Saturday, March 26, 2011


I just got the Blogger app on my phone and I'm trying to see if it works.

Maybe this app helps me post more often.

I know I still have to figure out how I can email posts because at work it's easier to type on a computer than on a phone. And if I'm typing on a computer it won't look like I'm not working. I know I've said this more often but maybe I should really try this as it would give me something extras to do in my hours of boredom.

What I don't get from this app is that it starts randomly looking for a gps signal :s.

Next month I'm going to try to post on a daily basis how my getting fit project is going. I'd like to exercise more and not snack//buy lunch at work. I wanted to do the no snacking think for lent but mom made a chocolate cake she only makes every few years, so I couldn't let that pass.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Guess I've been MIA again. I've been very actively looking for a place where Boyfriend and I can live together. And also for a new job. Both seem to be very difficult.

For private letting or buying I need paperwork from my work, which I'm not getting. Thus we can't get a mortgage high enough to buy something. And if we want to rent from a private letting agency I also need those papers.

We already subscribed to the town council which has social houses/apartments. But for that we own too much because my salary does count here. Sigh.

Jobwise. We've been told the contract for my department hasn't been renewed and the end is near. I got the news I can stay until the end. Which is nice but I'm sooooo over this job. I'm bored as hell. I was off on Monday and they screwed up the half of my work, left the work that wasn't necessary to do on Monday for me. And I still managed to finish everything on Wednesday before noon.

Luckily the new guy is already gone, so I'm getting his job back.

I've been applying everywhere. So far no luck. All overqualified. And the ones who are for my level of my education need so many years experience that I'm underexperienced. I had one that was on my level and even then I was too enthusiastic in the interview because they said I was overqualified and would be bored after a few months. There were 3 managers and they needed support, would be doing support for all 3 managers, pr, hrm, finance, sales, logistics, and also secretarial and administrative tasks. Finally one that was diverse enough and that really looked like a challenge.

Hope to have some good news soon. Or at least another post.