Saturday, December 24, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Toys for Tots 2011

I'm still alive and kicking. Still sorting everything out. We still haven't found a house. The house we were once interested in is still for sale and we could easily buy it. But now is the question if we still want to buy. Still love the house, but it's at least 20 min from friends and family (only 10 from work which is a big plus). I know for some people that's nothing. But I live not even a 10 min walk from a couple of friends or 5 min drive to other friends. And when you live closer together people drop by more easily.

Work is also going great. Got 1 new colleague and finally a store manager, both are great. Have to adjust, because there's a whole new way of working. My contract ends half December, keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be renewed.

I know I was going to these updates closer together but I'm still sorting everything out but had to come her and post about Toys for Tots 2011.

Ashly Star over at Not your average chick is doing another Toys for Tots. She'll raise money so she can buy some Toys for Tots.

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity is the fund raising, funding and support organization for the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. The Foundation was created at the behest of the U. S. Marine Corps and provides support in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve, who directs the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. The Foundation has supported Toys for Tots since 1991.

The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.

So go to her site and donate.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Give me some time

Today was my first day after my holiday (which was very relaxing). It was so messy I'll be needing another holiday after this month.

Just before my holiday 2 of my colleagues (out of 4) told me that they'll be starting their new jobs on October 1. Today colleague no 3 told me that she'll be quitting per 1 October as well. She was supposed to stop near the end of October because from November onwards she'd be travelling (she was only here temporary). So 3 of my 4 colleagues are leaving at the end of this month, which means I have to do everything they did because....colleague no 4 won't be back from maternity leave on Oct 3 (haven't even met her).

I had the blogger app on my phone. But it kept restarting and being annoying and all so I deleted it. Give me this month and I'll finally bring structure to my time outside of work. Which means I schedule in 1 hour of replying e-mails and blogging at least twice a week (at my previous work I was able to send at least 100 emails to my friends on a daily basis, Junior and I even had 1 line emails as a form of chat I haven't been able to send him an update since my new job, it's bits and pieces).

So give me some time and I'll be back. With loads of stories. Because work is insane, holiday was sweet, boyfriend even sweeter, and househunting is still full on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reappearing act

So posting more often isn't really happening now is it?

Work is still as busy as can be. We've learned so much over the last few weeks, although we still can't survive a day without asking questions. We've been on our own a few days but colleagues at a different location are only one telephone call away.

With the way we've been working the last few weeks we've made more hours than was budgeted, although we need to keep this up if we want to keep on the budgeted hours overall (the first half year the hours were under budget so we have to get more now to get the average).

My friends from Scotland are currently in the Netherlands. Yesterday they were on their own to explore Amsterdam (she got shouted at by a prostitute, don't know why). Today they're off to madurodam and the Hague.

Boyfriend and I had talked with a bank concerning mortgages. If I get a note from my employer that they want to give me a fixed contract after my half year ends, we can get what we wanted (we took information on a house we possibly want with us since friends told us that the banks always tell you that you can get more than what theyll actually give you. So they'll say you can get a mortgage of 200.000 but when you actually want that for a house, they'll say but we can't give you that much for that house). However I already know I'll be getting another half year contract after this one. And I've just started so it's a bit much to already ask for.

Let's see if I can post every Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The new job

So the new job is taking up all my time. This one keeps me busy day in day out and I really like it. However it does leave me me-time. Half of the time we only eat our bread and then continue instead of taking our 1 hour break. Hopefully this will change once me and my also new colleague will know more and be able to survive a day without any questions. Although we will be on our own on Thursday. And if the Blogger app would be a bit more user friendly I'd be able to most more often. Not that the app isn't easy to use. It's very user friendly when you type something and immediately post it. But it bleeps up the entire layout when you save it. You'll get a lot of extra spaces and enters. And also when you've used bolt/italic/underline in the draft, you get a lot of /,<, >, b, i, and u's. But it's all excuses. Should just post more often.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New job

Hey all,

Sorry for disappearing from the planet again. I had some posts scheduled but somehow they didn't get posted :s.

I've found a new job. Am now working at a temp agency. Instead of looking for work for myself I'm helping companies find new employees and people find jobs.

