end the destination is south Spain and the accommodation is a villa. They had found a trip that would include villa, plane ticket, and a car.

Since they haven't been listening to me at all, I'm rather furious. I'm the specialist in holiday, my whole education was focused on tourism and tourism destinations.

And of course the costs were high. And I rather pay a bit more for comfort, they didn't want to spend more than a certain amount.

I get home at 3am (we've been going at it since 8pm), and I'm still fuming (the 5 min drive hasn't cooled me down at all nor has the prospect of sleep). I go online and look for the villa and the deal. The "free" car that was included was a Ford Ka. I don't know if you have any idea how small a Ford Ka is, but it's small. It would fit 3 people. So how are we going to fit 7 people and their luggage in 1 Ford Ka? That would mean a bigger car thus extra costs, or an extra car, again extra costs.

So I look for stuff separately. The flight, a few villa options, car options, the total being below the budget amount. I e-mail this to the others. And they start discussing and discussing. Of course this time I get my way since it included all their requirements.

However - yup here comes the next problem - I had already told them that I did the research so I wasn't paying (of course I would pay my part but I wouldn't want to be responsible for the money). One of the others asked me What now? I told him Book it.

A week later we get an e-mail from him saying that he's going to book the stuff. So I e-mailed back that he should let us know when he wanted the money. - if you book things separately most of the time you have to pay everything in one go and I don't know about you but do you have 7x a 2 week holiday amount on your bank account to spare? - he replied to all that I came up with a smart comment and if we could pay the amount to him asap. I had to reply that I had even a smarter comment What's your bank account no?

A week later he e-mails me that the cars are no longer available (think that we're now 3 weeks further along than when I made the suggestion). Since of course they all assume that I'm the one who'll look into other options, I go in search of an alternative.

Meanwhile they discuss the possibility to drive ourselves. Because all the options I've given them are too expensive (come on people you all have full-time jobs you can all easily afford this). So I look into the costs and an overnight stay. They don't want an overnight stay because that's too expensive. COME ON!!!! It's only 30 euros pp extra.

One of the group has bought a van (an old volkswagen thingy which seats 8 people) since he needed it for work anyway, he just upped the search (he first planned to buy it sometime next year). And we could all drive.

I don't know about you, but since I've got my driver's license I haven't often driven in a convertible nor that big nor without the steering wheel help. So I asked for driving lessons, just in case. Because I would not be driving unless it was an emergency. The owner of the van said that it would be wise if everyone took a driving lesson. One of the girls said Why do we need driving lessons, if we can't drive now, we won't be able to drive on the way to Spain, and we'll figure it out then. Euhm...sorry but if it's your turn to drive at 3am and you're unable to drive in the van, no one's gonna be happy that you've woken them.

Hmm this post is shorter than I thought it would have been. Although I'm not ready yet since another grr-ing moment has happened this morning.

It was sort of an unspoken agreement that we would leave Friday (we get the keys to the villa on Saturday). We just needed to agree on a time. One said that everyone must be able to sleep in and be completely rested before we start our journey so meet at noon. I suggested leaving earlier because most people will be up early because it's a day of travelling (I'm always too excited to sleep in on a day I'm travelling) and if we don't leave before 12 we'll hit traffic near Paris. Then one says we won't be near Paris, the only traffic point would be Lyon (a few hours more south)(I then only communicated with the noon person that 10 would indeed be too early because you'd hit traffic at Lyon). The no need for driving lessons girl says that she doesn't want to leave at 10 because she has to work and her evenings are completely filled (you know you're going on holiday leave the evening before you go open, at least that's what I did) so she needs to pack her bags on the Friday morning and she needs to go to her parents for coffee (sorry what?!). And she made it sound that she wasn't going if we did plan to leave at 10. (her words: I'm only coming tomorrow (face to face discussion on when to leave) under the condition that we won't leave at 10)

So tomorrow I'm going to the discussion. I'll be present but I won't say anything (they won't listen to me anyway). I'll pack my bags on Thursday, get in the van on Friday and that's it. As soon as we get to Spain everything will be fine and we'll have an amazing time. But next year I'm not doing this any more. Or I'm not joining them on a holiday or I'm not putting any effort because it's not appreciated anyway.

And now the fun can start because they have never ever been in Spain nor can speak a word Spanish. I know my Spanish is rusty but at least I can read and understand bits and pieces. Not that I'm telling them that.

I think I know what I'm going to do the next few days: get out my Spanish books.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overqualified or not enough experience

So unfortunately I didn't the jobs. They couldn't combine the two positions and I would be overqualified to do just one.

