Wednesday, February 16, 2011

and another fortnight gone

My new year's resolution isn't going very well now is it?

Not much has happened though.

Had an interview a while back for a secretary position somewhere. They saw my resume online, they invited me, then they said no because I don't have a secretarial degree.

Last Friday my aqua-jog friend called me to ask if I could e-mail my resume because they had a position open and it needed to be filled asap. (I was home sick/day off because I was flying out to the UK, more on that later) I get an e-mail on Monday saying they want to do an interview with me this week. My friend had already told them I was off on Friday and Monday, and that my department was currently understaffed (next to being 1 person short, my senior is off this week) so I might need to schedule early or late. So they knew I wouldn't be able to reply before Tuesday morning. They also knew that I have at least 1 week notice, still they invited me. I send an e-mail on Tuesday 9ish because I had to ask my manager if I could leave earlier or come in later. I get a reply after lunch (near 2ish) that because they didn't have a reply from me when they got in this morning they've scheduled all the other candidates for that day or the next morning, and all of them would be available on Monday. Euhm...what! You knew I was off on Monday, you knew I wouldn't be able to start Monday and you still invited me, so this is a bleep answer. I forwarded the e-mail to my friend, who took it up with HR because it was just utter bleep, and HR agreed so some people will get a slap on the wrist.

Went to visit a friend at Bradford University last weekend. Was fun but on the way to the plane was diverted to Liverpool, which meant a 2 hour busdrive to the right airport. I was supposed to take a 45min bus, but since I hate buses (or rather my body hates buses) I wasn't feeling all that well after 2 hours. So I took a cab to my friend, costed way more but at least I wasn't nauseous. Went to Liverpool the next day. Was a really nice day. Sunday the weather was horrible, rainy and cold, so shopping in Leeds wasn't that much fun, and we didn't buy that much either. Only new shoes because I tore out the inside of my other shoes on Saturday, and a valentines day gift for boyfriend.

Only gave Boyfriend a small valentines day present (a mug saying that he's wonderful, handsome, kind hearted, blablabla but best of all (turn mug) MINE!). Did go out for dinner but that was a dinner for me getting back not for valentines day. He said that he doesn't need a special day to let me know he loves me, he loves me everyday. And I wasn't allowed to go away for that long again (I was out of the country for 72hrs, and that is from the moment I crossed the border to Germany and back). He had missed me and was very glad I was back. But then again so was I.

Hopefully I'm back next week, but I'm not making any promises. And now I'm off to my aqua-jog friend, we have a Wii date. Going to do dance work outs.