Nothing worth posting has happened.
Although I do have to write a post about my "parting gift" from the old company.

Hope everyone is doing fine? I do keep up with all your blogs (which I secretly read at my desk on my phone).

Monday, June 06, 2011

Work stories: nut case colleague

Editor's note: had this all typed in my blogger app. When I came back today to post it, layout was crap (every word that was in italic had way too many /i characters before it) and half the story was missing. So could still be parts missing.


For 3 weeks we had a new colleague. My polish coworker left after Easter and we just needed a pair of hands in case me or my senior was absent (senior and me is the whole team now). He came from a department that was being transferred to the UK. Every time you explained something to him he was Oh this is the same as in old department. But then he would do it wrong. We know that there are small differences in the two departments that's why we explained it all over again. When he finally got it, he was slow. His reason This is all new to me, you can't expect me to be fast. But at the same time he's doing like it's easy because it's the same as the old one. And he wasn't just slow, no he was slooooooooow. What he did in a whole day that's what we did in 1 maybe 2 hours. We really wanted to cry a couple of times.

I can talk a lot but at work I've got my moments. But one thing is I do talk fast. After I came back from London he was Ah it's done with the peace and quiet. While if we even say one word about our boyfriend//girlfriend we get the whole story about how his girlfriend (fiance even) treated him and had an affair blabla. And even mentioning Lithuania (girlfriend nationality) or UK (her lovers nationality) sets him on a rant of at least 1 hour. And don't mention anything football (soccer) related that's his favourite topic. So after he gave that comment I got an email from my senior Thank you're back. he doesn't shut up and he's driving me crazy.

Really if we had windows that could open, he would have been thrown out.

Normally I'm very good at keeping my word. If I say I'll do something I'll do it. I don't know what it is with blogging that I don't do what I say.

I sort of have the time. And I've got a Google reader app so I read most of the blogs as soon as they have a new post. Maybe it's just that I don't think my life is interesting anymore, which isn't true either since I'm going through major changes.

Boyfriend and I are looking for houses. Although I'm still not sure if we'll buy or rent. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Next to the normal pros and cons for buying comes the advantage that we don't have to undersell our old house because we just don't have one. The biggest disadvantage is that with the money we've got we can't buy what we want. Maybe we could but I don't want to turn over every dime 10 times before spending it. And while I could use my savings to get a lower mortgage, boyfriend doesn't have any savings.

I got a new job. It's gonna pay a little less than I get now but the job does seems so much more interesting. But if I get a call on Monday that I can get the management assistant job at another company (i had an interview there a few months ago for a different job but they liked me better for the man ass job so was kept in their files) for the pay I asked, I'm taking that one. I know I should have said that I would think about the one I accepted but I was so happy that they met me halfway in pay (they started with loads less) that I said yes. But it will probably take another week before they can say more about the other job, as per usual :(.

I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is the start of my last week at this company. Hope to come back to you on Tuesday with some workstories (in which I rule of course).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

London baby

Yeah I know I said I'd post more often but the new guy is an absolute twat. He thinks women are less than men and doesn't listen to them. So all that I tell him to do I have to re do because half of it goes wrong. Not that he listens to my male colleague, only when that colleague throws a fit that he should work better/harder/anything else to improve.

But what I wanted to say: I'm going to London for the weekend. But it will be over in a jiff.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Good news

No I haven't found a new job. And I'm not even discussing it at the moment, the reasons why it's not me is getting too ridiculous. Oh well...I'm discussing one though.

Man: How do you feel to do more than just your job? I mean we're a small company which is quickly expanding. Sometimes we need a few extra hands in a different department. Would you be ok with that?

Me: Yes, as long as it doesn't affect my own work, I'll be willing to help in any way I can.

Man: Also helping out in the warehouse?

Me: If that's where they need me, why not?

Call from them the next day: I'm sorry but you're too willing and eager to do extra things.

But I said I have some good news.

One of my best friends is getting married and I'm one of the maids of honour. In the Netherlands you can have a total of 4 maids of honours/best mens (all called witnesses), since he only has one, she could pick 3, which is nice since we're with the four of us (the bride-to-be being one of course).

