Thursday, May 19, 2011

London baby

Yeah I know I said I'd post more often but the new guy is an absolute twat. He thinks women are less than men and doesn't listen to them. So all that I tell him to do I have to re do because half of it goes wrong. Not that he listens to my male colleague, only when that colleague throws a fit that he should work better/harder/anything else to improve.

But what I wanted to say: I'm going to London for the weekend. But it will be over in a jiff.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Good news

No I haven't found a new job. And I'm not even discussing it at the moment, the reasons why it's not me is getting too ridiculous. Oh well...I'm discussing one though.

Man: How do you feel to do more than just your job? I mean we're a small company which is quickly expanding. Sometimes we need a few extra hands in a different department. Would you be ok with that?

Me: Yes, as long as it doesn't affect my own work, I'll be willing to help in any way I can.

Man: Also helping out in the warehouse?

Me: If that's where they need me, why not?

Call from them the next day: I'm sorry but you're too willing and eager to do extra things.

But I said I have some good news.

One of my best friends is getting married and I'm one of the maids of honour. In the Netherlands you can have a total of 4 maids of honours/best mens (all called witnesses), since he only has one, she could pick 3, which is nice since we're with the four of us (the bride-to-be being one of course).

And some other good - or fun would be a better word to use - news is I won a blog contest. Erin over at Fiction and Flair / The Striped Notebook held a contest for a book and shower gel. And I won the book. I'm soo excited. I haven't won anything since I've all been grown up (I used to win everything (not sports related) when I was in primary school).

Well....that's my news for today. Hope to pop in more often. But being fully busy at work, trying to look for a job, keeping up a social life, and keeping boyfriend happy is sort of taking up a lot of time. Although there might be a post on the not so new guy at work. Since we're down to two, Manager has decided we need an extra pair of hands in case one of us is absent. He didn't have a choice, we all rather didn't want him. But he's the most pathetic guy of the other department seeing as he's the only one who hasn't even looked for a job while that job ends in 2 days. And he's just....well....let's say it's a good thing our windows can't open. Either we would have already pushed him out or jumped ourselves to just not be near him. See...I'm already in a rant mode.