The other company thought I would be bored too easily since I was overqualified for the job and my motivation was too high to do routine work.

My dad told me that maybe I shouldn't be too enthusiastic and motivated when I go into an interview. Because apparently people think I'm overqualified. But at the same time I think that if I went in with less ethusiasm and didn't show so much motivation that I won't get the job either because I'm not motivated enough. (lose - lose situation)

But I think that even though I might be overqualified, I'm applying for that job. I know the pay won't be much, but I'm accepting it otherwise I wouldn't have applied. And at least I'll be getting paid, which is more than I'm getting now being home unemployed.

Other jobs I've been looking into, you need experience to do it. Which I'm sorry to say I have none. That's why I need the simplier jobs, just to get more experience.

One of the other 2 jobs I'm applying for fell through too. After a week of waiting I finally get a call, the TA lady was kinda annoyed by the company (who could blame her) for keeping her in the dark all week and then going for an internal applicant. I'm sorry but if you think you've got a qualified person internally I would first explore that before going externally. Now the TA had to call all the applicants to tell them that they didn't make the cut.

I did get another offer today. But it wasn't in my file that I'll be on holiday from 3-19 Sept, which annoyed me since I've told every agency there is. And when they offer me a job I always say Remember that I'll be on holiday in September. She would talk to her contact person and let me know if I would still be considered. Told her that I didn't have anything planned until 3 Sept so I'm available for an interview any time.

This jobhunting is sucking big time. I just want to do something, just to keep me busy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Job update

So Sail 2010 (Amsterdam) was amazing. It was busy and sometimes it wasn't fun to be on a boat. There were a lot of (small) boats. The canalboats just "drove" like there was no one there and since they're completely made of steel, it doesn't hurt their boat if it runs into another one. So loads of boats have green stripes on the side.

Then there were the bigs boats, who can hold a few 100 people, who thought that they wanted to be moving instead of laying still, so they just moved sideways to get into the stream of boats, meanwhile almost crushing the smaller boats that were already in the stream.

And then you had the people who didn't know how to use a boat and don't know the rules. Even though there's water everywhere, that doesn't mean that you can go everywhere, ugh so annoying those ignorant people.

But anyhow. Had 2 job interviews today. One was the one I didn't want with the fixed and variable salary. But I couldn't say no until I was sure I had one of the others. And the other was the second interview.

I still haven't heard about the hr or the higher secretary position. And to be honest, even though I wanted the hr one the most, I don't want it anymore now. I have no desire to further develop myself in hr, the only things I liked was the secretary stuff, so I'd be better off somewhere else.

The interview this morning (a) - for the job I didn't want - turned out to be a surprise. They had 2 positions to fill and the TA had told them to discuss the possibilities with me, what I would prefer and what they thought would be best. Well.....that conversation ended with I'm gonna see if I can combine the positions because you're strong in admin but you need the customer contact to keep you entertained. Okay that works for me too. And the fixed and variable salary isn't that bad. It's team targets and even if the targets aren't met you get 65% of that part of the salary. Ow the fixed/variable ratio is 80/20 so if it's 2000 a month you'll get at least 1800 of fixed and 100 of variable, not too shabby.

In the afternoon I had the 2nd interview at that company (b). While I first had a feeling that I wanted to know more about the other positions but only to get a feeling what I would say no too, I'm not completely sure anymore. All the employees look nice and friendly, except one, guess which one? Yup the one I would be working with closely :s.

The afternoon company (b) decided this afternoon who would get the position and would let TA know. I haven't heard anything yet. Which is fine by me. Because I had a discussion with my dad this evening and we put everything in perspective and I decided that I would go with the company I had an interview with this morning (a), from who I will hear tomorrow afternoon. So I'm hoping that the TA that was supposed to call this afternoon (b) won't call until tomorrow afternoon so I have an answer from the other company (a) (confusing isn't it? hopefully the a's and b's I've added will make it a bit less confusing).

So fingers crossed for A.

Friday, August 20, 2010

all of a sudden everyone wants me

The jobhunting is going okay.

One of the TA's (temp agencies) had a position of HR employee that they saw fit for me. The company however thought that I wouldn't be able to handle the job, that I was too lightweighted for it, only basing this on my resume. 1) there must have been a reason that the TA would think I'm suitable 2) with only a high school diploma and no experience I can't go looking for manager or director's job now could I? So I wrote a motivation as to why I do think I would be able to handle the job. As far as I can tell from the job description there's nothing there that I haven't done before.

The same TA has a higher secretary position for me too.

Then there's a software related company that's interested in me but because the lady of that TA is out of office I won't be hearing much until Monday.