And some other good - or fun would be a better word to use - news is I won a blog contest. Erin over at Fiction and Flair / The Striped Notebook held a contest for a book and shower gel. And I won the book. I'm soo excited. I haven't won anything since I've all been grown up (I used to win everything (not sports related) when I was in primary school).

Well....that's my news for today. Hope to pop in more often. But being fully busy at work, trying to look for a job, keeping up a social life, and keeping boyfriend happy is sort of taking up a lot of time. Although there might be a post on the not so new guy at work. Since we're down to two, Manager has decided we need an extra pair of hands in case one of us is absent. He didn't have a choice, we all rather didn't want him. But he's the most pathetic guy of the other department seeing as he's the only one who hasn't even looked for a job while that job ends in 2 days. And he's just....well....let's say it's a good thing our windows can't open. Either we would have already pushed him out or jumped ourselves to just not be near him. See...I'm already in a rant mode.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I know, MIA again

And all of a sudden I remembered that I haven't blogged in a few weeks.

Loads has changed. I'm starting again with healthier food and more exercising.

Work is crazy. I've had 2 job options within the company I work for now, but turned them both down. Furthermore am I being overqualified for the other positions I applied/interviewed for. So still looking. But unfortunately not so active since my colleague got a new job and I'm doing his as well, currently doing 3 jobs in 1 and it's kind of exhausting because he left things unfinished, which is rather annoying.

I had an amazing long Easter weekend. Went out to a lake with boyfriend and it was so nice. Doing nothing but relax and get a tan. On Saturday boyfriends brother and girlfriend joined us.

Well...I believe my car is ready (had it's yearly check up) so I'm rushing to work. Hope to keep you updated a bit more often. I shouldn't have forgotten about the app on my phone.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Strange job interview

And it was definitely my strangest interview I've got so far.

Last Thursday morning I got a call on my cell and it was in English with a very heavy accent so the English was difficult to understand. He asked me some questions, I got that it was for an interview but no clue what position or company he was talking about.

After a few minutes he connects me with a dutch colleague who has to schedule the interview. I ask her about the position and company. We make an appointment for Monday afternoon and she says she'll email the details.

I was still unsure what all this was and wasn't sure if I even wanted to go to the interview. So when 5 hours later someone else calls to make an appointment for Monday afternoon I accept since I didn't have received any details from the "weird" company. Of course I do get the details when I'm almost home.

I had already decided to give them a call to cancel but since they called with unknown number I couldn't call. When I got the email I immediately give them a call to let them know Monday isn't possible and after Tuesday is not an option because of the job I've already been offered. The lady on the phone made a note for the interviewer to call me back.

Friday morning I get a call and it's the interviewer. She heard that I got another offer but I had to come and see her because 'I couldn't let this chance pass me by'. I managed to leave the office earlier and do the interview.

She starts with 'Are you willing to move for the job?' Euhm..from where I live to here is doable, something like 40 min. 'No it's not, if people have to travel longer than 30 minutes they won't keep the job for long. My assistant must have miscalculated, I'd have never invited you'. Wow.

Then she asks me about the job description. I tell her that it sounds very interesting but I'm not sure if I'd be good at making acquisitions, I know I can do all the other aspects. 'making acquisitions is the biggest part of your job, if you don't like that you wouldn't be suited for the job'. I tell her that I've already told her assistant this on the phone. 'Well I think he didn't understand you because otherwise he shouldn't have invited you'. That's the second time she says I shouldn't have been invited and she made it sound as if my English is rubbish, which I can tell you it's not.

Furthermore does she tell me that 'the step from low level administrative mbo job to this hbo job would be too big for a person'. What the bleep, why did you let your assistant call me in the first place? I told you that I took this job to have a job but that I'm looking for a more interesting and challenging job. And I've explained that I can handle loads of work so Argh...this lady annoyed the bleep out of me.

She made me do the interview last minute and looked at me with a disapproving look when we shook hands because I wasn't suited up. Euhm hello...I left in the morning for a job that doesn't require a suit, if I come to you straight from work without passing start euhm..home, I can't suit up.

