Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reappearing act

So posting more often isn't really happening now is it?

Work is still as busy as can be. We've learned so much over the last few weeks, although we still can't survive a day without asking questions. We've been on our own a few days but colleagues at a different location are only one telephone call away.

With the way we've been working the last few weeks we've made more hours than was budgeted, although we need to keep this up if we want to keep on the budgeted hours overall (the first half year the hours were under budget so we have to get more now to get the average).

My friends from Scotland are currently in the Netherlands. Yesterday they were on their own to explore Amsterdam (she got shouted at by a prostitute, don't know why). Today they're off to madurodam and the Hague.

Boyfriend and I had talked with a bank concerning mortgages. If I get a note from my employer that they want to give me a fixed contract after my half year ends, we can get what we wanted (we took information on a house we possibly want with us since friends told us that the banks always tell you that you can get more than what theyll actually give you. So they'll say you can get a mortgage of 200.000 but when you actually want that for a house, they'll say but we can't give you that much for that house). However I already know I'll be getting another half year contract after this one. And I've just started so it's a bit much to already ask for.

Let's see if I can post every Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The new job

So the new job is taking up all my time. This one keeps me busy day in day out and I really like it. However it does leave me me-time. Half of the time we only eat our bread and then continue instead of taking our 1 hour break. Hopefully this will change once me and my also new colleague will know more and be able to survive a day without any questions. Although we will be on our own on Thursday. And if the Blogger app would be a bit more user friendly I'd be able to most more often. Not that the app isn't easy to use. It's very user friendly when you type something and immediately post it. But it bleeps up the entire layout when you save it. You'll get a lot of extra spaces and enters. And also when you've used bolt/italic/underline in the draft, you get a lot of /,<, >, b, i, and u's. But it's all excuses. Should just post more often.