Thursday, May 16, 2013


I'm off from work since Ascension day and won't be back until the Tuesday after Whit Monday.

First we were going to go away with our campervan thingy (it's a VW bus that has a bed in it). Then we weren't because we needed to finish the house. Then we were going because I was not feeling well because of work and the house not being done. Then we weren't going because the house wasn't done. But by then I really needed to get away for a few days, not think about anything that's happening at the moment. So we decided to go away for half of it and do house work the other days, and day trips. Well...the weather has been horrible since Ascension day so we haven't been enjoying our holiday much. At least I haven't.

We left on Thursday evening (everything went wrong with packing and getting the bus ready) and returned on Monday just after noon. We visited Germany, Luxembourg, France and Belgium. We saw loads, enjoyed the view (from the car because it was not nice to walk), and shivered in the evenings because it was just so bleeping cold.

We planned to do a day thing on Tuesday and Thursday. But who wants to go to an amusement park if it's raining the whole time? So the only day we're doing something will be tomorrow, enjoying a day at a spa.

Haven't been doing much to get the house finished.

Got an interior designer for a bookcase in the old kitchen and a wardrobe in our bedroom. He visited well over two weeks ago and I had to e-mail him this week to get the offer. He made a graphic sketch of what we wanted and a separate offer, I send the sketches to a friend to ask how expensive she thought it would be. When I gave her the real numbers she was like Is it made out of crystal? For that price you'd suspect it to be but unfortunately no. Don't know how he got to that price. So we needed an alternative. Since it's so close to the kitchen and I want it made a "light" colours, we visited the company that supplied us our kitchen, to get the same kind of doors instead of an almost copy. They gave us a good deal, way better than the interior designer gave us. But I thought it was still expensive so I started to build it myself with an Ikea planner. I couldn't get it right but I found a bookcase that we'd need 2 of (and then have to add/adjust things to our liking) for slightly less than the kitchen company. But with the kitchen company it will be the same colour/material as our kitchen and it would be build in by them. With Ikea it would be slightly off from what we want, have to build it ourselves, and then put energy and more money into it to get it to our liking. So I'm guessing we're going with the kitchen company.

Will be weeks before we can confirm the offer though, since we have some pipes that need to be hidden and  the plasterer needs to pay us a visit as well.

The boyfriend already got a bit of the pipes removed and opened the wall of pipes that have to disappear or be hidden. However, he did that without covering anything. That room is adjacent to our kitchen, which I just had cleaned and also had drying dishes. Guess what....when I went into the kitchen to make dinner, it was completely covered in a small layer of dust.

As for work, which I'm not supposed to think about during my days off, is still so so. They've renewed my contract for a year, which is normal. One of my colleagues said that I should ask for a permanent one since that's what they promised me. But I'm trying it for one more year to see if things change.

I'm going to work 36 hours, which will result in alternating weeks of 4 workdays or 5 workdays. When I asked for the 36 hours (with the same pay), they also thought it would be an option to have a half day off per week. But I was definitely not going for that since the day before I have a day off, they always keep me in for 1 hour extra. So if I would be finished on Friday at 12, they would come up with things that need to be finished that day just a few minutes before 12, resulting in me not leaving until 1-ish. I know because when I do 9 hours on Thursday, I'm allowed to leave 1 hour earlier on Friday, which I always have to say that I'm leaving at least 2 hours earlier otherwise I'm not out on time, and they start to complain about me doing overtime.
And the worst part is....half the time I'm still doing nothing. So if they would give me those tasks when I ask for them, or first thing in the morning so I have the whole day to work on it, it would be fine.

Well....time for me to paint some more. Planned to get started like 4/5 hours ago but got distracted with wedding cards. Finished the prototype though (based on

I have the feeling we've already taking care of so much for the wedding, but at the same time I have the feeling I haven't arranged anything and am forgetting stuff. I've checked check lists so I know I'm not forgetting stuff but that doesn't mean that's how I feel. Got the guest list almost finished (but still got 2 months before the cards need to be send out). Got the thank you gifts almost finished (only need to buy chocolates). Ring is in the making, dress is in the making. Borrowing a petticoat from my cousin. Getting the shoes next Thursday. Got a hair and make up lady. The boyfriend is working on the car. He hasn't arranged his suit though. Official location is arranged (not the one we want because they postponed the decision from April 1st to July 1st, still enough time that we can change though, so fingers crossed), dinner and party location arranged.

The girls are working on my bachelorette party since I heard from friend A that friend B had something. Since A and B normally don't do stuff together but also with C and/or me. And most of the time if C or me aren't there we still know about it. So they're working on it. A C and me got the bachelorette party for B arranged though.

We also know that they are working on the bachelor party for the boyfriend, since my brother is becoming friends with our friends, which under normal circumstances would be highly unlikely.

I've been trying with logical thinking/planning when mine would be held but I'm not getting there. The guys for the bachelor party of the boyfriend of B have filled out a schedule for who's available when. But that only leaves a few weekends for the boyfriends bachelor party and also mine since I'm guessing the girlfriends of the guys are not available as well. This must sound very confusing but 6 out of 7 people for the bachelor party of B's boyfriend are also invited to the boyfriends bachelor party and then our brothers/boyfriends of sisters. And the girlfriends of the invitees for the boyfriends bachelor party are invited for mine. So with the schedule the guys filled out for B's boyfriend bachelor party, we can cross off different weekends (there's no weekend that all the others are unavailable though, and the guys wouldn't think that far ahead so that we could suspect anything).

Ok I've been rambling long enough.