I was in and out of the building within 30 min. I was too shocked to be snappy back and I think I wouldn't have lowered myself to her standard (I could have definitely taken her on her clothes she was wearing a mismatching suit, and the way she pronounced some English words she used I think I could have taken her down at that one as well).

Got to update the job offers tomorrow. I've already said no to the one in the company that had the many customers. And I'm going to say no to the one from this afternoon. I've got 1 interview left to do but no date set yet. So I'll give them a call before I give my potential new boss a call. Maybe I'll say yes maybe I'll just update him and say I need a few more days for the last interview. However I'll tell him that's it him or the last interview, all others have been dismissed.

Enjoy what's left of your day.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


I fell of the bandwagon snacking wise. Had some peanutbutter sticks, actually it was a full bag. I was in a frustrated mood and I needed something to munch on. But I did do an hour of intensive aquajogging.

The reason I was - and still am - frustrated is because of the job hunting. Within the company I currently work for I've had 2 interviews, and both have said If you want it, it's yours. Which of course is fantastic, but leaves me with a dilemma, what am I going to do?

X is closer by than Y. But it takes me the same amount of time to get to both during rush hour. If the roads were empty I think it will only differ 5 min.

Based on feeling I like Y better, but there's a voice in the back of my head going "But X is probably more interesting that it seems".

For X I would be working with a lot of different clients for stuff all over the world. Y only has one customer and I'd be responsible for one country. So on one hand you can service to a lot of clients, make sure every one of them is happy, and every client has its own way of work, so it's very diverse. But on the other hand you'll have a very good relationship with your one client and thus with all the people you need to keep this one client happy.

And you'll never know which one is the best until you've tried both. But I can't split myself into two, otherwise I'd have already done that way back. And it's not like you can shadow them for a day because it will take 6 months to get someone properly trained and knowledgeable of all the stuff you have to do.

Got the weekend to make a decision.

I've got 1 more interview next week but that's for a completely different company and I have to double check because I got a job description of sales support and the appointment confirmation says order entry employee, could be the same but order entry sounds a lot less interesting as sales support. And sales support and what the girl told me was that it was an hbo-level job while it now sounds mbo, which isn't bad but it will probably have me bored in a few weeks.

You'll probably have no clue what I just said with hbo and mbo. In the Netherlands you're already divided up in different levels of education when you're 12 years old. It's based on how easy you learn, the booksmart kids go off to vwo while the ones who might don't like books or are good with their hands go to vbo. In between are more options. And after high-school you get higher education which is again on different education levels and hbo is higher than mbo. University is highest if the higher educational level.

And with that I'll leave you be.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Update on no snacking April and work

I'm doing ok foodwise. Had a few crisps in the weekend but it wasn't more than a handful each time (I got small hands, and no I didn't get a handful after a handful, I had one on Saturday and one on Sunday). Exercising isn't really active although I did walk a lot and cycled to boyfriend instead of using the car. Everyone was making jokes that I would call boyfriend half way but I didn't. The next morning boyfriend had to work veeeeeery early (alarm went off at 4 something am) so I cycled back at a decent time. His parents had offered to throw my bike in the back since they were heading my way anyway but I said no. And on Saturday afternoon we walked with the dogs. Ours is so tiny and his familys dog is so big. So funny if you see them walk/run, the big one is walking faster than normal and our little puppy (he's not a puppy but he's puppy size) is running.

On work front. Oh dear...I've already been labelled part-timer since I'm off half the time for interviews. Had one last Thursday, one last Friday, two yesterday, one today, one tomorrow and one Thursday. I'm definitely not taking the one from last Friday. And only yesterday and Thursday (which are for the same position) are with the company, all the others are with recruiters or temp agencies (which doesn't have to mean it's temporary). So currently waiting for feedback from 5 companies the recruiter/ta introduced me at. I do like the job description of Thursday, the first talk was very interesting, they sold their vacancy pretty well ('ll never know if it's really as exciting and interesting as they let on). But I'm not sure if I want to go the distance (that's why I planned the second interview in the morning so I'll know how long I have to travel). There are so many jobs closer to home and I'm going to try and stall so I can find out if this is indeed the job I want to do. They ask commitment for at least a year. They're gonna invest in me so I should invest in them and they're right but if I say yes I shouldn't keep shopping for something else, and I'm not gonna be I would like to have covered all my bases and checked out the other options.