And then there's the allround admin position. I had an interview there yesterday and although it was great and all, and I got invited back on Tuesday to meet other people, I've got a weird feeling. Not that I don't think this job is going to be amazing (although I have no one to talk to since it's a guy only company and I'd be the only female on location), but I want to know that it's the best decision. Like preferably I want to have an interview on Monday for the hr position and on Tuesday morning for the higher secretary. Then I can compare and choose. But I don't think I'll have that luxury.

But I'm gonna give the 1 TA a call this afternoon and explain the situation, maybe they can help or push the companies.

Got to get ready to go to Amsterdam. It's the Sail 2010 this weekend, boats boats and some more boats everywhere, and it should be pretty fun.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No job

So I didn't get the job. They told me they'd know more the next day (that would have been a Monday). Guess they missed a week because they didn't call until yesterday and not even with info. They let me know today that I didn't get it.

I was a nice girl and the talk was nice, but I'm too much of a perfectionist to be happy in that job.

Euhm...isn't that my call? I applied for it (well..sort of) so I think it must be interesting, and who says I wouldn't be happy?

Was searching the web for interesting traineeships or jobs. The traineeships all want to have the master so that's too high for me, or they want people who want to do a master while doing the traineeship, I'm done really studying so another no.

I don't mind to do a course or a training, but not another tough year like last. I don't want to do that anymore (wanted to say I can't but I probably can, I just won't). I might do it after a few years if the job is right, if that's a requirement for my dreamjob. But since I have no clue what my dreamjob is, I don't even know where to look.

I've applied for another job, I'm a bit overqualified but I called the temp agency that has it in stock and they said just to apply, they have more applicants so I asked the girl to let me know if they would even consider me a fit for the job, so far I haven't heard anything back. I know I was always fast with responding and that was within the same day (or if you send after 4pm it might be answered the next morning). So I know I have a different perception of fast/quick the temp agencies have. For them fast is at least 2 days.

I'm absolutely loving my phone. This is the first time ever, since I normally change phones every few years and am just happy because it calls and lets me text. This one does everything. I made a comment to my friend what I thought was strange (i had bookmarked a page but when i start typing that page it doesn't auto complete it, i have to completely type it, while at the same time I accidentally hit a link on another website and everytime i want to go to that website it gives me that website and the link i accidentally touched as auto complete) and he said Why didn't you take the Iphone? Euhm...I just didn't, I don't get the whole apple hype. And then he was checking out my phone and he was like Hmm I still don't get why the Iphone doesn't have this (at the top of the screen there's an icon if something is happening, like talk, text, update one of the apps). And I'm like HA! You like my phone better than yours. And he did like the design better than his.

@ penny
We get free upgrades every few years too. But if you buy a sim only contract because your old phone is still good enough, the contract is lower.

I'm paying 22,50 euros on average per month with phone, while if I just did the contract without phone I would have spend 16 euros a month.

And I don't think you can compare the US contracts with the Dutch ones. Because for my 22,50 I get unlimited internet and 150 minutes/texts (and since most of my friends got email on their phones we'll be emailing instead of texting).
My cousin in the states pays 106 dollars and that's for unlimited internet, unlimited texts and i don't know how many minutes.
In the Netherlands we don't have the option of unlimited minutes or texts. You can buy unlimited texts for 10 euros a month but that's only 1000 texts. I would say that's way too much texts, but ask my cousin who's sending 5000 texts a month (or 2 weeks he had send 2700 texts and that was only to 6 people, just pick up the phone and talk or meet and talk, since those texts will have kept you occupied for more than a few afternoons).

Sunday, August 01, 2010

new phone

If I have to buy something new that's kinda expensive I get very indecisive.

I had a sim only student contract, but since I'm no longer a student it didn't deel right to prolong my contract. So my options were:
1) sim only
2) sim only with internet
3) contract with new phone

First it was the case that option no 3 would cost me 100 euro extra to get the phone i liked. So that wasn't really an option.

My dat suggested that I should take the sim only and for the difference in money I could buy a new phone. But I had already decided that if I get a new phone I want internet on it. And for the difference between option 2 and 3 I couldn't buy a new phone.

Then when I wanted to make sure that I made the right decision - I would go for options 1 until the phone I wanted didn't cost extra with option - I checken the phone one more time. And guess what? It was free with options 3. So I went to the store and got it. Will have to wat until half september to be able to internet everywhere but in the meantime I'm on the WiFi at home and figuring out how this phone works.

Ow for the people who want to know what I got: htc desire and it's amazing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.