Monday, September 05, 2011

Give me some time

Today was my first day after my holiday (which was very relaxing). It was so messy I'll be needing another holiday after this month.

Just before my holiday 2 of my colleagues (out of 4) told me that they'll be starting their new jobs on October 1. Today colleague no 3 told me that she'll be quitting per 1 October as well. She was supposed to stop near the end of October because from November onwards she'd be travelling (she was only here temporary). So 3 of my 4 colleagues are leaving at the end of this month, which means I have to do everything they did because....colleague no 4 won't be back from maternity leave on Oct 3 (haven't even met her).

I had the blogger app on my phone. But it kept restarting and being annoying and all so I deleted it. Give me this month and I'll finally bring structure to my time outside of work. Which means I schedule in 1 hour of replying e-mails and blogging at least twice a week (at my previous work I was able to send at least 100 emails to my friends on a daily basis, Junior and I even had 1 line emails as a form of chat I haven't been able to send him an update since my new job, it's bits and pieces).

So give me some time and I'll be back. With loads of stories. Because work is insane, holiday was sweet, boyfriend even sweeter, and househunting is still full on.