Ugh. The others have to hurry up. I want more info like yesterday.

I'm gonna sleep on it, maybe my dreams will provide me with some insight (probably not but you'll never know).

I'll keep you updated.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Starting tonight

So I said I would post more often but so far that's not really happening. But its April now and I would try to post more often this month as to have a bit of control over losing some weight.

My Scottish friend said this week Starting tonight I'm going to not snack and exercise more. I decided that I would join him and not wait for April 1. So far we're doing ok. Not good but ok (i had a colleague leave and he treated us all to a magnum ice cream).

I did do some extra exercising which its still killing me. I did some stretch exercises for 30 min on Wednesday and I can still feel the insides of my upper legs. Although I did more actively participate in my aquajogging class because I wanted to exercise more and shouldn't whine like a baby for a bit of muscle ache.

Job hunting is still meh. Had an interview yesterday and I believe they want me. But I have another interview on Monday and one one Tuesday. And one recruiter would introduce me to 2 companies.

And the one from yesterday and Monday are within the current company but I'm not sure that I want that. It's not the company but the kind of job. I want a more active job with loads of different things. Yesterday the manager gave me
4 different departments to choose from: dealing with customs (at airports and such), customer service, administrative thing, or one I could fill in myself. I told them a combination of 2, 3, and 4 (which would be secretary and/or hr). He was impressed.

So now I have to think. And my manager will come to me on Monday and ask when I want to switch departments but I just don't know if I even want that. I got until the end of June to find something else, so I got some time and I should really go and do what I want. But somehow all these recruiters and temp agencies are giving me a job that resembles my current job and even if I tell them I want something different, they say I really think this job fits you best.

I even have one recruiter say I think this suits you best so I'm not introducing you at the other jobs you applied for. I'm sorry but is it not up to me to decide that?

I so hope the guy who had that job at the gaming company has something else for me soon. I really liked him and it seemed that he was more invested in what I wanted and said than in what I can on paper.

Have a great weekend. Hope no one April fooled you yesterday.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I just got the Blogger app on my phone and I'm trying to see if it works.

Maybe this app helps me post more often.

I know I still have to figure out how I can email posts because at work it's easier to type on a computer than on a phone. And if I'm typing on a computer it won't look like I'm not working. I know I've said this more often but maybe I should really try this as it would give me something extras to do in my hours of boredom.

What I don't get from this app is that it starts randomly looking for a gps signal :s.

Next month I'm going to try to post on a daily basis how my getting fit project is going. I'd like to exercise more and not snack//buy lunch at work. I wanted to do the no snacking think for lent but mom made a chocolate cake she only makes every few years, so I couldn't let that pass.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Guess I've been MIA again. I've been very actively looking for a place where Boyfriend and I can live together. And also for a new job. Both seem to be very difficult.

For private letting or buying I need paperwork from my work, which I'm not getting. Thus we can't get a mortgage high enough to buy something. And if we want to rent from a private letting agency I also need those papers.

We already subscribed to the town council which has social houses/apartments. But for that we own too much because my salary does count here. Sigh.

Jobwise. We've been told the contract for my department hasn't been renewed and the end is near. I got the news I can stay until the end. Which is nice but I'm sooooo over this job. I'm bored as hell. I was off on Monday and they screwed up the half of my work, left the work that wasn't necessary to do on Monday for me. And I still managed to finish everything on Wednesday before noon.

Luckily the new guy is already gone, so I'm getting his job back.

I've been applying everywhere. So far no luck. All overqualified. And the ones who are for my level of my education need so many years experience that I'm underexperienced. I had one that was on my level and even then I was too enthusiastic in the interview because they said I was overqualified and would be bored after a few months. There were 3 managers and they needed support, would be doing support for all 3 managers, pr, hrm, finance, sales, logistics, and also secretarial and administrative tasks. Finally one that was diverse enough and that really looked like a challenge.

