Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this and that

I'm still jobhunting. And it ain't no fun anymore. I've got an interview tomorrow so fingers crossed.

On Friday I applied for a job with experience in construction (it was just admin work so no heavy lifting), I told them I didn't have the experience but I'm willing to learn and up for a challenge. I signed it with my first and last name, attached my resume which contains my full name and a picture. Yesterday I get an e-mail saying

Dear mr [my last name],


Where on earth did they assume I'm male? And it's not like it's most likely that the position will be filled by a man, because it isn't. It said secretary for admin work.

Okay onto more fun stuff. I would still post about my new boyfriend.

I know him for ages. I've dated his brother over 5 years ago. I've dated his best friend. He dated my best friend (at the time, currently she's no longer in any of my friends lives). We've been best friends for a couple of years. He's the one who picked me up in Scotland. When outsiders saw us they assumed that we were together.
Even our friends didn't understand why we weren't together.

The villa in Spain wasn't as big as a villa would be in a different country (at least that's my perception). His room was so small it only fit a bed. His room was next to a couple with a squeaky bed. And those 2 rooms were the only 2 upstairs, the others were sleeping on floor level. So I told him to grab his mattress and join me (I had a bit of space).

My bed was a sort of bunk bed, only top bed and a desk underneath. So in the mornings when I got out of bed, I joined him since I was too lazy to climb back into mine. When my knees weren't working, we spend the whole night together in his bed (I couldn't climb the ladder).

One of the mornings we crossed the best friends line. And we've been having talks about what now. I know he always wanted more but was okay with what we had. I never crossed the line before because of my past. It always goes terribly wrong and I don't want to hurt him or lose him.

But he assured me that we're us, and that we would talk (which we both had problems with in previous relationships) if something is wrong, because that's what we always do, we tell each other everything.

So far so good. It's weird though, dating your best friend, who you already know for years. It's not as exciting as a relationship with someone you're still starting to learn. But it's so much better. You know what to expect, your mind isn't doing any overtime, so you can really enjoy and relax.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Can you believe it?

So I called the TA's today. And I noted down the dates they had called. I had 2 calls last Tuesday and 3 on Thursday. All of those positions have been filled since Friday. Can you believe it?

When they introduce me to a company it takes weeks before I know more. But when I am unavailable to answer my phone, it's filled within a week.

And of course all the older missed calls were also about positions that have been filled in the meantime. Ugh. Back to square 1.

Ow and the HR one. On Thursday they wanted me, and on Friday they had found the perfect person internally. Sigh.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm back

So I'm back from yet another holiday. Spain was amazing. We had a good time.

Starting from tomorrow it's back on track with the jobhunting. I told the TA's before I left to just apply me to jobs they thought I would be suitable for. Guess what? I've got a dozen of calls from the TA's while in Spain. Sigh.

But since I changed providers halfway through the holiday, I got voicemail again (I don't do voicemail since I always first see who I got a missed call from, I call them and then I notice the message of voicemail). So listened to the messages today and I've got at least 5 jobs that they want to introduce me to. And the company I had the motivation letter for because they thought I wouldn't be able to handle the job, well....they are interested in me.

So I've got my work cut out for me tomorrow.

When I've got everything sorted out (parents painted my ceiling while I was away and now my room's a complete mess, got too many e-mails to reply to in one day, and of course I have to be active to the parents who are going on holiday tomorrow) I'll update you all on the events of the holiday, because one of my best friends turned into my boyfriend (still feels to weird to say that).

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

keeping one busy

Since I haven't found a job yet, my dad gave me a list of people to call to update our customer register. Oh the joys.

You get a lot of complaints and a lot of people don't answer their phones. But there are also the entertaining ones.

Me: story of why I want their e-mail address. So are you interested and can I have your e-mail address?
Lady: Of course. P dot William
Me writing down: P dot Wil
Lady: Edward Henry
Me turning the i into an e.


Me: story of why I want their e-mail address. So are you interested and can I have your e-mail address?
Lady: E dot [last name] ending in double Nico
Me: E as in Edward.
Lady: No E as in Eric


Me: story of why I want their e-mail address. So are you interested and can I have your e-mail address?
Man: animal.... at mail .....ow wait I'll give you the internet specialist.
Lady: j.b.animal at [email provider] dot nl