Hope to have some good news soon. Or at least another post.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

and another fortnight gone

My new year's resolution isn't going very well now is it?

Not much has happened though.

Had an interview a while back for a secretary position somewhere. They saw my resume online, they invited me, then they said no because I don't have a secretarial degree.

Last Friday my aqua-jog friend called me to ask if I could e-mail my resume because they had a position open and it needed to be filled asap. (I was home sick/day off because I was flying out to the UK, more on that later) I get an e-mail on Monday saying they want to do an interview with me this week. My friend had already told them I was off on Friday and Monday, and that my department was currently understaffed (next to being 1 person short, my senior is off this week) so I might need to schedule early or late. So they knew I wouldn't be able to reply before Tuesday morning. They also knew that I have at least 1 week notice, still they invited me. I send an e-mail on Tuesday 9ish because I had to ask my manager if I could leave earlier or come in later. I get a reply after lunch (near 2ish) that because they didn't have a reply from me when they got in this morning they've scheduled all the other candidates for that day or the next morning, and all of them would be available on Monday. Euhm...what! You knew I was off on Monday, you knew I wouldn't be able to start Monday and you still invited me, so this is a bleep answer. I forwarded the e-mail to my friend, who took it up with HR because it was just utter bleep, and HR agreed so some people will get a slap on the wrist.

Went to visit a friend at Bradford University last weekend. Was fun but on the way to the plane was diverted to Liverpool, which meant a 2 hour busdrive to the right airport. I was supposed to take a 45min bus, but since I hate buses (or rather my body hates buses) I wasn't feeling all that well after 2 hours. So I took a cab to my friend, costed way more but at least I wasn't nauseous. Went to Liverpool the next day. Was a really nice day. Sunday the weather was horrible, rainy and cold, so shopping in Leeds wasn't that much fun, and we didn't buy that much either. Only new shoes because I tore out the inside of my other shoes on Saturday, and a valentines day gift for boyfriend.

Only gave Boyfriend a small valentines day present (a mug saying that he's wonderful, handsome, kind hearted, blablabla but best of all (turn mug) MINE!). Did go out for dinner but that was a dinner for me getting back not for valentines day. He said that he doesn't need a special day to let me know he loves me, he loves me everyday. And I wasn't allowed to go away for that long again (I was out of the country for 72hrs, and that is from the moment I crossed the border to Germany and back). He had missed me and was very glad I was back. But then again so was I.

Hopefully I'm back next week, but I'm not making any promises. And now I'm off to my aqua-jog friend, we have a Wii date. Going to do dance work outs.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


How can time get away from you this fast? We're already at the end of January. When did it start? (yes I know 30 days ago.)

I've finished my dad's project over a week ago. Unfortunately after a few days he gave me a new stack to do (which I should be doing right now instead of blogging). I keep planning on starting it then or then, and of course something comes up and I postpone it.

Right now I've got boyfriend working on his car (minivan) so I could do some articles, which of course I really don't want to do. But since dad does anything for me, I should not complain and help him like a good daughter would.

Work took a turn for the worse last week (although it has improved). Last Friday we were all a bit playing around. My senior was holding his empty water bottle upside down like a bat and my manager asks if he wants to hit something. Since I have a small stress ball on my desk I picked it up, as planning on throwing it towards the bottle. Before I can do so, manager says Throw it against his head, you've got my blessing. Of course I don't actually throw it at my senior's head but it was head level (20 cm off) and I didn't throw it that hard (if I would have thrown a brick it would have fallen on my toes). Everyone's laughing and joking, so nothing's wrong right? Guess again. After half an hour, I get an e-mail saying that if I ever throw something at him again, he'll be handing in an official complaint and make sure things get taken to the next level. I should see this as an official warning. What the BLEEP, so I reply we were all just joking. And he says that he didn't like the joke. Come on! It's not like he just entered the room and the ball was fired at him, he was completely in on it.

On Monday I told our colleague what happened. Not to badmouth my senior to him, but because that colleague almost threw a ball at senior that morning and I just wanted to give him a heads up in case he actually throws it a next time. And he was like No way! There's no need for that. See, that's what I've been thinking.

Friday I came home and all the frustrations came out, this was the final straw. Dad - being a good dad - kicks into overprotective mode and tells me I have to call in sick on Monday and resign. Well...I just couldn't do that. I know I should care about me and not others, but the team would have been in great distress if I had called in sick. I decided to talk to my manager and tell him I would resign as soon as a replacement was found (for the colleague who left the week before). But Monday during lunch manager got a call and he had to leave (grave personal issues) so I didn't talk to him until Wednesday. By that time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning had gone by without any problems so the issue called down. I know I still needed to have that conversation because otherwise the next time something happened I would explode and really quit on the spot. So I talked to manager and we decided that he would talk to senior and that I should say something the next time something happens.

This will be difficult for me since I never do this. This is the first time with a boyfriend I've been able to discuss anything and everything. I normally would keep it all to myself until it was too much and then there was nothing the other could do to keep me from leaving. Work-wise it's the same. When I was 18, I was doing my internship in a hotel and in the week my dog was very sick and would probably die, I had to be in the restaurant. And no I couldn't help out in the kitchen, everyone had to be out on the floor during lunch. So suck up and smile. That's basically what I've been told. And I'd always been good at that, but since that day I could also do it when I was in ubersadness mode (I believe I cried more when my dog died than when grandma died, although I miss grams still everyday).

Looking for work has been ugh. I've told the temp agency who gave me my current job, that they put me back on active. I don't have to leave straight away (although that would be ok too) but that I would like to leave.

Yesterday I went to the careerevent with boyfriend. Please remind me next time I want to go somewhere I don't take him. Not that he was so sweet to go with me while it's not for him. But he's a technician. And the market for people who have a technical degree is growing. For him to join me he had to register as well. When we got there I got a red bag and he got a blue one. Blue was ICT/Technicians, green was legal, and red was other. We start making our round and someone comes up to him while we pass the first stand. He tells them that he's only here for me and that he's not looking for a job. Well...they were looking for technicians so I'm not interesting enough for them. Boyfriend looks at his bag and decides it will fit in mine (which it easily does), the guy at the next stand sees this and is like Did you just hide your blue bag? Because blablabla. Argh! No one came up to me at all. I've been talking to a couple of people but not until after I came up to them.

Maybe it was because they didn't think I was looking for a job. In the faq of that event it said you don't have to dress up, but it might be smart if you see this as a kind of job interview. I always suit up for job interviews so I was wearing a suit (with trousers since it was freezing). The only other people in suits were working the stands. Didn't really find anything. Only handed my resume to a company once and even they might not be interesting enough for me (it's a logistics company, which is even located further away from home than I already need to travel to work to now). Most companies were located further from my home than my current company is. Which isn't necessarily bad, as long as the job is very interesting. But since I still have no clue as to what I actually want (although I do know what I don't want), I don't know if the job further away from home is interesting enough, and do I want to take that risk?

Ok, let's get down to business and do those bleeping articles. Have a nice Sunday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

so that's 1 resolution down the drain

Ugh...I so meant to blog last Thursday. I had some free time after aquajogging but I got a call that friends had a good deal on a weekend getaway but the deadline for that deal was that night. So instead of going home and blogging, I went to my friends, called the hotel (because apparently that's what they think I studied for (I did tourism)), and not book a weekend getaway because the hotel was booked when we wanted to go.

So bad excuses but hopefully I'll be back this Thursday. Stay tuned for DRAMA at work.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

finally: first post of 2011

So I said that one of my new year's resolutions would be blogging more often. And then what happens? I don't show my face in the first 2 weeks. Yeah I know, what's up with that?

First of all...Best wishes for 2011. Hope you all had a good NYE.

I'll give a small update now and hope to be back to normal blogging from next week (that means at least once a week).

I celebrated New Years Eve with a bunch of friends. We were supposed to have a good view over Antwerp since apparently they have good firework. But we didn't see anything, we could even hardly see the fireworks we fired ourselves, it was soooooo foggy. There should be a deal made with the weather that it can't be foggy or cloudy on NYE. But we had a good laugh.

Afterwards we played a game: the battle of sexes. So men vs women. Which was totally unfair, 7 vs 4. I think the guys should have had even more extras because they are just unable to win that game. Although when the men get a question like Women think that ....and then you get a quote, you have to say most agree or most disagree. It's a 50/50 chance. And the guys were arguing and it took 10 min per that kind of question to answer. We get the question Men think that [quote], we're like Agree, agree agree agree or disagree disagree disagree agree. Why agree, that's why...yeah but we disagree because of this. okay well more disagree than agree so disagree. done.
And you have questions were both can guess, so one guy (because there were more of them) reads the first hint, and you have to think of something that could be the answer. If both answer wrong you get a second hint. if again wrong you get a third. But we got the sports questions right.

Ow and it was so funny. One was, hint 1) Her letters were the beginning of her books. (or something like that). And I was hmm you've got this Dutch writer but I also thought about Beatrice Potter. But since I know the others don't know Beatrice Potter, I said the Dutch one. and while i said that name one of the other girls also said that name. But it was wrong. Dunno what the second hint was, and I was like Beatrice Potter, I'm sure. The others werent but couldn't think of anything else, and the guys couldnt even come up with a writer. and then the guy who was reading the card was like What the hell it's Beatrice Potter. How could you have known? And no
one else knew about her. (just for the people who don't know her either, she wrote the Peter Rabbit books, amongst others).

And there was this one quote which we girls did agree about. Men think being loyal is not as important as being honest. And while we were discussing it, it was like so what would we rather have: a guy cheating on us but being honest about it. Or a guy not cheating on us but lying ....[hmm that's not going to sound right] ....about it. *laughing erupts*

Work is doable. One of my colleagues is leaving and my senior has decided that I'm replacing her. They didn't ask me, we just got an e-mail with New work division. And it says Nic will move to Operations. [colleague who's leaving] please start training Nic as of now. And I'm like, can't you just ask? Her work always looks more interesting so I wouldn't have minded it, but still being asked to change positions would have been a common decency.

Next to that my senior annoyed the hell out me with something else too. One of my friends is doing her master in England. And I planned on visiting her in Feb for quite some time, but every time I asked when I could ask for 11 Feb off, he said We'll discuss next year's free days next year. So last Friday morning, I hear him ask another colleague When do you need to take your weeks off for the wedding (his brother-in-law is getting married)because I'd like to take 2 weeks in Feb from 7 - 18. And I was like What?! When we discussed the days we want off with our manager I asked for 11 Feb, and he didn't say anything about his two weeks off. So I got it.

Although now after checking the ticket prices I have to ask Monday off as well. Because I planned on going Fri 11 in the morning and returning Sun 13 in the evening. That was 80 euros. If I take a lowcostcarrier I'd leave Fri 11 in afternoon and return on Mon 14 in the afternoon, which would be 30 euros. Still I make more than 50 euros a day so I'd be fine taking the more expensive option. When I clicked further and further, every click added costs, online booking fee, seat fee (twice), booking fee 3,5% with minimum of 7 euros, and a payment fee of 2,75%. In the end that totals 120 euros. Oops. But the deal for the lowcostcarrier is until tonight but the prices I got were 7 each and then some extra fees, while the sale said 8 euros. So it might be out of the sale range and have the same price tomorrow. I'll double check before asking Monday off.
Mom said You have enough free days, why not take one extra. Me: I'd rather save them for the (summer)holidays. Mom: You plan to be long gone before the holidays. Which is so true.

Jobhunting-wise, I'm doing ok. After last weeks debacles I decided to look a bit more harder. Posted a letter on Monday and on Wed. Today I got 2 calls, one I had to decline, and for the other I have a first interview on Tuesday.

After this weekend I'll have my dads project finished, even if I don't get to do anything fun with Boyfriend. This project is killing me and it has to be gone.

I believe this small update wasn't so small at all.

I typed most of it during work in a draft e-mail. But when I got home my gmail isn't working properly (will only load 99,9% or something), so I can approach gmail from igoogle but there I'm unable to see my drafts, so from my phone I had to mail it to myself.

Still have to set the options so I can e-mail my posts. And maybe there's a blogspot app for my phone.